Sabbath 14/12/32/120

Dear Friends,

This week we were confronted with the results of the political division and tribalism that has divided Africa for decades and used by its politicians for their own advantage.

This week at the Kenya Council of Churches meeting on 24 February 2010 in Nairobi, the CCG National Coordinator was there representing CCG, as he does each month.

The Council was extremely concerned at the political breakdown in Kenya due to the inability of the power sharing coalition government to resolve its differences. The last time the problem occurred there was widespread large-scale violence which was the result of politicians deliberately playing tribes and ethnic groups off against one another. I actually witnessed it myself on my last visit to Kenya.

The last time it was centred on playing Luo off against Kikuyu or Kisii and Kamba. 350,000 subsistence farmers were displaced and a massive percentage of the maize crop was lost. Famine was the result with a doubling of food prices being imported from Uganda and Tanzania.

This deliberate provocation to tribal division and ethnic hatred is a cynical political tool used by politicians who send their children abroad for their education and leave their constituents to face the violence at home.

CCG is dedicated to the harmonious brotherhood of mankind. Tribalism is forbidden in CCG and we have given the Council of Churches our assurance that we will issue instructions for our people to ignore the political divisions and incitement to violence among tribes in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. CCG is dedicated to the transnational assistance in the development of its people. Our people help each other across borders and in all matters. We must never lose sight of the Second Great Commandment to love your neighbour as yourself. If you do not love your neighbour whom you have seen, how can you say you love God whom you have not seen?

CCG has given instructions for the formation of the Church along the Bible systems as outlined in A3 with the captains of tens and fifties and hundreds and thousands and divisional commanders.

Coordinators/commanders of the CCG areas are to meet and plan for the possible outbreak of violence and the security of its own personnel and the safeguarding of crops and the welfare of the residents of the districts in which they are operating. No minority is to be left to persecution.

In the event of the outbreak of violence the churches in Uganda and Tanzania and the Sudan are to be prepared to assist where necessary to afford protection and shelter. All churches along the borders are to be prepared to assist as required. The new churches being inducted in the east of Uganda have to be briefed on the possible requirement for protection of the Kenyans of the Western Province and from NW Nyanza if necessary. Fortunately CCG has a virtual blanket of churches along the border areas and it is not too far or difficult to get to safety if it becomes necessary.

Do not under any circumstances comply with political pressure to engage in violence against your fellow citizens or their property. Help one another and pray for one another.

Remember what was done last time and how devastating it was. Do not fall into such a trap this time.

Wade Cox