New Moon 1/11/32/120

Dear Friends,

We are all aware of the strange developments in the US over the last two decades. We have seen the extreme religious Right move into and take over the Republican Party just as the Left has been taken over by the far left socialist movements. What we might describe as a polarisation of the politics of the US system is being promoted. This polarisation is not an accident of history. It is a very carefully orchestrated move of the fascist New World Order advocates using the banking and the US political system. The US behind-the-scenes political manipulators are creating the illusion of a deepening rift when in fact there is a complete collusion between both political parties to advance the cause of the banking cartels to destroy the US and advance a completely new international system of money and power.

Recently a book was released by Max Blumenthal called Republican Gomorrah. A Review by Frank Schaeffer stated it was the truth about the evangelical world. Blumenthal interviewed him extensively and drew heavily from his book Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of it Back.

Schaeffer holds that Republican Gomorrah: “is the first book that actually ‘gets’ what happened to the Republican Party and in turn what the Republicans have done to our country,” the USA.

He says that: “The usual Democratic Party and/or progressive ‘take’ on the Republican Party is that it's been taken over by a far right lunatic fringe of hate and hypocrisy, combining as it does, sexual and other scandals with moralistic finger wagging. But Blumenthal explains a far deeper pathology: it isn’t so much religious as the psychosis and sadomasochism of the losers now called ‘Republicans’ that drives the party. And the ‘Christianity’ that shapes so much ‘Conservative’ thinking is anything but Christian. Its a series of deranged personality cults.”

The most serious problem facing the world is as much the US religious “right” as it is the Hadithic “right” in Islam. Both are dangerous in their false ideology. Neither follows the Bible and are composed of militant, hopelessly confused false religion.

The US Religious world view is seriously impaired by its Gnostic pseudo-Christian ideology.

Most of its leaders are seriously dysfunctional. The reality seems to be that evangelical Republicans act so much like untreated trauma survivors or dry drunks. They are more a psychological phenomenon than a religious movement. They're obsessed with gays, pornography and sexuality.  Blumenthal shows that in fact many are closeted gays, porn addicts and/or men who can't relate to women in a healthy, equal way. They have developed a strange sub-culture of inadequate people.

The result has been that these so-called “Conservative Christians” tend to cut themselves off from a huge spectrum of human emotions.

Many of us watched the strange induction of these soldiers of ignorance and saw them enter the Churches of God from the US, or through its educational systems and corrupt the way of thinking of those in the churches. Even in the Churches of God they insisted on ignorance and attempted to shackle any natural intellectual curiosity. In order to remain in this abysmal so-called conservative Christian world, you have to censor your thoughts and emotions to the point where the result is often a serious case of arrested development. Their psychological models in the US allowed them to strike at the Trinitarian system in the British Commonwealth because of the dreadfully deceitful hold the Trinitarian establishment had on the religious system of education in the Commonwealth. The result was a disaster for everyone.

Many right-wing Christians can't seem to think or process feelings like normal adults. “Instead they operate in a very child-like world of good or evil, heaven or hell, salvation or damnation, all or nothing, with us or against us. Which is why they're absolutely fixated on creating scapegoats (Commies, gays, liberals, Islamic terrorists, dark-skinned people, feminists, hippies, or whatever else is handy.) as a way to project their fears and darkness onto some other group” (Schaeffer ibid). The same problems exist on the Left through the stunted growth of the Left and its pseudo-intelligentsia and the mental straightjackets of Evolution theory and The Modern Environmental and Global Warming political agenda of the internationalist socialists. They lie on a continual basis and the scientists support them in their lies in order to internationalise the world political system.

The problem is not a question of Left or Right. The problem of the Religious Right lies in its complete non-biblical false paradigm of Heaven and Hell and a three-headed God and a pagan calendar of the Days of Human Sacrifice. The US political system is now almost incapable of rational thinking and any guided long term direction because it is run by people who believe that the world will be destroyed at the return of Jesus Christ in the near future and they are going to “Heaven” and the abortionists, gays, lesbians, Islamists and everyone else that disagrees with them are all going to “Hell.” The Fundamentalist Muslims are as seriously deranged and almost as biblically ignorant as the Religious Right in the US. That also extends to the Jewish religious system with their false calendars and religious trappings. They all accuse God of injustice and seriously misrepresent His laws and His way of life and government and His Plan of Salvation.

The Left has solved its problem by declaring God to be dead. It is an ostrich with its head in the sand pretending that because it can’t see or comprehend the creation under its own terms it does not in fact really exist.

The Religious Right has coopted the idiots of the system; that is what is in fact an ass laden with books. It cannot even understand much less explain the meaning of the plan of God but it is prepared to kill anyone that disagrees with it.

These are the convenient idiots that are seen by the international banking syndicates as the means of controlling the world.

They are going to establish this New World Order within the next twelve months and they will enforce it on the world.

The world is about to go through the worst phase in human existence over the next 14 years. Christ will be here in a few years. As Hebrews says, he will come quickly. He will not tarry (Heb. 10:37). There will no longer be a necessity for every man to teach his neighbour. God will put His laws in their mind and write them in their hearts and He will be to them a God and they will be His people. Every man shall know God and He will be merciful to them and remember their sins no more (Heb. 8:10-12).

In the very near future Christ will return to the earth. No one is going anywhere. The religious “nutters” will wreck the planet on the basis that they are all going to heaven and we who are left will have to fix it up. The Laws of God will be implemented as explained in the Bible. We will all do as we are told.

This is the New Moon of the Eleventh month and we now have ten weeks to prepare for the Passover. We begin the Sanctification of the Temple of God in 59 days (see the paper Sanctification of the Temple of God (No. 241)).  We are set to develop our people now and from the Passover we will set out the rectification of the religious system of the planet. The Churches of God have to be sorted out first and the false teachers have to be removed. The heart of the false teaching and rot is in the US and it has to be cut out and the elect reorganised. Pray now that we expand the work with the financial capacity to organise it properly.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General