Sabbath Message 27/12/31/120

Dear Friends

What is happening in Africa today? We have written about the calling of Africa to God’s Truth in recent messages. At the same time, we are seeing and hearing of great calamities in Africa. Why are there so many Africans dying from diseases and famines, despite modern medicine and despite such organisations as the UN that claim to be set up for the welfare of all the nations? The situation has taken epidemic proportions.

Many sources report increased casualties from famines and diseases in Africa, such as AIDS and others. For Africa, according to the kwanzaa website, over 36 million persons have died from AIDS. The death rate from AIDS is estimated at one person every 13 seconds. According to the same source, over 54 million persons are infected with HIV with an infection rate of one person every 9 seconds. Whether these figures are confirmed or not, we still have grounds to be very concerned. The growth is thus at a rate of one-third over that of the death rate.

A graphic illustration in Wikipedia showing the HIV prevalence in the world shows a much higher density in Africa than any other continent, although it is growing in China and India at an alarming rate. The growth in China is due in no small part to the practice of some provinces of passing collected blood through a centrifuge and giving the residue back to the paid donors so that they can donate more often and get more money. The problem was that it was all mixed together by type and simply divided up again and so every donor in the batch got AIDS.

In this message we will not cover the other calamities such as famines and genocides from warring nations and factions that have plagued Africa and still do. We have covered some of these calamities in past messages. Neither will we cover the fleecing of Africa’s natural resources by foreign corporations in cahoots with the heads of African governments.

There is a general statement that AIDS is transmitted only through sexual contacts and street drug needles. There is public reaction to such news that blames these people for contracting these diseases from illicit sex or illegal drug use. Is this reaction being nourished by a powerful worldwide propaganda to hide the truth about the methods of spreading AIDS? Are there other hidden means by which people are being infected? We will clearly establish this fact from well-documented events and cases. We will come to this later.

In fact, there are figures showing that sex is not a sure way to transmit the HIV virus. In his report, The Prostitute Paradox (Rethinking AIDS March 1993), Robert Root-Bernstein states:

American researchers M. J. Rosenberg and J. M. Weiner concluded in 1988 that "HIV infection in non-drug using prostitutes tends to be low or absent, implying that sexual activity alone does not place them at high risk, while prostitutes who use intravenous drugs are far more likely to be infected with HIV." Similarly, British researchers concluded in the same year that "sexual activity alone has not been described as the principal risk [outside of Africa]....The most important risk factor for prostitutes in the West is sharing needles and syringes for drugs." Every subsequent study has confirmed these conclusions.

We now know beyond doubt that male circumcision helps prevent the transmission of both the HIV and HPV viruses. However, Roman Catholic and Feminist controlled medical facilities refuse to provide circumcision.

Further, an article in the World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology (1995) 11, 135-143 reports of some testing which showed that from a group of 198 African individuals who died from AIDS, 109 did not have HIV.

It appears that the objectives from the world pharmaceutical establishment and their associates, the United Nations, the world governments, and world charities, etc. are to vaccinate as many people as possible. That objective may also be another device to collect much money under apparently auspicious grounds. The public around the world is requested to give generously to save the suffering children from AIDS, other diseases, famines, etc. Evidently, the provision of so many vaccines is costly and such an endeavour is a huge money making business for the suppliers. These rich businessmen are claiming to make an effort to ‘save’ the Africans from themselves. The vaccination is not limited to AIDS but to many other diseases.

Regardless of any sexual behaviour, there are some other causes to the vast spreading of AIDS and other infectious diseases in Africa and worldwide. We have covered this subject of AIDS as a created bacteriological warfare to reduce the world population and especially the black people. It is also asserted that Polio vaccines were not the only ones to transfer HIV/AIDS.

In the website : On May 11 1987, Pearce Wright, accomplished science-editor of London's The Times ran a front page story with the headline...

"Smallpox Vaccine Triggered AIDS Virus."

Pearce Wright wrote:

"The smallpox vaccine theory would account for the position of each of the seven Central African States which top the table of most affected countries; why Brazil became the most afflicted Latin American Country; and how Haiti became the route for the spread of AIDS to the US.  Brazil was the only South American country covered in the eradication of smallpox campaign and has the highest incidence of AIDS in that region, Zaire has 33 million smallpox vaccinations, Zambia 19 million, Tanzania 14 million and so on... Haiti had 14,000 citizens living in Central Africa, they had smallpox inoculations there and eventually returned home."

In 1992, WHO director David Heymann stated that, "The origin of AIDS is of no importance to science today."

Readers must consider that we are in the last days and, as such, we can expect what appear to be inconceivable plots to weaken and destroy the nations. The demonic devices actually deployed in the world are beyond human imagination. Although the Hollywood filmmakers have already shown us those devices in the numerous best selling science-fiction films, we cannot imagine or even accept, as normal human beings, that these devices are actually being deployed by the dark forces on this planet and in Africa in particular. The truth concerning these plots is as well hidden as the truth from the Bible. At least those who have been called and have had their eyes opened by the Only True God can appreciate the extent of the concealment of the truth in the world.

