New Moon 1/12/32/120B

Dear Friends,

This last week of the eleventh month we saw the predicted level of over 600 churches for the year in Africa reached and exceeded. There is still a month to go before the New Year and the commencement of the sanctification period.

There were groups in Uganda come to us, one with 19 churches in five districts and other individual churches in another two districts.           The 19 churches were raised from one group with an SDA background that objected to the false theology of Ellen G. White in the SDA system. They left and by the time they got to us they had raised another 18 churches.                                                                         

We also inducted four churches in Kenya, two at Lodwar and two at Bungoma area of the Western Province from an SDA background.

There were also three in Tanzania. One was from Dodoma and the other two were from a Sabbath-keeping group. They are based at Ngorongoro area. We are inducting them and determining more about their origins and other elements that may also be interested. There are something like five churches in the area now and a number of others nearby.

There is another group in Malawi operating as the Church of God of Malawi which has come to us and they are to be inducted also. There are six churches there which makes 21 churches all told in Malawi.

We also received contact from a church in Madagascar that had been studying our material since 2007. The leader is known to the French Coordinator in Paris Jean-Alphonse Armand. He will be going there to conduct induction schools over Pentecost for the people there who are wishing to join us and also for other interested parties. They all seem eager to do the work of God.

Not everyone that comes to CCG is accepted. If there is the slightest doubt about them we do not induct them. Some are given more time to count the cost. Only the truly genuine are accepted. Over the last month or so we have rejected 16 or more groups and over the last eleven months we will have rejected some 10% of those approaching us, with a further 10% falling away.

We now average something like five churches a day and countless individuals coming to us from many countries. For example last weekend we inducted six churches from a branch of the Church of God (Seventh Day). Five of those churches were based at Mwanza and we have merged these churches so that they operate now as some nine local churches for Bible studies under their coordinators. However, all nine churches and their coordinators meet together for a great service on Sabbaths and New Moons. We are fortunate to have such a large church building in Mwanza. It is amazing to be able to have over a thousand people at the service on Sabbath and New Moon. Imagine a feast size service every weekJ Our isolated brethren will be envious. Do not be discouraged however, as God will add to us all in good time.

This type of large service also happens in Uganda and Kenya In many areas and other nations.

If things happen as usual on the New Moon, today we will also receive more requests for induction.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General