Sabbath 29/4/33/120

Dear Friends,

This week has been a very interesting week. I had informed you that we had inducted 50 churches from Ethiopia and this week we are inducting another ten from Northern Ethiopia, making it 60 churches there in four weeks in Ethiopia alone.

Earlier in the week we were contacted by the AIC in the Rift Valley in Kenya stating they wanted to join us. They had former SDA groups locally that joined us. They had become exposed to the Sabbath when they had tried to suppress the Sabbath under orders of the former President. The government intervened when they refused permission for ten Sabbath-keeping students to attend school and the school was forced to take the students and then the whole church looked at the issue of the Sabbath. Many of the SDA groups had joined CCG from the Western Province where almost all of the SDA groups have come to CCG. Many in the Rift also came to us and the AIC then contacted our coordinator in the Western Province and asked to join CCG. They have been established for over 100 years in Kenya.

Pascal informed Walter that two churches wished to join us there.  We authorised the inductions and Pascal was again contacted and a number of others asked to be inducted and Walter was asked to assist Pascal in the inductions. On Thursday they inducted three and then on Friday they inducted more churches and more will be inducted over the Sabbath, Sunday and New Moon.

Calleb was asked to induct another three former SDA groups in Tanzania also.

Walter was delayed in his trip to Liberia where the groups have grown now to 32 churches awaiting induction there and another in The Gambia. He was delayed and was able to help in the Rift.

On the morning before the Sabbath we got a letter from Uganda where another 17 churches asked for induction. Theophile was already inducting three churches in Luwero and Bizimana was doing another four churches in Mpingi.

The letter asking for induction was very interesting. It read as follows.

“... I am a former Evangelist of the Seventh Day Adventist Church from 1992 -1998 and since 1999-2010 I am the Elder of Christian Church Voice of God Seventh Day. I left SDA for the purpose of dealing with truth, not the false teachings as the SDA today. They are paid ministers and corruption is already there without help [for our] poorest and orphans. So our ministry’s main objectives are to bring truth and help each other in all ways possible,
I got your address from my son who is a student at Lira Secondary school. He got your booklet from his friends, both students at that school, who are attending your church in Lira. He has come with the booklet called Who is Jesus (No.CB2) which is a very good booklet. He was here on the holy days in May and I found your address and decided to contact you. Now I am blessed to be communicating with you,
I will be glad to get the help of your doctrines printed out...”

How God deals with our people. Two of our secondary students in Lira took the CB2 booklet to school and gave it to a former SDA pastor’s son in their class and he took it home and the entire branch of 17 churches decided to join us based on CCG doctrines once they examined them. That made it 24 new churches in Uganda in a week. The previous week the SDA youth Pastor in Kampala resigned his job to take up an unpaid position in CCG with 35 of his assistants. It was covered over SDA radio in Kampala. That is dedication. We rented a significant hall and the World Conference assisted with some chairs and it is now growing.

We had inducted a large number of churches in the Congo DR the previous week and now this last week there are another 15, and hopefully by the New Moon some 24 more there also in two provinces.   

The Congo had a serious problem in Goma with 76 houses burned to the ground. Some of them were CCG church people and the Congolese CCG in North Kivu have put out appeals for tents and sheeting for the affected for all provinces. Please pray for them there. Uganda is also helping. There was also a petrol tanker overturned there and the people were picking up spilled petrol when a smoker ignited the petrol and many died. Please pray for the families and the hospitalised. Fortunately it did not involve CCG members, but seemingly some family.  

This week we have had a minimum of five churches a day join us and probably as many as eight or nine churches a day. We will not know until the reports are all in.

Our growth now is massive. Please pray for us to continue expanding.

Jean-Alphonse is also working in Madagascar at present and we hope that area grows exponentially as well. He will return to France for the Feast.

Moses Hadi has been ill so please pray for him to be able to continue inducting churches in Ethiopia.

Pray for the inductions of the churches all over Africa as they join us and expand.

The former SDA groups in Kendu Bay in Kenya are also increasingly joining us.

There was a meeting on Thursday morning of the NCCK to discuss the shooting of the Bishop of one of the churches there who was shot three times but not robbed. He was very vocal in his opposition to the referendum of the Constitution regarding abortion. So also the Human Rights representative at Mombasa was shot and the NCCK is addressing the issue.

Please pray for the expansion of the work and the protection of our people.

Pray also for the people of the Churches of God so that they have their eyes opened and that they can see and hear and understand and thus turn and be saved in the disintegration and the problems with their leadership and their divisions.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General