Sabbath Supplement 18/5/32/120


Dear Friends,

Since issuing this message, which was in fact on 14 Ab, before the Full Moon of 15 Ab (5 August), we have received many more requests from Churches and individuals seeking to join us. In all over 62 churches asked to join us on 15 Ab. This was the largest number of groups ever received on one day by CCG World Conference. It involved thousands of people. They came from Sabbath organisations and Sunday keeping groups of all types and denominations.

One letter that was dealt with by the General Secretary on 15 Ab had been sent from UK. It just happened to be dealt with on that day. It was from an ex SDA pastor of a London group. He had moved to UK from Ghana and as Sabbatarians he and his wife began worshipping with a Seventh Day Adventist group. He was not happy there because they did not keep the Holy Days and Feasts and kept Passover four times a year and they teach false doctrine on the resurrection. They assert one Resurrection which takes them straight to heaven and most treat Ellen G White’s books as equal to the Bible. He said: “A lot of their teachings are false” “It was at this time that as a family we prayed to Yahweh [Yahovah] for help because we knew that the Seventh Day Adventist Church would not help us and I quote 1Peter 4:11; Romans 14:12.”

He had come across CCG materials seemingly in 2005/6 and in 2006 they began a home church with likeminded friends teaching CCG doctrines. In 2007 he went to Ghana on holiday and met “some old Christian brothers and a Pastor” with whom he used to attend the same church in Ghana.

They were amazed at the Biblical truth of the CCG teachings. They then hired a hall and began teaching the full doctrines of the CCG. The church simply grew and shortly they had three branches in Ghana. They have been teaching CCG doctrines for the last three years in UK and two years in Ghana in three churches. They now ask for formal admission to CCG.

We know for a fact there are many other groups doing the same thing all over the world and it is only a matter of time before they join us as God calls them to the colours.

Bizimana Bosco also informed us that morning that another five groups from Uganda had decided to join us from two districts: Luwero and the adjoining Masindi district. I observed to him that we were in every district now, with multiple churches in NW Uganda. He updated us and said that we were now in 18 districts of Uganda, of which there are over 60, and by this Sabbath we will have inducted churches into another three districts making 21 districts overall. In other words we now cover a third of Uganda’s districts. We expect to be informed at this weekend that Uganda has now over 100 churches inducted to CCG. They are to be congratulated on a fine effort. It is a first for CCG that a single national conference has amassed 100 churches in their national conference area. The way we are growing, every day sees a new record set somewhere. As I recall, on 1 Abib Uganda had five churches. It has all been achieved in five months through the power of God. They worked as hard as they could with what was given to them and God did the rest.

Later on 15 Ab a request came in from the pastor of the Churches of Christ in Tanzania in the Tarime District at Shirati asking to join us. He said he had several churches and Walter has now discussed matters with him. It appears he has eight churches under his supervision. Joash Okinyi and the local pastor will visit him and Walter will return from Dar via that area. He has my personal email and it appears one of his relatives had it and gave it to him on a visit from Kenya with our doctrines (A1). Perhaps we will hear from them later as well.

It appears they are coming to understand the Sabbath and its importance. We appear to be consolidating the Sabbath groups on such a dramatic and obvious basis in Africa that now the Sunday Churches are being convicted as well. The influence is everywhere.

As was said previously Bizimana went to consolidate the Sudan and he has just come back from organising the Sudan. Those churches were Sabbath churches aligned with the Seventh Day Baptists who joined us from Uganda and the Sudan.

I had understood that we had to go into the Central African Republic and had requested a mission there and another to West Ethiopia. I was informed that they would be sent soon.

Later again on 15  Ab a rather important letter had slipped into my Junk Mail folder for some reason and I did not see it until the following morning. It was from the bishop of the Apostolic Church of the Congo requesting admission to CCG. He was in charge of 37 churches all over the Eastern Congo and into the Sudan and the Central African Republic (CAR). It appears that he was in discussion with a friend who was the pastor of the Seventh Day Baptist (SDB) church in one of the cities in which they both had churches in the Congo. The Seventh Day Baptist pastor gave him our A1 and also gave him my personal email address, as the Seventh Day Baptists from the Eastern Congo and Rwanda were also considering joining us (in spite of their senior pastor it seems). There were some 18 SDB churches in the two regions in addition to the churches in Uganda and the Sudan. The Sunday-keeping bishop was so impressed by CCG doctrines and seemingly the smoothness and success of the SDB union with us in Uganda and the Sudan that he decided to ask for union with us. Thus the mission to the CAR we had instigated will be one of going to meet already existing churches there and uniting the churches there in the Sudan into CCG teachings. It appears we already have a national conference formed in the CAR. It is all done in God’s own time according to a set plan.

On 16 Ab Walter followed up a request to join us from three churches  in Nairobi there. He met with the leaders in Nairobi. The groups are in Central Nairobi and in two regions. One is in the SE and will form CCG Athi River. The other church in Nairobi East will be merged with CCG Nairobi East. We now have five churches there. Three are established from a person who was raised in WCG when his father attended until he died, and other people. The original three are from other churches called into CCG. CCG Nairobi is now divided into Nairobi Central, East, Athi River, South and West.

