Sabbath 10/6/32/120


Dear Friends,


Well the New World Order’s “One World Currency” plans are now on the table.

At the recent G8 conference in July in Italy, Russian President Medvedev unveiled a symbolic One World Currency coin termed a “united future world currency".

The aim is to replace the US dollar as the de-facto world currency and create a single currency unit that is able to be tied by the controlling New World Financial Order through its World Central Bank to a system beyond the control of the US capacity to print dollar bills and literally set the world awash with paper money. 

China and Russia are both pushing for this to happen. They wish a basket of national currencies to be used including the Russian ruble and other major trade currencies until they can finally establish this new supranational currency.

It is not all that far away.                                                                                        

Until recently such a notion was downplayed by the NWO proponents as merely an extension of the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and would not be used as a general currency. Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner are two such people who have been at pains to deny such an agenda. Just days after Geithner told a congressional hearing there were no such plans it is alleged that he reportedly told a Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) meeting that “he was open to such a notion” or words to that effect.

However Medvedev clearly contradicted that notion and stated that it would be used by private citizens for the payment of debt as a united future world currency. The coin has already been minted as a test piece.

Medvedev stated that it was a symbol of their unity.

In a  report of President Medvedev’s comments it was reported (by Mr. Bloomberg) that he said to reporters in L’Aquila Italy “Here it is” as he showed them the coin after the G8 summit. He said that the question of a supranational currency “concerns everyone now even the mints.” He said that the test coin “means they are getting ready. He said that he thought it was “a good sign that we understand how interdependent we are.”

President Medvedev explained that the coin had been minted in Belgium with the words Unity in Diversity (which coincidently is the meaning of Indonesia’s motto). An RIA Novosti report noted that the coin represented an example of a “possible global currency.”

In 2006 the World bankers called for an end to national currencies and, what a surprise: Pope Benedict recently followed up with a call for a “World Political Authority” to manage the Global Economy.

It follows that the Beast Power is only a very short period away and the RC Church wants to ride this Beast all the way. Sadly for them it won’t work out that way. How long will it take Oh Lord before your people emerge from their ignorance and sin and turn and repent?


Wade Cox
Coordinator General