Sabbath 8/7/32/120


Dear Friends,


The Feast is almost upon us and it is Atonement on Monday, the second day of the week. This year is a watershed for the social structure of our people.

We have been told of the global pandemic of H1N1 virus which is termed “swine flu”. It is a combination of at least three types of virus derived from swine flu, avian and human flu. The thing yet to be determined is if it is able to transmit or enable the Hendra virus. This H1N1 virus has all the hallmarks of a contrived government sponsored artificially created pandemic to enforce vaccinations which may well themselves be contaminated.

We do not engage in conspiracy theories, however, there are some serious aspects to this virus and the vaccinations that should make us all sit up and take notice.

This might be construed as a coincidence except for the fact that the virus is human engineered and is understood to not have been able to occur outside of a lab.

When one couples this with some other related and very peculiar activities concerning Baxter, involving the very serious avian flu virus, we have very great cause for concern.

This detail was taken from the site:

It appears that this company has been working on experimental vaccines and has in one case failed to take adequate precautions in the handling of a deadly virus which was only thwarted by the diligence of Czech officers, and on the other occasion had already developed a vaccine for a virus which had not yet seen the light of day until its mysterious appearance in Mexico next to the Baxter facilities. Thus this same company appears to have sent out seriously virus-contaminated vaccines.

The next mysterious fact is that the UK and US are ordering massive numbers of doses of the vaccine. The UK has placed advance orders of 90 million doses of the vaccine. That figure is far in excess of their population. They have pushed through the so-called testing which is asserted not to be a test of the actual vaccine but a ‘mock-up test’ on a vaccine whose composition is not even the same. This will be over five days and then it will be declared safe and the Brits had better take their new shots or else.

In case you think that they would not do such a thing by force in the UK, or in the US, one merely has to look at the state of Massachusetts. Its senate has just passed a bill that gives the state authority to require anyone in the state to accept vaccination on pain of a fine of $1000 a day and 30 days in prison.
The following are useful references.

Baxter Sent Bird Flu Virus to European Labs by Error 

Baxter Pharmaceutical Plant in Mexico- Ground Zero for Flu Outbreak
Letter Sparks Investigation of Baxter Vaccine by New Zealand Minister of Health

Be aware that the social structure is more and more controlled and aimed at the reduction of population.

The social structure will proceed more and more to introduce this satanic doctrine and restriction to control the earth population and introduce the Empire of the Beast.

Its aim is to control every part of our lives and religious freedoms. 

If you have anything to do with this Beast system you will not enter the First Resurrection and nor will you enter the Millennial system as a human. You will go straight to the Second Resurrection in 3027.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General