For some time we had worked within 300 soldiers and did a mighty work publishing the doctrines of the faith exactly as they were in the First Century. The lights of the faith had to be written and published first before the expansion began.

When it was time, in accordance with God’s plan, we expanded. We now have over 300 churches inducted in the Mountains of Ephraim, which is the Commonwealth. We have over 15000 soldiers that have been called from Ephraim. We have joined battle now and followed up the confusion of the false teachers with an army on the ground while they argue in confusion.

The churches of God did have 15000 in the mountains of Ephraim beforehand but the doctrines were wrong and they were not prepared and sorted to engage the enemy. They were there awaiting Gideon’s force to prepare the ground work. However God did not use them to do this work. The work did not and will not come from Manasseh and go to Ephraim it is rather the reverse and Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-35)

The primary work was done by a specially raised and trained force and then added to from the Gentiles of the Mountains of Ephraim in accordance with Scripture.

The primary understanding is found in two papers. These are The Warning of the Last Days (No. 044) and Gideon’s Force and the Last Days (No. 22).

Jeremiah states that the Warning comes from Dan and Ephraim (Jer. 4:15). Thus Jeremiah knew that in the last days Dan was joined to Ephraim. Revelation 7 refers to this tribe as Joseph. The names of Dan and Ephraim are not used in that text for the 144,000. Only Joseph is used. Manasseh appears separately. The text of Jeremiah is definitely referring to the last days and the destruction and is understood in that context. It is misused and misquoted by Ellen G White and the SDAs in that regard also.

The parable of Samson was also to be covered in the references. It is no accident that the sequence of the works was achieved in 300 papers and their subsidiary works (see Samson and the Judges (No. 73)).There are still some subsets to complete but the structure exists and details the plan.

The work had to initiate from the Mountains of Ephraim in the South also in accordance with Scripture. That aspect is explained in the paper Fire From Heaven (No. 28).

The demons have known this sequence for centuries from Scripture itself. That is why the Trinitarian false prophecies inspired by the demons deal with that aspect even before the countries in question were settled.

In order to work north, the nations of Africa (and then later India and onwards) had to be used to complete the 15000 of Ephraim. This was in order to complete the birthright blessing of Jacob to Ephraim for in him would the fulfilment of the Gentiles be accomplished (see Gen. 48:19 Greens Interlinear). The text is mistranslated in the KJV for a number of reasons.

It does not mean that his seed shall become a multitude of nations at all. It means that the gentiles would be fulfilled by their admission in Ephraim and his blessings. That is why some people seek to appropriate the text to refer now to the US as Ephraim, which is patently absurd. The text does not refer to the wealth of the British Empire as some racists would like to believe. It refers to the strength of the church and the calling and conversion of the nations and it had to start with the gentiles of the Mountains of Ephraim as Scripture cannot be broken.

The demons have known who we are and what we would do for millennia. That is why they have tried to even interfere with our lines and even the facts of our birth. They try to prevent our baptisms and ruin us in unequal marriages.

However that cannot prevent the elect from the Calling of God and they cannot break scripture even though they try.

They teach, and have taught for centuries, that Antichrist will attempt to reinstate the law of Moses and rebuild the Temple. Scripture states that the elect will keep the commandments of God according to His calendar. God states through Ezekiel and the prophets that the Temple will be rebuilt and that people who do not keep the law and the Sabbaths, New Moons and Festivals will die (Zech. 14:16-19; Isa. 66:23). The whole church understood that as fact in the First and Second Century yet now they claim that it is Antichrist that seeks to do that (Justin Martyr Dial. LXXX).

The sequence is simple. The Warning comes from a Danite/Ephraimite nation in the South and works its way north. It polarises the nations into two camps. One is the camp of the Whore of Babylon and her harlot daughters of the Baal system symbolized by the Sun and mystery cults. The other is the camp of the saints who keep the Commandments of God and the Testimony or Faith of Christ (see Rev. 12:17; 14:12 and chapter 18).

The saints will be overcome except for the intervention of Christ who returns to save them. They are given the entire system in clear doctrine by a team of the Church of God established from Ephraim and the power of the nations is harnessed first through Ephraim. Then the other tribes are called to the battle and the whole nation is involved. The sequence can be read and understood from the texts and the papers that explain them.

In the Last Days as this conflict emerges the Beast now being formed through power of Satan turns on the whore and destroys it. This is the coming enslavement of the world. Those who call upon God will be delivered from this system. Those who go into it and take its mark and power will be killed and sent to the Second Resurrection.

The fact that the whore and her false prophets label the system of the elect as the system of Antichrist will not save them at all. They will be destroyed with the whore they served by the civil powers of the beast they helped create.

The church will be saved from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole earth. Do not mess up your baptism or leave it too late for the First Resurrection.

Please study all these papers carefully and also use them for study for the feasts. I will explain more as Tabernacles unfolds. Compare the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 70) in graph form with the sequence in the papers above. We then will understand more about what is to befall us.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General