Sabbath 04/13/31/120

Dear Friends,

We are now a few weeks from the New Year and the Sanctification period leading to the Passover. The New Moon Message was concerned with that process.

We are moving in to a very serious period ahead of us. How well we survive will depend on how well we treat one another and how we establish our relationship with God.

We are all in CCG because we believe the same things. We came here because we are convinced that the doctrines are the correct biblical doctrines and the system of worship is conducted in accordance with the Laws of God and the Temple Calendar. We believe that we are acting in accordance with the Laws of God and of the nations in which we operate and we are governed properly and things are done decently and in order.

Many people try to disrupt the functions of organised and functioning churches for many reasons. To date God has protected us and while we continue to function correctly He will continue to do so.

Sometimes we do not always get on with everyone. Sometimes we cause offence and sometimes we are offended. Sometimes we are tempted to go and sit at home and sulk about something or other about which we have taken offence. Usually it is easily resolved if we let it be resolved.

The Bible is very clear about such matters. You have a responsibility to prepare yourself for the Passover and in that process you are to go and be reconciled to your brother. Only then are you permitted to go before God at the Passover and take the Lord’s Supper and be reconciled to God and to make your offering. Unless you do that your offering is not acceptable.

We all sin. Anyone who says he is not a sinner is a liar. That is why we need to have our feet washed at Passover to symbolize the washing away of the previous year’s sin. To do that properly we need to go through the Sanctification process. Remember that this Passover there are many thousands of simple and erroneous within CCG that need to be sanctified and the responsibility rests upon the core of solid CCG members who are well schooled in the word of God. The Fast for the Simple and Erroneous this year is the most important we have done not only for the people in CCG but also for those outside of the Church and the nations in which we reside.

This Passover is one of the most critical we will go through and every Passover from then on will increase in importance and in proximity to the coming of the Messiah.

We are in the Last Days and the Witnesses will be here very soon. Their 1260 days of prophecy will coincide with the 42 months of the Beast Power. In other words, these things will come to a climax over the same period and the Witnesses will be opposed by the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Christ will kill them at his return. The New World Order and its system of Globalisation will emerge full-blown, very soon. We will see an International Socialist System developed this year. This will be the “Year of the Blooming of the Rose” which is the symbol of Socialism. This will be an effective worldwide system of the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat.” That is the euphemism for party control. This will be a behind the scenes structure that will make the inner party of Orwell’s Big Brother look like child’s play.

Already our security people are reporting that they have been placed on notice that the security systems will be biometric in the near future and moving on from fingerprint scans. The chip system will be the system spoken of that causes a noisome and grievous sore on those that take it (Rev. 16:2). Experts are now saying it is carcinogenic.

The system of the Beast is given power by Satan and one of the demons that come from the pit has power to call fire down from heaven. This is the counterbalance to Elijah who also has this power. Thus we will see a battle for the minds of men. We will take part in that battle and are doing the preparatory work now as part of the First Angel’s Message.

The number of this system is listed as 666. The Greek structure of the number is 600, 60 and 6 which is the number used by the Mystery cults and is direct reference to the religious system based on the mysteries. The other clue to its identity was that some manuscripts used the number 616, which was the Jewish number identifying the cult of Emperor Worship centred on Rome. Bullinger makes these notes in the Companion Bible at the footnote to Revelation 13:18. In the Last Days, over this period, the false religious system comes into the open.

It is in this period also that the final sealing of the 144,000 takes place (Rev. 14:1-5). At this time, the gospel of the Kingdom of God is completed, and given to all tribes and people and tongues, and the world is told to repent (Rev. 14:6-7). This is done by and under the last Angel of the churches as the First Angel’s Message. Another angel is also tasked at this time with the proclamation that Babylon is to fall and has fallen (Rev. 14:8). A third angel is tasked with warning mankind of the wrath of God that is to follow on those that receive the mark of the Beast and worship it (Rev. 14:9-11). This punishment is inflicted on these people at the return of the Messiah and after the First Resurrection of the dead. We see in the text in verse 10 that it is conducted in the presence of the Holy Angels and the Lamb and the text is explained in Revelation 14:12 as: Here is the patience of the saints, here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. This is the resurrected church.

Thus Babylon is destroyed. The world is warned and then the Messiah comes to save the elect and deal with those who were part of the Beast system and took its mark.

The destruction of Babylon is told variously as being in one day (Rev. 18:8) and her judgment in one hour (Rev. 18:10) as was her destruction (Rev. 18:19). It is by fire, and those watching are standing far off. This event heralds the final collapse of the earth’s trade system (Rev. 18:8-19). We are watching the start of that collapse now. The time-frame is thus a prophetic year-day as the day is accompanied by famine and plagues. The hour is either a literal hour by atomic weapons or a prophetic hour, which may be a month of bombardment. Whatever is the case, the total destruction of the city ensues.

Verse 20 goes on to state that it is because of her persecution of the holy apostles and prophets that God has taken vengeance on her. The great city is to be completely destroyed and never used again for any purpose. The text shows that the merchants were the great men of the earth and by her sorceries were all nations deceived.

In her was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints and “all that were slain upon the earth.” Thus the city is the one that was the cause of religious persecution, as it is absurd to attribute all slaying deaths to her. However, the concept that she was the cause of most wars is implicit in the charge at Revelation 18:24.

The word translated sorcery used here is pharmakeia (SGD 5331). It means medication (hence pharmacy) and by extension means magic as sorcery or witchcraft. The charge is that she weakened the nations by poisons induced as drugs. That horrific process is increasing, now using the world’s drug companies and with ineffective control and testing. Many of the major drug companies took part in the Holocaust and are active in what is effectively population reduction and long-term genetic damage through chemicals and vaccines. God takes revenge on the system focused on Babylon for what they did to the elect.

