New Moon 1/7/33/120 A

Dear Friends,

It has come to our attention that a former SDA minister who was given precedence over the long standing Church of God minister in his national area because of his literacy became ill a couple of months ago and stopped communication with World Conference and I gave orders for the neighbouring National Coordinator to go to him and determine what the problem was and just how ill the man was.

On arrival the Coordinator found the neighbouring National Coordinator lying in bed paralysed and unable to even feed himself. Peter found him attended by his wife and son and a strangely dressed man. On a short investigation it became apparent that he had become ill and went to seek medical attention and his wife and family had sought assistance from the local witch doctor to heal him. God dealt with them immediately. He was struck with a stroke which paralysed him on the right side and robbed him of speech. He could neither move nor feed himself nor communicate. I am amazed that he was not struck dead for this idolatry. I expect that God will ensure his death soon.

Peter immediately investigated the situation and appointed the man who should have been appointed in the first place as coordinator of the National Church. We are now dealing with cleaning the churches out in the nation and identifying which of these SDA groups are corrupted by this pagan idolatry and witchcraft.  

I am now issuing the following instructions for all nations. Every coordinator is to place a letter of authority with the National Headquarters authorising the National Coordinators and local board to ensure that the officer is to be treated with the proper medical attention should they become ill and that under no circumstances is any person in CCG permitted to enlist the aid of traditional religions and witchcraft to seek healing for any person. If the spouse or family of any CCG member seeks such aid they are to be disfellowshipped immediately and if the officer consents they are to be removed immediately also. Such idolaters are to be shunned and the protection of the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn and the families or groups inviting such witchdoctors into the area are to be shunned and removed from the fellowship of the Church of God.

Do not assume because someone says they are Christians and seeks Baptism and membership of CCG that they are fully repentant. Nor are you to assume that an SDA minister is free of this witchcraft simply because he is a practising Sabbath–keeper. They are all rebaptised any way as we know.

All people that are exposed to these family traditions or tribal religious practices are to avoid any involvement. Now that we have entered many African Countries you must be aware that special festivities are held for the dead and ministers are often invited to such festivities. This is especially prevalent in Madagascar and no CCG person or minister is to attend such activities for the dead. Nor is any person to touch the dead bodies nor are they to dance with them as is the common practice.

You are God’s people and you are Holy and you are to refrain from these evil practices.

We are also informed that in some nations and especially in Uganda and Central Africa that children are being killed and sacrificed as demon possessed and that buildings are being dedicated with child sacrifice. We have also been informed of the problem in India. All churches are to stamp out these practices whenever they are informed of the instances. National and World Conferences are to be informed and National and World Conference will inform the local authorities of the instance. The buildings are to be razed to the ground and the owner and the witchdoctor performing the sacrifice is to be identified and handed over to the authorities for trial. If there are no authorities that can or will act then the national church will take action as possible within the laws of the Nation in consultation with World Conference.  Where the laws are not enforced or authorities present then Biblical law is to be enforced and any available authorities contacted and assisted.

All churches are to be vigilant regarding missing children and such instances are to be reported. CCG is to be dedicated to stamping out such inhuman practices. There is a trade in the sale of children to construction companies for sacrifice under Construction sites.

The churches are to pray and fast to send the spirits of known witchdoctors to the pit and warn them they will be dealt with. They have no power over the congregations of CCG unless the idolatrous invite them into their own lives and families.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General  Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.
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