Sabbath 2/3/33/120 Update

Dear Friends,

This week is the last week to Pentecost and our officers are working flat out to induct the new churches to CCG. Each week we get new requests and the list of countries expands.

Bizimana is working very hard to get the churches in the Congo DR inducted in the NE and there are others in the SE.

Tito has just done another three churches in Tanzania in the last few days and Kenya is inducting two new churches in the north of Lodwar near the Sudan and another in the Northern Rift. Jack Mano is doing another five churches in Mozambique on top of those done only recently. So also work is in Zambia and Malawi. Vusa has done some in Zimbabwe and we are about to induct more churches on Botswana.

We have no real idea of how many will be done by Pentecost and we now seem unlikely to get them all inducted by Pentecost. There are just too many to be done. There are hundreds of them still to go and then documented.

Alan has returned from NE India and has inducted a nucleus of eight senior coordinators to commence inductions there for the 115 branches in Tripura, Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Bangladesh.

I spoke with Malaysia yesterday and Wong says that our Senior Coordinator there Mr. John Reang is taking great pains to ensure that all people are properly educated before baptism, which is what should be done.

Last week we were approached by the National Board of the Church of God in Myanmar (Burma) and we are now proceeding to organise their inductions. I only got to the message on the New Moon. They are based in Yangon (Rangoon) but are spread out and we will need to do the work using their ten core ministers. We now extend from Myanmar all the way over NE India to Nepal. We have had other requests for induction from South India this week also.

God has commenced to work further north now into Asia and Wong Wei Keong the senior coordinator in the Asian Office has pointed out the movement of the work north in accordance with the prophecies listed in the paper Fire From Heaven (No. 028).

We have also had the Sabbath Church of Ethiopia ask to join us on the New Moon and another in Pakistan. There are very many Sabbath-keepers in Ethiopia. We are also now commencing to grow in the US and elsewhere seemingly from the south and now moving north.

The growth has been so spectacular we could not have organised it that way ourselves. We also would not have been able to finance it by planning. God seems to give us just what we need when we need it, no more and no less.

It is exciting to see it all develop so spectacularly. There is no doubt it is the work of God and it is in accordance with prophecy. We have spent nothing on advertising. It just happens. Every week the letters arrive or the coordinators are contacted. It could be either way. Please continue to pray for the work.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General