Christ comes to save those who eagerly await him.

Those who came to CCG for a free ride or for what they can get out of the system will find they are here for all the wrong reasons. They will not be able to survive without repentance.

Over the next few years we will all have to be very close to God and each other. Our ethics in dealing with the Church will have to be exemplary.

One of the games people play in developing countries is that they trawl the Internet looking for churches to seek funds. Some churches are as unethical as the people they use. We have had people approach us and when they are given responsibility they approach others for double or treble funding. When we find out, as we always do as God exposes them, they are removed and then they attack and blame us. Africa is rife with this unethical gallop from church to church for financial benefit. I was pleased to see that an attempt to attract CCG members away to another church that came in from North America last week was unsuccessful except for one person. I was amazed at the lack of ethics on the part of the particular church that thought nothing of going into other churches and addressing whole congregations to lure them away. Fortunately that did not happen with us.

We have removed or refused admittance to untold thousands of people in India, Africa, Asia and Europe. Much of it has been because we could not trust their ministry that often has proved untrustworthy throughout. Some of these groups have been in five or six of the churches. Some small groups seem to want to hold on to pet doctrines they have got from Trinitarianism in its many forms.

If you don’t agree with our doctrines then please don’t ask to join us. There are plenty of churches out there with a bizarre twist or pet doctrine of their own. We recently refused admittance to a church in Eastern Europe because they agreed with everything we taught except they would not drink wine at the Passover. They tried twice. That little item just happens to be critical to a person’s entry to the First Resurrection and we will not have anyone in the church that teaches or practices that heresy. CCG follows the Bible; all of it except for the sacrifices, which were fulfilled in Christ. We do not pick and choose doctrine and we can prove historically and archaeologically that our position is the correct original faith and calendar.

For those of you that are new, we expect you to be open and honest with the Church. We have had people that concealed the fact that they do not keep the Passover correctly. Some don’t want to leave their gates for the full 36 hours. Some work on the week days of the Feast. Some wish to go to restaurants on the Sabbath and Holy Days or even trade. Some of the Churches of God did not do what CCG does so, when the people come to CCG, they think they don’t have to do what CCG does. Some don’t go out of their domiciles or keep the full Passover either. Some think they can just hang on until they can get rid of us at the next vote and change the system. Many have tried and all have failed.

Read Revelation chapter 3 and look at what God does to the Sardis and Laodicean church systems.

This New Year we will conduct the largest induction, credentialing and ordination of ministers at one time in the history of CCG and probably in the entire Churches of God over the last few hundred years. Perhaps it is the largest single induction in the Church of God since Christ ordained the seventy. After the training seminar they will go back and keep the Passover with their people in many different nations.

The week before last, CCG registered in Burundi under its French name. This week it registered in Kenya and is undergoing its formal processes. We will proceed to register in Tanzania and the other countries.

We are being joined now at the rate of a church a month and in some months at the rate of a church a week. The web staff is trying to keep the site up to date. The regional and national coordinators are flat out keeping up with the induction training. The Kenyan and Tanzanian Coordinators met a couple of weeks ago. Our Tanzanian Coordinator was one of the founders of the WCG system in Kenya. It is encouraging for them to see the fruits of the harvest.

Over the next few years we will see the harvest of God increase in great numbers. From the time that the Witnesses take up their station on Mount Zion the Churches of God will be confronted with the Testimony of the Church and of God through the Holy Spirit (see the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses (No. 135)). The Witnesses will give commandment according to the Law and the Testimony (Isa. 8:20). The Churches of God will be faced with the facts of their error and their apostasy. They will have to change. Many of them are in error. The churches, and especially the ministry, will have to repent of their errors or face the consequences.

The punishment is simple and laid out in the Bible text. It says quite clearly that when the Messiah arrives many will be in the field and one will be taken and the other left (Mat. 24:40-41). It is and has always been that the Day of Trumpets symbolizes the coming of the Messiah, as outlined in the Plan of God. Yet these people are not in services at worship. They are at labour. Obviously they have the calendar wrong or Christ does not come at Trumpets. It is a matter of absolute fact that the Day of Trumpets in the Hillel system is almost NEVER kept on the correct day. Any church following Hillel will be either two days out or as much as a month out.

The miracle is that some make it at all under these conditions. This parable was given to show that such error exists in the Last Days among the elect. These are obviously also not Philadelphians, as some are left. This is indicative of the Sardis and Laodicean systems. Some of these systems are left and it is definite that the ministry will be held responsible for their errors, as will we all be held responsible for what we do and teach.

We also need to ask ourselves this fundamental question. When is it too late for a person to be baptised?

The answer seems to be if you wish to be in the 144,000 it must be before the earth is harmed (Rev. ch. 7).

The latest possible time is obviously the day before Christ arrives, which is when the Witnesses are lying dead in Jerusalem. However, we would expect that we will have to have some idea of what we are doing and we all have to come under judgment. Thus when the Witnesses call for repentance we must have the opportunity to repent. The cut-off point is logically when the Witnesses are killed. However, the Churches of God had better take the wake-up call when they first arrive and they had better correct their doctrines and whiten their robes. The best time to repent is now.

The Churches of God will need to be prepared to educate, baptise and train all nations as the call and harvest will come with a rush when it comes.

It all starts with the New Year. Sanctify the Temple of God, which Temple we are, and fast for the nations.

Please pray for the encouragement and safety in travel and the sanctification of the churches in all areas.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General