Sabbath 18/10/32/120B

Dear Friends,

This week before we finished the inductions in Mozambique another Sabbath Church joined us and so we inducted 12 churches there and not the eleven reported for the first message.

So we have some 22 inducted this week and a hundred or so churches still awaiting induction. The only limiting factor is the availability of ministry and the funds to transport them for the inductions and baptisms in training. Fortunately we now have an extensive web of long time Sabbath keepers of the churches of God to instruct them as they come into CCG. There is a lot to learn for all of them.

On the Sabbath we were also informed of another 21 churches that have joined us in the Central African Republic (CAR). That number is now in addition to the 20 odd awaiting induction in the Congo and the 22 awaiting induction in Ghana, the 15 being scheduled in Zambia, the number in Nigeria, the dozen or so in Angola and the two in Cairo. Another 15 churches have also been added in Ghana on Sabbath to the 22 making it 35 churches to be inducted there.

There were another series of baptisms in Kenya and others all over the churches.

At over 120 churches still awaiting induction and being added to in the same or larger numbers each week as we induct them it is hard to keep up with it all.

We are reaching further and further into North and West Africa now as well as Central, East and Southern Africa. The growth is virtually exponential. We get at least three churches a day join us now all over the world and in Africa it is a steady three with a few from elsewhere. That means we are growing by over 300 adults or one Gideon’s force a day. In one week we grew in two churches in Cairo alone by the numbers of the churches of God in some western nations. We have made it a practice of never numbering the Israel of God and now it is almost impossible to do so if we wished to even try to do that.

The growth of CCG in North Africa and the Middle East has made it the largest Sabbatarian Church in the region. The Churches of God were never there at all because of their incoherent ditheist doctrines and the SDAs never made much progress. We are at least four times their size now in the region with a significant Arabic speaking ministry.

In spite of this growth we are still refusing entry to those self-righteous groups that will not take wine at the Passover and other aberrations that they think are required. We have refused entry to Sabbatarian groups in the Ukraine, and some up to three times, as well as those in Ghana and elsewhere. Christ was quite clear when he said: “Unless you eat my body and drink my blood you have no part in me.” If you wish to be in the First Resurrection you had better get the message. The SDAs understand as they come in to us. If anyone wishes to be in the First Resurrection that sacrament is step two, after Baptism, and without it you do not enter the kingdom of God. There is NO negotiation. See also the papers Wine in the Bible (No. 188)
and The Significance of the Wedding in Cana of Galilee (No. 50).


Wade Cox
Coordinator General