Sabbath 11/2/33/120                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Dear Friends,

Rumbling against the Vatican.

This week Hans Küng (born March 19, 1928, in Sursee, Canton of Lucerne), the Swiss catholic priest who is Emeritus professor of Ecumenical Theology at the University of Tübingen was interviewed on Radio National on Australia’s ABC. He is no longer permitted to teach Catholic Theology but his credentials have never been revoked as a Catholic Priest and he has been Emeritus Professor since 1996.  Since 1995 he has been President of the Foundation for a Global Ethic (Stiftung Weltethos).

This week he has declared what the majority of the Roman Catholic Church has been thinking and that is the scandals that wrack the Catholic Church are the direct result of its leadership. He directly accused Benedict XVI of deliberately condoning the sex scandals of the church on an international basis as head of the Inquisition now called the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He also claimed that when he was in Germany he was directly involved in the cover-ups.

Küng and Ratzinger were both theological advisors to Vatican II and Küng stated that the pope had lost sight of the direction of the church from Vatican II and had become enmeshed in the past in the Counter Reformation and before. He was a behaving like a prince of the Medieval system locked in time in the Twelfth Century.

Küng took the case to the source. He stated words to the effect that the Roman Catholic Church had survived with married clergy for almost a thousand years until the Twelfth Century when it was taken over by the Celibates and married clergy were forbidden, and he directly attributed the problem to where everybody with any brains knew it started. They got rid of the married clergy and plunged the Roman Catholic Church into an unnatural state which contributed to their sexual problems, and everything traces back to that unnatural takeover by the Monastics and the Sodomites.   

Küng went a step further this time and called on every bishop of the RCC to ignore the pope and implement the Vatican II accords and implement the ordination of married clergy. The aim is to stamp out the homosexuality and sex abuse and return the church to its original form.

The real problem is that the Reformation tried to achieve that end but failed to go back before Augustine of Hippo and failed, and the attempt this time will fail for the same reasons.

The Vatican will probably react by removing Küng’s credentials as a priest but the problem is that the entire world is now aware that the problem will not go away under this pope and the world ecumenical system will turn on the RCC and seek to destroy it and they will succeed. This aspect has been covered in the paper WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299b).

This pope is 83 years of age. Their own prophecies say they have one pope left to go and we do not know if this is even a ruse. The last one according to Malachy is Peter the Roman and Pius IX said he would walk out of Rome over the bodies of his priests and will bear the name of Pius; hence Pius XIII will be his title.  This sequence has been discussed in the paper The Last Pope (No. 288).

We are about to go into a general rejection and revolt against the satanic influence that controls the Trinitarian religious system. It is dividing against itself and this division is reflected in the statements by Küng this week.  It appears that this pope is losing control of many things and his statements to the national churches seem to be divorced from the reality that they know he created and the offences he condoned. There is a very real possibility that we are dealing with dementia in its advanced stages and it is also possible that the civil authorities may prosecute.

What we are seeing is the struggle for the ecumenical movement to take over the Trinitarian system and advance a new structure so that the Beast can turn on the Roman system and destroy it.

There is a very short period of time to go.

Malachi Martin in his work Windswept House (Broadway Books NY, 1996) explained the satanic influences and the ceremony conducted in the Vatican in 1963 to enthrone the Angel Lucifer as God. At the same time a concurrent ceremony was conducted by bishops and priests and laymen in the US in South Carolina to the same end with communication with the Vatican, where unspeakable atrocities were committed.

The Roman Church is losing people in the millions every year all over the world. The Trinitarian officers think that another Reformation is the only way they will survive.

They got away with the Reformation last time and managed to kill many of us. That was because Satan’s time was not up and it was too far to go to the Last Days. We were told to sleep a little longer until those of us were killed as our predecessors had been killed.

Christ will come to save us and destroy this Trinitarian system of the Sun Cults. There is not much longer left to go. The next or 120th jubilee is in 2027 and the system will be gone well before then.

We are watching prophecy unfold before our eyes.

Pray that we are counted worthy to survive and we are protected from the problems in the days ahead of us,

Wade Cox
Coordinator General