Sabbath 26/1/33/120

Dear Friends,

We are now all back from the Passover and are now working to consolidate the progress and the developments that came from the Passover. Uganda had two church groups being inducted in the Northern Districts with more in the Sudan. The Union of Apostolic Churches of Uganda has joined us with nine churches and the Victory Church of God (Seventh Day) has joined us with five. Over 2000 people have been inducted and/or baptised in Uganda over the month of Abib. Another 21 churches in Goma are being inducted in the Congo DR and we will have reports on those soon.

We also had nine churches inducted in Zimbabwe and another two expected in Mozambique with another seven under induction in Malawi.  Peter Luso has returned from Zimbabwe to Zambia and there are more churches under induction there in addition to the five for Passover.

Jean-Alphonse reports from Paris that the A1 is almost ready in Malagash and he will go to Madagascar for Pentecost and induct the churches there.

Walter and Pascal inducted more churches in Western province and also in Kendu Bay area. Many are impressed with the Passover festival being kept as required by biblical law. In Malawi many Sabbatarian churches were attracted by the festival being kept there and were handed our documentation also and have expressed interest in CCG due to the accuracy of its Bible doctrines and faithfulness to the laws of God. 

It appears that we will induct over 200 churches this First month of the 33rd year. Last year before Passover we inducted seventy ministers and averaged about twenty churches a month from the Second month increasing by ten churches a month every month until now. Our rate of growth is exponential. We have well over a thousand churches now. Walter Okello has to go to the Coast and Eastern province of Kenya to induct another six churches there also this week. There will also be more in Kendu Bay and in Western Province. By the end of the month we should be the only Sabbatarian Church in Western Province. Almost all of the thirty or more ex-SDA churches have joined us there. We expect over the next few months up to thirty thousand will join us from the Kendu Bay Region, and in the Southern Divisions we expect another two hundred thousand or more may join us there and in Uganda. We expect the same or more from Congo DR and Uganda again. It is not uncommon to find churches which are now ten times the size they were last year.

Our aim this year is to crack the million baptised members, which we should do comfortably. Our success is due to the correct Bible doctrines. The Trinitarians simply look like idiots.

Also we aim to have over twenty working divisions with as many auxiliary divisions and support facilities. Our officers are now beginning to understand the term “Godspeed.” The development is simply astounding.

We are already the largest Sabbath-keeping Biblical Unitarian Church in the world. Our aim is to be the largest Sabbath-keeping church in the world within two years. We are already passing the SDAs in country after country. In some places they no longer exist except as entries on their own web sites.

We are the quiet achievers. If it were not for my reports to you in the Sabbath Messages no one would know what we have achieved to date. We do not mind that one bit. The Sanctification this year was the most productive we have had and you now see just what we can do when we obey God’s laws. Keep praying.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General