Sabbath 25/7/33/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we are all returned from the Feast safely or some of our officers are still inducting churches in various locations.

Moses Hadi of Ethiopia received a request from the Sabbath-keeping Churches of Djibouti to join CCG and was able to be transported from Ethiopia for the Last Great Day services and inducted the HQ church there and then proceeded to induct the 29 others after the Feast. It appears we may constitute some 1% of the populace of Djibouti already and 20% of the Christian populace there. Considering there are only 300 native born Roman Catholics out of 7,000-8,000 RCs serviced by overseas-born priests, that makes CCG a pretty big factor there with over 30 local churches and many more ministers.  We are the major Christian church there it appears. Moses says that it will be massive. 

We also had 100 churches in the Congo still to be inducted and many in Haut Katanga were inducted over the Feast. Over the Feast another 4 from Mozambique, 4 from Ghana, 3 from Tanzania, 1 in Rwanda and another 2 in Eldoret, Kenya where a cyber cafe is being installed. Thus over the Feast we had 144 churches to be inducted and some hundreds of new baptisms in other churches. There were a number of new baptisms in France also and a number of new members in the USA but all baptised.

It appears that God sends us people in different places and cleans other places up so that they can be used. The greatest targets of the Churches of God are the power houses of the US and BC. Satan cannot tolerate us to be left alone as the promises were given to the birthright nations and the Church of God and the work is often done or assisted through them.

The sacrifices of the Churches of God are significant and new members are specifically attacked. We have had people come into the church making all sorts of claims, yet when exposed, they are antinomians seeking to damage the Church of God. Please make sure that you are not deceived by such people. If you are approached by people defaming the ministry make sure you report it.

Do not let people misuse the Feast and turn the Feast into an offense by ill-considered conduct. Find great joy in the Feast and all the celebrations of God. Uplift one another and never make railing accusations against each other and view those that do so with serious suspicion for such is not of the kingdom of God.

The churches in Africa are able to stand as church units and be banded together. The task we face in the West is more difficult as the factor of individual membership is turned into a tool against us.

Each of the churches has different trials. Help those you can and make sure they are not scattered by those who would tear us to pieces. Many face different trials. What is worse: a Muslim in North Africa or a Trinitarian bigot in North America? Both can be violent heretics that misuse the scriptures. Do not be deceived by either of them. The Binitarians in the Churches of God are your enemies just as surely as their Trinitarian associates.

They worship the same Binitarian God Attis of the Antichrist under a different name.

Pray for our brethren and the new friends in the service of God

Wade Cox
Coordinator General