Sabbath 18/10/32/120

Dear Friends,

Firstly we would like to welcome the eleven new churches of Mozambique that were inducted this week by Tito Kaka the Coordinator for Southern Tanzania from Dar Es Salaam. Also we welcome the seven new churches from Rakai District in Uganda inducted by Bizimana Bosco Coordinator in Uganda and others currently under induction there and the new churches in the Rift Valley Kenya inducted by Walter Okello. For the others, please be patient and we will get to you as time and circumstances permit.

We are about to commence our school and home education program on 4 January. Why 4 January one may ask? We have now started the Pagan Year and are in the month of the god Janus, the pagan god of beginnings and openings. He is portrayed as looking back on the past and forward to the new. We did not follow this pagan calendar and begin our year in this month until the Roman Church forced the change on us through the European community in the middle of the 18th century. It is that recent an innovation and it stems from Trinitarian pseudo-Christianity. It is in breach of the Law of God.

The nations of this world start their school year in this month, some in the beginning others at the end. It is not to be the case with CCG. Our year follows the Biblical Calendar. Thus our school year also is to follow the Biblical Calendar. If the civil year conflicts then that is unfortunate. Where we have to we will sit their examinations when they schedule them. That means we will have to be three months ahead of them and not three months behind. The breaks were forced on us this year. Resume studies next week and prepare.

The CCG School year is to be conducted as follows. There are to be two semesters a year. The first semester is to proceed from the 2nd day of the Second Month called Iyar to the last week of the Sixth Month called Elul. The semester is to end before the Sabbath of that week. The second semester is to commence from the second day of the Eight Month called Heshvan to the last week of the Twelfth Month called Adar. In the intercalary years remedial and preparatory work is to be undertaken as well as project studies during the Thirteenth Month. The term dates will be marked on the yearly calendars.

The mid-semester or mid-term breaks are to be for Pentecost, providing for a four-day break for preparation and back to school travel. The second semester or mid-term break is to be on the New Moon of the Tenth Month Tebeth, and is to be a four-day break over the New Moon and the nearest Sabbath whether it falls either before or after the Sabbath. Under no circumstances is Christmas to be observed or taken off as a day and any teacher detected teaching its celebration is to be disciplined. The pagan calendar followed by the US Civil administration is never to be followed in the Churches of God, as it is a calendar based on the ancient days of human sacrifice. All of its holidays are actually engineered to fall on the pagan days of sacrifice and it is an abomination in the sight of God. Its entire structure and system will be torn down and eradicated before 2027. It must never enter the Churches of God, nor must the Babylonian Calendar be tolerated that is advanced by Judaism with the Babylonian postponements and its fixed intercalations. It also is an abomination.

The school curriculum is to be structured around the Sacred Calendar as kept in the Temple system and as promulgated by CCG. Whilst we commenced the back to school year now that is of no consequence and the curriculum is to be structured from the Second Month of the Thirty-third Year ahead of us. All masters are to take note and enforce the new system. The complete first semester curriculum is to be drawn up and to HQ for posting soonest but before the New Moon of the Twelfth Month Adar. Teams translate into all our working languages and make sure copies are distributed to all parents and guardians everywhere

Wade Cox
Coordinator General