Sabbath 29/7/32/120 and New Moon 1/8/32/120


Dear Friends,


We are all returned now and the reports are in from nearly all areas. There were no problems reported in any areas. The feasts were a success. They were simple affairs, especially in Africa but they had the desired result and the education of the members was a success. I was pleased that I was able to see many old friends. I spent this feast with some old friends that were with me from the first feast held in North America. I was also with many old friends we had made over many years. It was a great pleasure. It was a spiritually rewarding feast for us all.

Remember that all of us must start saving our tithes now for the next year’s feasts. God requires that of all of us and our capacity to enjoy the feasts depends upon proper tithing.

I was able to visit Malaysia for Trumpets and discuss the expansion of the work in Asia and in India. I was not able to speak with all our senior officers in Asia but I subsequently spoke with the Coordinator for the Philippines in the US.  I held Atonement in France. We were able to discuss many new matters and ordain a number of officers. I established a new group in London and also appointed the work to Ghana.

Over the feast this year we were approached by another series of church groups requesting admission to CCG in over ten countries. Inductions will commence this week for five churches in Kenya.

Uganda has some thirteen church groups in three districts in Eastern Uganda and in Masindi District. There are some one hundred ministers to be inducted and credentialed there over a two day period.

There is another fellowship with multiple churches over seven countries also to be inducted. That will include new groups in Zimbabwe and also in Zambia and Angola and the Congo DR as well as Uganda, Rwanda and Togo. There is a church fellowship with 42 churches in seven countries with over 4100 adults coming in from among these new fellowship groups. The expansion of CCG now is anywhere from 6,000 to 12,000 per month and perhaps more.

Zambia has three separate church groups that have to be inducted to form the new national conference there. The former Churches of God group there has to be inducted with the other two groups to form a cohesive unit. It is anticipated that the university there will be used to form an educational base for the operations. We also expect some direction from the universities in Kenya in regards to establishing a distance education facility from there using the CCG web systems.

The former Churches of God groups in West Tanzania and Malawi were also inducted over the last month and all are settling in well. There are other new groups forming from Sabbatarian and Non-Sabbatarian sources. A number of new groups have also been inducted this month in Northern and Central Tanzania by the senior coordinator there. These included a church damaged by the Armstrong offshoot system and scattered. We have reconsolidated it. In all we inducted a further fourteen churches over and above the four in West Tanzania.

We have over 72 churches coming to us over the month with our growth pushing the 80,000 mark. We should be the largest multinational Church of God in history by the Passover.

It appears that we will experience something like a twenty percent growth in ministerial services from this feast with over 1300 officers in Africa alone. We are being added to all over the world and at current growth rates we will well exceed the size of the largest of the Churches of God in the twentieth century including the Armstrong system and by the following year we will be larger than all of them put together at the peak of their power. God has truly made us the quiet achiever of the Churches of God.

We will be sending the senior Arabic coordinator to the various countries in North Africa and the Middle East to get the churches operating on a systematic basis over the area. We will be using the relative peace in the Yemen to promote the CCG operations there.

Over this feast I was able to hold a face to face conference with our video presentation team and map out a strategy for the ongoing programs and to establish a video link on and We have decided to address the pagan religious calendar and systems in the USA with a series of videos dealing with the various anti-biblical aspects of their system. We will also deal with the polytheist doctrines of the Armstrong system and hopefully we will get some serious study happening in regard to those doctrines and the groups teaching them.

We have mapped out a series of videos that will cover many important aspects of the errors of the Churches of God in the Last Days and how they can and should be corrected. We will also deal with the pagan aspects that have penetrated so-called Christianity. The aspects of the sun and mystery cults in the worship of Attis, Adonis, Osiris and the various elements of the Baal system and that of the Mother Goddess will also be examined in depth.

We will expose how the doctrines of Attis were absorbed into Christianity and resulted in the false Binitarian and Trinitarian systems.  These false doctrines are being promoted in the Armstrongite offshoots of the various Churches of God now by those who are either simply ignorant of their origins or who are trying to pervert the churches into a worship of the Triune system commencing with Binitarianism in order to get them to full blown Trinitarianism. The errors of Adventism under Ellen G White will also be examined in video.

This battle over the Last Days is for the minds of mankind and the salvation of our people.

The battle will not be won by fables and false doctrine. We must stamp these false doctrines out of the Churches of God.

We will triumph with truth and sound doctrine. Only the truth will set mankind free.

We are being added to now on an ongoing basis through sound doctrine. In each case the individuals voice their reasoning along those lines. In the case of groups, they are confronted with it in the process of their examination of our position. In all cases the only way anyone can survive with us is through sound doctrine and a love of the truth.

We do not have all that much time left before the end of this age and the end of the rule of Satan and the Fallen Host.

Get prepared for the final struggle and the coming of the Messiah. It will unfold as outlined through the prophets. Scripture cannot be broken.

Our job is to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God throughout all nations. The sooner we have completed the task, then the sooner our job is done and the end of this age can come.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General