Sabbath 8/9/33/120

Dear Friends,

This week the former president of the US George W. Bush published his new book in which he justified his use of torture, and a former CIA officer came to his aid on Australian Radio in the ABC National Breakfast program with a garbled and irrational defence of the use of torture in the intelligence process. His defence was basically if other nations don’t want it then don’t accept it from the US. He then went on to say that he would have simply killed them all on the battlefield but if he had to deal with them he would arrest them and put them in a stockade under the Geneva Convention “until it was all over,” which unfortunately his country would not implement in this so-called “war on terror.” He described Clinton as a coward who exported captives to other countries that they knew used torture. He also described President Obama as a “Pollyanna.” He made the claims that the use of terror was legal under US law. What he was in fact referring to were the extremely dubious opinions of two lawyers that obligingly provided Bush with the information he wanted on this aspect.

The claim was advanced that the intelligence prevented an Indian Muslim in England from operating. It was the only example that he seemed able to provide. Unfortunately the leader of the UK Conservative Government repudiated Bush’s claims and this US former CIA officer was followed by a British commentator who rejected what he said and reinforced the Conservatives’ opinion and highlighted the incoherent comments of the US former CIA officer.

What this discussion and George W. Bush’s book have highlighted is the irrational thinking and declining ethical standards of the US and the other nations of this age.

The fact is that torture produces bad intelligence. People will say what they think you want to hear just so you will stop hurting them. We worked that out a few centuries ago and banned it on moral and ethical grounds. We also signed the Geneva Convention which protected combatants from torture and unethical weapons of destruction precluded by agreement after WWI. The US is a signatory to that Convention. However, the Geneva Convention was not followed in this phoney “War on Terror.” The “Coalition of the Willing” which was a pseudonym for the extended NATO alliance that took part did not follow the Convention. The US and to a lesser extent the British were involved in violence and torture and abuse against civilians on all sorts of grounds. Australia condoned the behaviour in this matter.

What is becoming of serious import is that the moral standards of the English speaking people are declining and, instead of them being a God fearing people that lead the world in ethics, they are joining the rabble of the fundamentalists and the dictatorial regimes. The Antinomians in the US and British Commonwealth are responsible for the declining ethical standards based on Moral Relativism on the incorrect premise that Christ did away with the law. This matter of the New Covenant will be discussed in the paper First and Second Statements of the Covenant of God (No. 96B) at

The US use of thugs in the security systems both in the US and overseas is having an enormous impact on the way that they are viewed by other nations. This was the way Rome went with paid mercenaries in the control of its populace. The impact on the tourist industry in the US is severe. Since the “security” was implemented in the airports over 60 million tourists have been reported as lost to the US. That would equate to at least 120 billion dollars loss and probably more. The multiplier effect probably equates to the impact of the stimulus package.   

With the new x-ray screening that produces nude imaging, which has been classed by the experts as carcinogenic, as well as a complete abuse of privacy of the individual, tourism will go into much more serious decline. Indeed who in their right mind would wish to go to the US to put up with such abuse when there are idyllic destinations where no such behaviour is exhibited?

The problem is that it is not confined to the airports and is being rolled out on the street and it is becoming increasingly obvious that the real object of the “security” is the US citizens themselves. We have seen the type of people employed by Homeland Security and even been the object of misinformation campaigns by their employees, with questionable mental stability, who blatantly claimed they were operating with Homeland Security.

There are now some 49 nations in the extended NATO alliances. The very alliances of NATO are themselves serving as the Power of the New World Order. They also include Arab states aligned against Iran and extend into SE Asia and the Pacific. The future is looking increasingly bleak for the basic pillars of freedom and democracy in the world and it is getting more and more like Orwell’s grey nightmare.

It is also of great note that the Congress of the US has now allegedly declared in a report posted on the Internet that no responsible authority, either the congress, the states or the electoral officials bothered to check Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president and it is reported that his status remains undocumented to this day (cf. WorldNetDaily). It seems that as that is really the major constitutional requirement then there exists upon all those institutions an obligation to verify he was in fact eligible and the obligation is most seriously now vested in the US Congress to do as much immediately. Also the Supreme Court is obligated to hear the matter immediately. It has been no secret now for a long time and we have heard Hawaii bureaucrats publicly declare that no birth certificate exists in Hawaii or elsewhere in the US. That we could hand over the presidency of the most powerful nuclear power on this earth so casually is hardly reassuring.

In the new paper being issued we will explain why God is going to send the people of the US and the British Commonwealth into captivity. The basic reason is their breach of the Second Covenant of God through Antinomianism. We will take it through from Moses to the issuance of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in 30 CE and the responsibility of the Church in the Commandments of God and the Testimony of Christ.

One of the reassuring things in AU this week was the decision handed down by the High Court which ruled the practice of declaring bits of Australia not subject to judicial review under claims made under the Immigrations Act and for Refugee status unconstitutional. From the noises made by the politicians one would have thought that proper constitutional legal review of an international agreement on Refugees that Australia had signed was an anathema to these people. The fact that the law of God forbids doing such a thing is of no consequence to these people either. It is this sort of unethical behaviour that God will deal with and against which laws He will judge the people of the English speaking nations. It does not matter what these Antinomians believe or claim.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General