Sabbath 25/13/31/120

Dear Friends,

We have dealt with the issue of Afghan heroin production and how Afghans are increasing production and how it appears to be a deliberate game.

Under the Taliban, Afghanistan opiate production was down to 400 tonnes from its previous level of over 4000 tonnes. That was no good for the drug cartels and something had to be done about it. The Russians had not been able to defeat them so that left only the US and NATO.

So a crisis had to be organised in order to invade Afghanistan. Within a very short time the British sector alone had production back up to 4400 tonnes of opiate for heroin production.

Since we drew attention to the disgraceful situation, the Afghan crop has again increased and production now accounts for 93% of the world’s opiates and is now well over 8000 tonnes. In 2007 it was 8240 tonnes, according to UNODC, and is worth US$4 billion to Afghan cartels and has a street value in Europe of US$132 billion. 80% is produced in British, Canadian and Australian areas. The troops should be forced to stamp out the drug trade or be brought home immediately. All they are doing now is protecting the interests of the drug cartels and everyone knows it. The drug trade is the most important of all world agricultural markets worth over US $320 billion, and the majority of the money is being channelled into the banking systems of Europe.

However, Burma is stepping up opium production as well. Much of Afghan opium is now being rerouted through China and is flowing through Asia, as is Burmese heroin, and the increasing supply is being used to destroy Australian youth and its genetic pool. It is then also going out to New Zealand and the Pacific to destroy those people, including Canada and the United States. The overdose and death rate is now back at 2001 levels and rising rapidly.

It is not as though the crops can’t be controlled. Production could be stamped out in one year in Afghanistan and also in Burma. The levels could be reduced to simply provide for the medical needs in morphine production and could be controlled easily.

Afghan heroin of high grade is produced under the eyes of NATO and Australian Forces and they do nothing.

It has now reached the stage where Russia is the top consumer of heroin and is now the world’s biggest dealer in heroin. It enters Europe via the Balkans. It is difficult to see how they can be bigger users and dealers than Europe but taken as individual states they may well be. The US uses cocaine also so, as heroin users, that may be the case.

According to a BBC report by James Rodgers in Moscow, Russia says it has become the world's biggest consumer of heroin.

The head of Russia's anti-narcotics service, Victor Ivanov, said that seizures of Afghan heroin were up 70%. Speaking ahead of a meeting in Vienna of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, he called on the UN to do more to fight the problem. Mr Ivanov, a former KGB officer and senior Kremlin official, said the flood of the drug from Afghanistan posed a threat to Russia's national security. He said the drug was partly to blame for rising crime and a fall in Russia's population.

"In recent years Russia has not just become massively hooked on Afghan opiates, it has also become the world's absolute leader in the opiate trade and the number one heroin consumer," he said in a report made available to reporters.

"Drug trafficking has become a key negative factor for demography and a blow to our nation's gene pool... [and] a challenge to Russia's civilisation."

The Russian Health Ministry says Russia has up to 2.5 million drug addicts out of a population of some 140 million, most of them aged between 18 and 39.

The second largest user appears to be China but the US could not be far behind, if at all. The CND’s World Drugs Report of 2008 reported that China was estimated to have about 2.3 million users of opiates, though how many of these use heroin was unclear.

According to the BBC, Mr Ivanov said that in the first two months of this year Russia had seized 400kg (880lb) of heroin which was a 70% increase on the same period last year. He said it was time for the International community to take action against Afghan narcotics by spraying poppies and offering farmers incentives to grow other crops.

While not directly blaming the US-led coalition in Afghanistan for the worsening problem, Mr Ivanov said that Afghan farmers had used the tense military and political situation to plant opium poppies. He said patrolling the 7000 km (4,375 mile) border with Kazakhstan, through which drugs arrive, was an impossible job.

It was stated on the ABC Radio National breakfast program two weeks ago that Australian soldiers were reluctant to stop production as it might alienate the farmers in the war. What rubbish. They don’t want it controlled.

The production of Afghan opium can be stopped this northern summer in less than four months.

The solution is simple.

  1. Issue crop purchase undertakings at world parity prices for crops they can produce and for which there is a need.

  2. Provide the seed and fertiliser for the crops and not GM modified rubbish that has inert seed. Use the crops for aid relief after harvest.

  3. Warn the farmers that if they do not plant the contract crops and they plant opium they will be sprayed. They will only get two chances. The third offence will be final.

  4. Spray all opium crops in Afghanistan that are planted.

  5. Fire every general and task force commander in command of the area in which the crop is grown that comes to harvest.

  6. Repeat the contracts and warnings and spraying the second year. Again fire the officers responsible.

  7. In the third year re-issue the warning that the farmers responsible for opium production will have their lands forced purchased and sold to other farmers. They will be housed in the city from then on until the Jubilee in 2027 when their descendants may be reallocated the lands to crop.

I can guarantee that opium production in Afghanistan would be stamped out in four months. In three years no person would be game to plant an opium crop without a licence for medical purposes.

The drug situation in the US is easy to control as it is also in Australia and the rest of the world. Do this:

  1. Blood test every person in the country. There are to be no exceptions for anyone.

  2. Every positive test is identified and the person involved is sent to a National Fitness Camp in the country.

  3. They are placed on a drug rehabilitation program for a year and given trade training or other useful training and employed on infrastructure projects.

  4. Tests are conducted on all members of society every three months for a year. All people testing positive are removed to the Camps for rehabilitation. Re-testing is to be done annually for five years.

  5. Drug dealers are tracked down and identified and placed on trial and then severely punished.

  6. Every Attorney General that still has a drug problem in their state after twelve months is to be removed from office and every police chief in charge of an area that still has a problem after twelve months is to be removed from the force. This is to be a standing order in the administration and the police forces.

  7. Seal the borders and use the armed forces to enforce it. Dealers within the armed forces should be severely punished. Politicians that do not enforce the law are to be removed from office.

There will not be a drug problem in the nation that does these things faithfully.

Our duty is to make sure we do not use these drugs and we teach our children the dangers of them.

Pray that we are able to stamp out these dangerous drugs that have long-term effects on our genetics and people.

Email this to your local member.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General