New Moon 1/6/33/120 B

Dear Friends,

The situation in the Middle East is grave. War is very likely imminent and at a level of at least more than 50% likelihood.

How it plays out depends on the behaviour of Iran. The Israelis are poised to strike as soon as their intelligence (Mossad) reveals Iranian nuclear weapon development presents an unacceptable threat. Then the Israelis will strike unilaterally. They will not ask permission of anyone and will act when they determine the trigger point is reached.  The US allegedly will not be involved in any way other than intelligence and diplomatic support. There are other signs that might indicate otherwise.

The “noise” we are seeing of late is mostly posturing and threat; some hollow and some not-so-hollow. However, one can be sure the Israeli intelligence plan will be thorough and identify a range of indicators for triggering various levels of response.
A rational person would side with the Israelis.  It is downright provocative for the Iranian leadership to threaten Israel openly on the world stage as it has and continues to do. It is patently suicidal for the Israeli people (the democratically elected government) to ignore intelligence which indicates Iran is poised to carry out its avowed intent to annihilate them! It is also arming Israel’s enemies in Gaza and Lebanon and Palestine and on into Syria.

Keep your eye on the intelligence indicators. The US appears to be assisting as an Israeli proxy to reveal knowledge about vital Iranian capability and intent. It is seemingly hoped that may be all that’s required to convey to the Iranian leadership that they don’t have any advantage of surprise.

There are huge risks in Iranian behaviour but less risk in an Israeli unilateral pre-emptive strike to neutralise a real and imminent threat. You can guarantee the Israelis will strike only when they have the intelligence they need – i.e. credible evidence to later convince observers (Israeli citizens and others) they were right to act when they did. They will not repeat the wrongs of past Western intelligence assessments of Iraqi nuclear capability.

Israel is reported as deploying its military forces for a pre-emptive strike. At present there are reported to be three US carrier strike forces in operation as part of this intelligence gathering and reactive role in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean into the Persian Gulf.   The last to go through Suez a couple of weeks ago was reportedly a “Force 10” and it was joined by Israeli naval forces and a nuclear armed submarine was deployed into the Red Sea to move into operations with US nuclear subs.

Israel is reportedly almost as well armed with nuclear weapons as is China.  Another factor to be identified is that China has developed anti-aircraft missiles that can render the US carrier forces inoperative.

Reports are also being circulated that Saudi Arabia is giving Israel air base capacity, which on the face of it seems extraordinary; however the Saudi leadership has no love for the Iranians. This may be expedient for the Saudi leadership but may be received differently by the Muslim fanatics.

Reports are widespread of the US and NATO forces to the north of Iran in the “Stans.” Credence may be given to those reports simply by the movement and displacement of Iranian forces. The Revolutionary Guards and the fundamentalist militia are being displaced to achieve two ends. Firstly they are deployed to protect the Western and Northern Borders and secondly to quell civil unrest from an increasingly frustrated populace. 

Varying reports are being spread as to the capacity of Iran. Some intelligence analysts are claiming that Iran has no nuclear capacity and that its giving away half of its nuclear enrichment supplies has reduced this capacity even further. Others claim it has at least two nuclear weapons and perhaps more. The wild card is the fact that the Russians sold over 96 suitcase nukes many years ago to make funds available for the wage bills. Who did they sell them to?  Sale to Islamic forces is not an absurd possibility. If they did then they could be anywhere, in Iran or in cities all over the world.

The US has been manufacturing anti-Islamic propaganda for some time and has escalated that over the last few months. The US people are being conditioned by propaganda. The least possibility will be to justify its support of Israel. The probable reason is to justify its actions in the coming war. 

The US intelligence has been a key player in this misinformation campaign. It falsified its intelligence and drew Britain, Australia and others into Iraq after they had been sucked into Afghanistan as a NATO operation.

There are many experts on building, and chemical engineering, and architecture in the US that are clamouring for a full scale investigation into the 9/11 fiasco. It is now widely viewed as a false flag operation and a deliberate destruction by weaponised nanothermite and cruise missiles.

The emotive reactions to this disaster are being fuelled by provocative insanity. The US is being deliberately whipped into a frenzy by the approval to build a mosque in the area of ground zero of the WTC. To call that a provocative act is an understatement. One can only wonder at the incredible stupidity of the decision unless it is deliberately set up to further destabilise the situation. The decision of the Muslims to even ask for it is insane and can be construed as provocative. They may well have been encouraged to do that in order to destabilise the situation for the expansion of this coming conflict. That idea should not be discounted.

The long term planning of this last conflict was done over 130 years ago and has been that long in the making. That has been explained in the paper 2012 and the Antichrist (No. 299D).

This war is clearly delineated in Scripture and the nations involved are listed. That is Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-35). We are about to see the Oracle of Zechariah chapter 12 be brought into play and every nation involved with this war had better think twice before they burden themselves with it. The Middle East is about to embark on the final conflict of the War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294).

This final conflict is the War of the Beast Power. These elements are outlined in the papers
WWIII Part I: The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A);
WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B).

The sequence will be outlined in part No. 299C.

Methods of Attack

There are a number of methods of attack.

Certainly the battle plans and opportunities have been well developed. The conduct of the attack could be:

  1. Clandestine,
  2. Using a proxy state,
  3. Direct Unilateral Attack,
  4. In conjunction with an internal Revolution
  5. A combination of all of these options.

When is the deadline? 

One of the strange situations that emerged this last week was that President Obama declared the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by end August 2010. So all of a sudden the US President declares the US withdraw within four weeks from Iraq and that the US will leave only 50,000 troops for training purposes in Iraq. So we are led to believe that the US will pull out at the very moment Israel is considering the attack and probable invasion of Iran. It then leaves its forces in Afghanistan exposed and vulnerable with no back up forces to support the NATO groups in Afghanistan and the surrounding nations.  It is one of two factors. Either the US General Staff have lost their collective minds and their entire Command and General Staff and their staff college needs to be dismissed, which I do not believe for one minute; or this is a cover operation to enable the reorganisation of the US forces in Iraq for the planned invasion of Iran. There are no prizes for guessing the one I think is most likely.

If the second possibility is indeed true then the invasion will take place sometime from this New Moon of Elul towards Trumpets. If the former is true and they have no plans other than to get out of the road then this operation will be a unilateral operation by Israel which will have the effect of mobilising the Middle East.

The result is to mobilise the Muslim forces to invade Israel. However, the mobilisation of Islam will also see the extended areas of Pakistan and the old Soviet Alliance mobilised and NATO will be in conflict with Russia and that may well follow on into China. We might recall that the previous US administration were making noises along these lines and drew some flack about it.

Australia may well find itself dragged into the conflict and occupied by Asian Forces.

The dramatic conflict to the East and North of Jerusalem prophesied in Daniel which sees the extermination of many people leaves the NATO forces in Jerusalem and in Gaza for 42 months after their conflict in the areas from Iran to the north of Iran.  The double game of the ISI in Pakistan which the US has been funding will see the mobilisation of the Taliban and all Islamic agencies in the region.

The conflict will in the end go nuclear. 

Turkey will also become a battleground. The conflict will advance into Europe and Rome will be destroyed as it is prophesied.

We will outline the sequence in 299C to come.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General.  Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.
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