Sabbath 4/5/32/120



Dear Friends,


On the New Moon of the Fifth Month we had some mixed news. Moses Lomongo of CCG Attir in Isiola Kenya reported that the raiders had come in and burnt the village and the church has taken refuge in a military camp.


Walter has been to the authorities in Nairobi and placed the details in writing to the Attorney General and Police. A detachment of special police is being sent to Isiola to take charge of the situation. Please pray for our people there and for their welfare and reconstruction.


The good news is truly amazing. Walter reported in the day before that on his return from credentialing the five former Adventist Churches in Coastal and Rift Provinces he was met with a request to go and credential a further four churches, which he did that day. That made nine churches for Kenya. By the New Moon he had sent details of all nine churches and their coordinators.


He said on his Tuesday report: “I was in Koderobara this morning and met four new groups joining us:”

Tito Okumu will be the coordinator for Koderobara

Jeremiah Otieno will be the coordinator in Marera

Luke Oloo will be the coordinator in Riosir

Elisha Kambo will be the coordinator in Kamondi.


He reported that for the other five churches already inducted this week:

Peter Mwangi is coordinator Nanyuki.

Joseph Karioki is coordinator for Voi

Peterson Ole Sip is coordinator for Namanga

Alfred Masai is coordinator for Kajiado

Francis Musi is coordinator for Kilifi.


So that makes nine new churches for Kenya inducted in four days. On the Friday of this week Bernard Auko of CCG Nairobi South informed us that three long standing Sabbath church ministries in Nairobi asked for our documentation to join us from there also. We will discuss their induction in the coming week. Walter went to Siaya on Friday to baptize five (5) new members and fund the fishing coop from there. He has also sent assistance to Isiola for the brethren there who were burned out.


On the morning of the New Moon we received a communication from another Sabbatarian church in Tanzania, with headquarters at Dar Es Salaam, requesting to join us.  They have ten churches over Tanzania.


It will be very useful to have another area headquarters at Dar for South Tanzania and in the other strategic locations. We now have almost complete coverage of the Northern areas from Mwanza to Tarime at the border and from the Serengeti at Bunda and Ngorongoro to Arusha and Moshi with at least three churches in all areas. We have almost complete coverage now from Mwanza to the North and East. Joash has consolidated Ngorongoro and Bunda from the New Moon and afterwards and is proceeding onwards to consolidate others. It will be weeks before it is all complete. There are many new churches joining us now and being consolidated.


The Tanzanian Conference at Tarime has had to be postponed to allow for the new churches to join and be present.


Over the last few weeks we have consolidated many of the Sabbatarian Churches from Tanzania to Uganda.


Bizimana sent in the report for the relief program for the churches of Northern Uganda.


He says that we have sent 2 tonnes of Cassava flour and a tonne of Maize Flour.


The maize flour will help them to make the staple stiff porridge Ugali.


We have also sent 200 kg of beans and 100 kg of rice.


Total cost was 3,270,000 Uganda shillings


Onion project


The Northern Coordinators have been given many examples of development projects. Coordinators of CCG have visited Arua this week for food aid distribution, on ground training and project development for the Onion project there.


Report from Mityana of new Groups asking to join CCG 

There following new ministries requested to join us. These groups are in addition to those already reported on the New Moon.


1. Mr Mbonye Fabian leader of Evangelical Revival Church International (Mubende District)


2. Mr Nichora Lusana Leader of Revival Church (Kasanda –Mubende District)


3. Mr. Akampulira Gad Leader of Anointed Church (Mityana Town Council) 


Other groups located in the following areas (Districts)


Kamwenge District There are two groups (2)


Ibanda District: There is one new group (1). This is in addition to the three that joined us there last weekend (3+1)


Kiruhura District: There is one new church asked to join us. That is in addition to the one joining us last weekend. (1+1)


Also the CCG Coordinator of Luwero Groups has requested Bizimana to go there and visit. Another five (5) groups requested to join us this week from Luwero and surrounding districts.


Some are located at: 


Nakasongora District


Ngoma Sub.County (Luwero)


Masindi District


On Friday Bizimana went to Sembabure. He noted that there are more than 14 groups who are ready to join us this week


Church Locations

  1. Matete Town Council Group (1)
  2. Rwamwende Group
  3. Rwamatengo Group
  4. Nyange Group
  5. Ndeba Group
  6. Nakasenyi Group
  7. Kyakayege Group
  8. Kasasabya Group
  9. Katyara Group
  10. Nakagongo Group
  11. Kinyansi Group
  12. Nsumba Group
  13. Bukura Group
  14. Matete Town Council (2) (from the Movement Group)

In addition to the 1200 copies of A1 given to new families this week we need an additional 100 copies and another 160 copies in Rukiga for CCG Ibanda and Kiruhuru now joining.


We have four parishes in Ibanda and two in Kiruhuru. There are 16 parishes in Sembabule (Sembabure) and 5 in Mityana. There are at least 10 parishes in Luwero. We will update the web site as soon as possible when the names and groups are in.


All up there are over 53 new churches this week in East Africa alone.


Next week Bizimana is to go to Juba City in the Southern Sudan to induct the groups there.


Also this week we received an approach from an Indian Sabbath-keeping church system in Andhra Pradesh. We were advised by email on the New Moon that the organisation has eleven churches in three districts. They have been placed with the translation effort under Alan Brach Coordinator for India and Pakistan. We will see how this develops.


Whatever the case, the truth and direction concerning the work in India will emerge in the near future. Please pray for the work and let us see what God has in store for us.



On Sabbath evening (Sunday night) we had reports from Uganda and Tanzania. Bizimana went to Sembabule District to induct the churches there. He expected to find the 14 churches with 80 officers. What he was confronted with was 28 churches and 167 officers, which he inducted and credentialed. He said he was tired and would report more later. No wonder: That may be the largest single induction by any Church of God ever.

Pastor Tito Kaka of Tanzania had a conference with his church groups and they have all agreed to join CCG. There are now more churches coming in from Dar Es Salaam, Dodoma (Capital of TZ), Arusha, Morogoro, Moshi, Tanga, (NE Sea Port of TZ) Mwanza, Urugi, Mchoma, and Serengeti. These are in addition to the churches at Ngorongoro and Bunda inducted this week also. We have multiple churches now in many locations such as Mwanza, Arusha, Moshi, the Serengeti area and the Northwest districts

We now have more officers in some districts of some countries that most of the other Churches of God have in the entire world.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General