Sabbath Update 19/6/33/120

Dear Friends,

Bizimana and Teophile have returned from inducting 17 churches in Uganda. Teophile inducted 10 churches in his allotted area and things went well there.  Bizimana reports the following.

Hello, Wade

I have Inducted 7 churches in Bududa District from Maranatha Christian Church Mission Uganda. Bududa District is located in East and North Uganda region. We have 7 groups there with 740 members in all groups. Most of the members in these groups are children and women.

I noted these women are living in poverty because of different causes some of those causes are the wars affecting northern Uganda region. Also most of our people there are illiterates.

 Also around February and March 2010 heavy rain caused a series of landslides in the mountainous eastern region in the three villages of Kubehwo, and Namashet areas in Manjiya County of Bududa District.

Acres of crops, goats, cattle and chickens were buried under the sea of thick soil. The area is affected by landslides and our groups in those villages were affected and some of our churches lost their people as this happened. It left thousands of people injured and homes destroyed and others dead. Now our people are at Bulucheke Camp-Bulucheke Sub/county as this camp includes people from 27 villages from different villages of Bududa. If funds are available we are requested to provide some help of food and clothes with books of our children there. Please send whatever we can. We have 127 Children with 148 adult people in the Bulucheke Camp. Most of them are the poorest because of the landslides.

We need some help for encouraging them and dealing with developing the food and clothing and shelter needed there. I have discussed with our officers there which good projects we can commence  developing there with them and I noted that rice, cabbage and tomatoes can be good projects for them to commence with there.

I noted that tomatoes can do well if they get funds for fertilizer, seeds with other materials for basic agriculture. We need $420 USD for dealing with small -based projects there and developing them so we need your prayers all and help as you can

Bizimana Bosco
Christian Churches of God Uganda

Please all churches send what you can in funds or local seed and fertiliser and children’s books.

Wade Cox
Coordinator general