Sabbath 09/11/32/120 B

Dear Friends,

We are continually receiving new requests to join CCG from the offshoots of the WCG system around the world and now increasingly in the USA. It appears that we are now going to consolidate the Churches of God in the USA after the mighty work undertaken in Africa and the Middle East. This week we reached over 540 churches inducted in Africa and we have something like 21 churches now in the Arabic ministry. There are more to go and we still have two months to Passover.

This was a message from one person in the NE USA.

Dear CCG, Secretary, Hello from (place in USA withheld), I am (name withheld) a baptised member of Living Church of God. I am writing to you seeking contact as to how I may join Christian Churches of God.

Many sincere and thinking brethren know Living is not leading in God's truth. They are leading in man's truth. They are blinded. Members are threatened with expulsion when they seek answers to basic understanding that contradicts Living doctrine and government.

There is no longer time left to waste with man's devices. Every moment lost in untruth will never be regained. I have heard many CCG sermons and read many papers and searched the scripture's listed. You are teaching God's truth. Whatever time God allows me to have before I sleep I need to be with his church in worship, learning, understanding, and working to help witness to the world the truth of his coming kingdom.

Please consider my application to join Christian Churches of God, 

This was another letter from an ex-WCG minister this week, who is studying CCG materials, which we thought was important to discuss.

DATE Biblical 11th month, 2nd day (pagan 18 January 2010) [the 18th is the Fourth day of the eleventh month in the Temple Calendar; see also God’s Calendar (No. 156) ed.]

1.Your statement of Beliefs.

2. What proof can you offer that CCG is the True Church? Was WCG True Church?

Answer: Firstly, God establishes the churches and they vary in their handling of truth. The eras of the churches are examined in the paper Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Historical Sabbath-Keeping Churches of God (No. 170). God moves the lampstand, not men.

Herbert Armstrong did lead the Church of God. It is our view however that he was the Idol Shepherd of Ezekiel 34. It is quite impossible for another person to arise and perform the functions of the Idol Shepherd to fulfil Scripture at this late stage.

The Quartodeciman Passover is the test of the church also (see the paper The Quartodeciman Disputes (No. 277)).

Once you have studied the matter you will be amazed that the church could have been so deceived under Herbert Armstrong.

3. What proof can you offer that your members actually possess / are filled with the indwelling Holy Spirit?
Did H.W.A. have the H.S?

Answer: CCG is comprised of the called of God and all are sinners. We let other men’s lips praise us.

God is working with CCG all over the world. CCG is now bigger than WCG was at its peak under Armstrong and bigger than all the other Churches of God put together. We have just compiled a composite of the entire Sardis system of churches from the Seventh Day Baptist Unions of Africa, The Church of God (Seventh Day), and all the offshoots of the WCG system in Africa except for South Africa and a couple of churches in Kenya. God will complete that soon in the USA also. The Seventh Day Adventists are joining us en masse in many countries. We are now four times the size of the SDAs in North Africa and the Middle East. The entire COG (SD) and SDA systems in Zanzibar have joined us. We have Churches of God now where they have not been for fourteen hundred years, and in some cases never been. We have more people in CCG in Cairo than LCG and UCG have combined in the whole of Australia. CCG has more people in Africa alone than WCG ever had at its peak. God sends people to us at the rate of thousands a week now.

The other churches see the spirit and gauge the results for themselves.

4.  Are there any papers available on the History of Nations?

Answer: We printed him out the History of Nations papers in the series as well as the
Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265).

5. What do the two legs symbolize in the lower torso of the bronze figure representing the Greek period, as mentioned in N. M. Message 1/9/32/120?

Answer: We sent the explanation of Daniel chapter 2 and the subsequent details.

6. Just what is the Temple Calendar, how does it work and how do we use it today? Please send Temple Calendar, No. 150, if it's in there.

Answer: The matter of the Calendar is very simple. The Temple Calendar was organised by conjunction as calculated in the astronomical schools.

The Hillel Calendar as used by WCG was never used in the Churches of God previously. Only one small group in Transylvania kept the Hillel Calendar but only after it had slipped into Judaising. The Hillel Calendar in use in WCG did not come into existence until 358 CE based on the Babylonian system of intercalations with postponements. It keeps the feasts in the wrong months 60% of the time and very rarely on the right days.

This Passover and last year were rare exceptions.

CCG keeps the Calendar in use at the Temple period and as kept by the church in its normal operations over the centuries from Christ and the apostles.

7. Just what is your Unitarianism, in depth? What are your refutations of scriptures commonly used to object to your view? Who is your "One True God" and what is the relationship of Jesus Christ thereto?
Do you say that God created the Son as the first created thing, and the Son then made all matter and spirit creations including the rest of the heavenly host?
On these last two items you have sent papers No. 76, 76 B and 195 B.
They cover what's wrong with other beliefs, but don't say exactly what your stand is.

Answer: Our view on Christ is expressed in Col. 1:15. Look at the papers The Angel of YHVH (No. 24); How God Became a Family (No. 187); The Pre-existence of Jesus Christ (No. 243); and Isaiah 9:6 (No. 224).

With best regards and thanks for your help.....

The fact of the matter is that the WCG taught a form of Ditheism which was a pagan polytheist doctrine. Many of the pseudo-theologians in the WCG offshoots are trying to assert that the early church and WCG under Armstrong taught the doctrine of Binitarianism, which is a blatant lie. Binitarianism entered   Christianity in Rome in the second century CE ca 170 CE from the adoption of the Easter system. The doctrine of the worship of the god Attis was the basis of the system in Rome and Adonis in the East and Osiris and Isis in Alexandria. It teaches that God was of two elements and one element separated itself and came down and became the son in human form and died on the tree on a Friday and resurrected on a Sunday at Easter.  This heresy was a clever ruse asserted by Satan after the prophet Isaiah uttered the prophecy of the Messiah, and especially the texts in Isaiah 53. There are many people, often in the WCG and offshoots or in the COG (SD), who utter this heresy thinking they are explaining the Bible texts (see the papers Ditheism (No. 76b) and Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127b)).

In the near future we will deal with the dishonesty of the offshoots and the errors in their theology and the misrepresentation of their pseudo-theologians on the doctrines of the Nature of God.

Trying to stop our march and the correction of the theology of the WCG system is like trying to stop the tide.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General