Sabbath 17/6/32/120


Dear Friends,

In 1969 I suffered gunshot wounds to the head, face, neck and knee and I very nearly did not survive, The gunshot wound to my mouth shot out my trigeminal motor and an anti-tank grenade lodged significant shrapnel in my skull, neck and spinal column, most of which is still there.  Discs in my spine were ruptured and consequently I suffer from severe muscle spasms and arthritis.

For the last four days of this week I have suffered from severe fibrositis due to the damage to my neck and shoulders, as a result of which I did not have the Sabbath Message ready by Friday afternoon. Consequently our webmaster who was to load the message, Mr Greg Lawrence, seeing there was no Sabbath Message rang me as he thought there may be something wrong.  When he found out I was not well he obviously decided to write a Sabbath Message for me, as when I checked my emails this morning there was a Sabbath Message there. The secretary typed this message.

Greg is not a member of the church, but works to assist the church and he does significant work for CCG, much of which is voluntary. He is responsible for uploading to the CCG Africa site and is therefore the only person not in CCG who has an extensive knowledge of what is happening in Africa.

Africa is growing at a significant rate. For example, last week we processed what amounts to six churches a day, and this week we dropped to the relatively small amount of one church a day for the seven days. Three were in Western Congo, three in Tanzania and one in Kenya. The church in Kenya  was a Seventh Day Adventist Church which has brought us to a total of at least 1 SDA church a week that has joined us since 1 Abib this year. In all cases the leaders have requested re-baptism. They have been re-baptised and re-ordained.

We decided that we would publish Greg’s replacement Sabbath Message to give you an idea of the support we enjoy from some people outside of CCG.


Hi my name is Greg and I am not yet a believer, but I write this Sabbath message heartfelt.
Most of you have not had the opportunity to meet your current world coordinator Wade Cox as yet, but I have.   This brings me to my topic - War.
The CCG fights the "war" of God and some of its members have fought the war of men and suffer from it.
 Do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting you should all bear arms, in fact I suggest the opposite.
Basic humanity may well save the world, and the CCG's efforts in Africa are testament to the sincerity of the Church and the belief in God.
There is no just war, there is only belief and non-belief and the belief must be based on the Bible as God designed it should be written, and God did not tell us to kill men.


            Greg Lawrence
            Webmaster Team

The Bible is fairly clear, from the Law and the pronouncements of Jesus Christ, that the power to take life rests in the State or Crown and must only be exercised in extreme circumstances tempered with mercy. Today it is often misapplied in injustice.

Over the last two weeks we have compiled a Feast Notice. This Notice follows and deals with the various congregations where Feasts are being held. As we have previously stated, this year the Feasts are being held in booths. 
Due to some problems with Muslims, eg. In Zanzibar, those three churches are planning to hold the Feast on the mainland at Dar es Salaam. A house has been burnt recently by Muslims and the brethren think that it will be safer on the mainland.

We ask that you pray for the safety of all our people in Muslim nations.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General

Feast of Tabernacles 2009


This year CCG in its varying National Conferences and associated groups will keep the Day of Trumpets and Atonement and over Tabernacles will dwell in booths in the following countries:


The Philippines

Malaysia and Indonesia.

In Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

The main site in France is to be coordinated by Jacques Guerard. 

It is in the Haute Vallée de L’Ognon, France

Morocco, Libya and the Middle East for the Arabic speaking brethren

The main North American site will be in Texas with some people in Canada. Most people in North America not required elsewhere overseas will gather in Texas at New Braunfels.

South America

Is in Nicaragua, the group site for that region..


South Africa site is coordinated by Juan Boshoff.

The feast is in the Heidelberg District SA

Kenya will hold the feast at the following locations.

Uganda is holding sites at the following areas: Overall coordinator is Bizimana Bosco.

Tanzania will celebrate the feast in the following areas:

Rwanda will celebrate the feast at:

Burundi will celebrate the feast in a number of locations:

The Congo will celebrate the feast in the following areas:

Other feasts will be held in Angola at Luanda and in the Congo Republic at Brazzaville.

Nigeria will hold the feast in three locations to be advised.

The feast will also be held at Mali and the Ivory Coast in locations to be advised.

Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin will hold the feast in the following areas:

There will be numerous smaller feast sites from these locations:

Burkina Faso
Bobo Dioulasso, Ouahigouya, Tenkodogo, Pouytenga, Kaya, Banfora, Pô, Dédougou, Ziniaré

Atakpamé, Kpalimé, Sokodé (Islamic district), Aného, Dapaong, Kara

Adomey, Ouidah, Porto Novo, Ifangni, Sakété, Kétou, Savè, Parakou

Care has to be taken in the Islamic district dwelling in booths.

CCG has approached the authorities for permission to hold larger sites on reservation areas at Adomey and Porto Novo.

The Sudan will hold feasts in Juba City area and in other locations as follows:

Central Equatoria

Western Equatoria

The Central African Republic (CAR) will organise feasts there in the following areas with the following coordinators.

Wade Cox will attend the church in KL for the Day of Trumpets. He will then proceed to London for the church group there. He will go on to Basle and then will attend with and speak over Atonement in the French site. He will then speak at the US main site over the feast.
This will be the first time the Churches of God have dwelt in booths on such a scale and only the third time in history that it has been done. The first time was under Joshua in the occupation of the Promised Land. The second time was under Nehemiah on the reoccupation of Judea from Babylon and now this third time points to the Return of the Messiah and the promise of things to come.

Queries should be directed to


Wade Cox
Coordinator General