Sabbath Message 15/9/33/120

Dear Friends                                                                                                    

I thought that it would be useful to bring us all up to date on what is happening in the developing countries and particularly in Africa. It is very good to see the brethren working so hard and the work expanding so fast.


Starting from furthest South, this week we have just expanded the church in Zimbabwe with fifteen churches. Five of these had requested to be with us previously and we had to confirm their decisions.

These are the new coordinators in Zimbabwe. Peter has just sent the names.

1. Gordon Malab   Beatrice
2. Lawrance Kaloko  Bromebey
3. Oscar Mudabe  Machake
4. Justine Hove  Bindura
5.Vakai Gurumani Eldorado
6. Fortune Ndora    Feock
7. Paul Buchanam  Golden Valley
8. Wesley Mbaje Karoi
9. William Taylor  Magunje
10. Anthoney Sibanda Muriel
11. Edward Duffin  Mwami
12. Chris Mpofu  Selous
13. Williams Banda  Tengwe
14. George Chiha  Zave
15. Elton Chigumbura Mabalauta

Zimbabwe is growing solidly now and is producing very good results. There are now 37 churches operating there and more to come.


Calleb Hamisi has just inducted this week the three new churches in the areas west of Mwanza in Tanzania

These are the names of the new coordinators in Tanzania.

1. Yosufu Haji is the coordinator of Geita Kusini

2. Julius Karangi is the coordinator of Mirungo

3. Joseph Nakaisari is the coordinator of Kirumba.

Tanzania is growing solidly and they are all very encouraged.


North in Kenya we had some very interesting events. In the Vihiga County in what was known as the Western Province of Kenya, Walter and Pascal spent hours and hours baptising 320 people in one place. We have baptised many thousands in one week previously, as we did this week, However, this is probably a record for CCG baptisms in one place on one day by the same ministers. I think the previous record was over 200 in Uganda by Bizimana and Teophile.  Walter said it was a very moving sight when he arrived to see them all waiting with Pascal. He and Pascal inducted seven churches, mostly former SDA.  We think that virtually everyone in the Western districts from the Sabbath-keeping organisations there have joined CCG. It is quite exciting to see it all happening.

Walter’s daughter Caryn has just been admitted to hospital in Kisumu with Measles and her condition is serious. We are doing all we can but please pray for Caryn.


Thomas has just reported in from the Sudan and he has inducted 17 Churches in the Southern and Western Regions of Equatoria and appointed coordinators of these churches. He ordained Mr Mursal Boro Peter and Mr. Loka Paterno Lojam as senior officers in their areas to assist in the inductions. These people joined us from the Glory Temple Christian Center. They came in from areas in other nations also due to the sound doctrines explaining the Bible texts in CCG. There were almost 1200 people inducted and baptised there in Equatoria this week.

There is a Mosquito net program needed there for the children and they also need Bibles and we will endeavour to get them to them.

The Horn of Africa

A team has gone into Somalia and Eritrea to induct another 12 or so churches in the Horn of Africa region. We will not disclose their Identities or locations for security reasons. The fact of the matters is that we have very large numbers of people and churches in the area of the ancient Abyssinian Church in Northeast Africa. This may be the first time since bishop Mueses of the Fourth Century that we have put the Sabbatarians of Abyssinia together in such concerted order. They will continue to grow. The Nilotic people for example in their language refer to the Seventh Day of the week not as Saturday by the pagan names but as the Sabbath and so do a great many tribes in Africa. The Luo of the Lake Victoria region are an example. To have such an ancient language practice they had to be Sabbath-keepers originally from this Abyssinian system. Also the Muslims there see in us the original doctrines of Christianity and join us readily.

North Africa

We also have a new church in Casablanca and another now to be inducted in Egypt. For the same reasons we will not publish the details.

Central Africa      

We are also expanding in Central Africa and we are awaiting reports from the Congo DR.

The CAR is at present consolidating its position. They are developing their operating structure.


As we said last week the coordinator for Gabon was appointed by Jean-Alphonse and there will be seminars conducted there soon. We hope to have the FM radio there in Libreville soon.

In a conference with Jean-Alphonse and Olivier of the Ivory Coast yesterday we discussed the induction of people in the Dominican Republic and elsewhere. I was informed that it appears that a woman from the Ivory Coast went to Ghana to work and she had heard about CCG and returned to the Ivory Coast and contacted us. She also contacted her friend in the Dominican Republic who contacted us to join also. That is what one would call a network. The new people said that we have become famous in Africa.  It certainly seems as though that is the case. We will get an update from them soon. France is steady and the French speaking work in Africa is growing fast as is the Portuguese work there.


Dr. Andris Vilks is now working with Russians from the Komi Province of Russia. Please pray that develops also.

Congo DR

Next week is to be a big week for the Congo DR.

Adele Lotsoye, the CCG Senior Coordinator at Bunia in the Ituri Region in the North Congo DR has been training 29 churches in the North Congo DR in his area and they will be inducted next week. There are many officers coming from distant areas to the induction seminars from all over the North Congo. Let us pray for a smooth induction for them.

We were also approached yesterday by the head pastor of a branch of the Churches of Christ in Equateur Province that has 72 churches dotted around the Congo DR that asked to join us. Mudimba from Kivu North  will induct them and Adele will be involved in the North inducting the 29 churches there.

That makes 101 churches in Congo DR to be inducted in one week. We think that will be at least 6000 people in the Congo DR baptised in one week. The growth rate is massive.  They are working diligently week after week. Just printing the Statement of Beliefs of the Christian Faith A1s will be a workload in itself.

The Holy Spirit is moving through Africa at a massive rate. Some time ago we discussed the potential of the Congo DR and we concluded it was massive. There had been two movements there to try to re-establish the First Century Doctrines of the Church and they both failed. It was our opinion that once they understood the doctrines of the true Church of God they will come quickly. They were one and two million persons in each group. It appears that it is happening in all the church groups there as they study the doctrines.


The report came in from Jean-Alphonse that, on the day before the New Moon, Justome baptised four new people in the Tulear area of Madgascar.

They are establishing the church there on solid ground. Let us pray that the coup there does not harm our people.

Jean-Alphonse said to me in relation to the work there over Africa and Madagascar and on into Europe:

“What God had done with the church is as though a door was opened unto CCG of the Lord to preach Christ’s gospel and He had opened the door of faith unto the Nations.

Eloah, through the Lord Jesus, said to one of the churches of God, I know thy works, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.”

True, and it is happening rapidly now. In spite of the efforts to frustrate it, the work of God is proceeding in the good strength that we have been given.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General