Sabbath Message 4/2/33/120B

Dear Friends,

We have just received a report in from Northern Uganda. Theophile reports that he baptised 53 officers and families and Inducted them in the 14 church areas. There are 1840 people in the 14 church groups. They have nothing. Even the ministers are without clothes.

We have three sewing machines in the north with a training team of young people.

We need to get each of them a shirt and a pair of pants and a pair of shoes. We also need to equip them with sewing machines and get the training school going on the tasks. We need ten sewing machines.  

They will need some fertiliser and seed for projects.                                                                                                      
We also need to get them some Bibles in Luganda.

This is a serious case of need. We promised you all when CCG was first formed that we would not write letters to you asking for money, but this is truly a worthy cause. Once in over 16 years is acceptable.

Our brethren need your help. Uganda is providing as much as it can and we ask that all nations provide some funds to Uganda to get this assistance underway.

Remember also that we have some 200 groups now in the Congo still to be inducted but I doubt they will be in such dire straits as these people are but they will be in necessitous circumstances. S. E. Asia is inducting the 115 groups in NE India and we note that fact.

Please do what you can to assist, no matter how little.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General