There is now a great controversy regarding the origins of AIDS and the necessary remedy. There is more on this matter below.

We need to understand who is behind these great efforts to vaccinate and ‘eradicate’ the diseases. Unfortunately, the Africans themselves are being eradicated in this effort. We can also question the death figures, which are not well reported. On this point, in a message to the AIDS panel, 6/22/00, reported on his website, Peter Duesberg, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley, CA, states:

African AIDS is not a specific clinical disease, but a battery of previously known and thus totally unspecific diseases, for example:

(i) "weight loss over 10%,
(ii) chronic diarrhea for more than a month,
(iii) fever for more than a month,
(iv) persistent cough,
(v) generalized pruritic dermatitis,
(vi) recurrent herpes zoster (shingles),
(vi) candidiasis oral and pharyngeal,
(vii) chronic or persistent herpes,
(viii) cryptococcal meningitis,
(ix) Kaposi's sarcoma"

Again, we must keep in mind that many media corporations are owned by the same mega-rich that control the pharmaceutical cartels and the war machines of the world.

We have several reports denouncing companies who have used uninformed patients or personnel to test their vaccines and medication. We have seen it with IG Farben in the concentration camps in Germany. One would assume this type of mistreatment and abuse as isolated cases of a few evil unbalanced people. It should have remained isolated but, as we will show from documented cases, this type of illegal experimentation is continuing today from well-known pharmaceutical companies and even from our own government agencies. Can those of us in the US and elsewhere believe that our government would allow these pharmaceutical companies to test its populations again today, unaware? We have documented cases that this did indeed happen recently. The site reports such secret human experimentation done in the USA on uninformed citizens. For the most part, this illegal testing in the USA was allegedly conducted by the CIA in cahoots with other government agencies.

We have a report of a case with Pfizer being sued by the government of Nigeria for testing their medication on 200 children who suffered several ill effects including death.

As we have mentioned before we now have, in places of authority, people who have made decisions regarding the future of humanity. Most of the health programs officially supported by the United Nations comprise an objective of population control. Some have called it a population reduction program. There is reportedly now, in the authorities controlling our activities, a worldwide objective of reducing the world population to ‘save the planet’. On the other hand, it may be an excuse to eliminate a great part of the world population that is being blamed for the ‘global warming’, the ‘pollution’ and using too much of the world’s resources. These are only poor excuses to eliminate ‘useless eaters’. This sort of mentality is also prevalent and sponsored in the Green Movement.

Evidently, government agencies everywhere officially support the positive effects of vaccines to their population. Unfortunately, we have come to a point in humanity’s history where our own medical authorities cannot be trusted to act for our own good. In fact, we must now conclude it may well be the reverse. The suspicion of a conspiracy has never been greater and evident from official sources.

In fact, the 1974 Kissinger Report or NSSM 200 (National Security Study Memorandum) clearly suggests the diverse means by which the world population must be reduced, in particular in the developing countries for security reasons of the USA.

National Security Study Memorandum
NSSM 200
Implications of Worldwide Population Growth
For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests
December 10, 1974

Joseph Brewda wrote in Dec. 8, 1995: Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide as follows:

On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, NSSM 200 outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine. Brent Scowcroft, who had by then replaced Kissinger as national security adviser (the same post Scowcroft was to hold in the Bush administration), was put in charge of implementing the plan. CIA Director George Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, as were the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture.

It is alleged that the media is very closely controlled. Much of that control is allegedly by the same people who are behind this great vaccination effort. Very few, if any, adverse effects of vaccines are reported or publicized in the media. In many nations the people are not given a choice about being vaccinated. Many Africans have learnt the hard way about this forced vaccination program and its dangers. It is reported that such a vaccination program was forced on all children in some regions. The problem is that all the inoculated children were dying from this vaccine. A woman with four children managed to hide one of her children from the authorities, but had to bring her other three children for vaccination. All three children died. This result was reported by thousands of mothers whose children were killed this way.

Kihura Nkuba reported the following situation:

"I was told by this preacher that when the government introduced the National Immunization Days in 1997, most of the children after vaccination started dying. The preacher told me that they had so much death that his cassock, that he wears to go and conduct the burial ceremony, got old. He said "I buried the children and my cassock got old." In the same room there was one mother who had four children, and she hid one and took three other children for vaccination, and three children died and that one survived. Now when I went to do my presentation and I asked most of the people who were there - about two, three thousand people - each person had the same story. .........At the main hospital in Mbarara during that month of 1977 more than 600 children had died following polio vaccination. 600 children! So even some of the timid medical practitioners who were initially afraid to come out, started coming out giving information and saying 'Oh, we knew this oral polio vaccine was trouble because as soon as the child receives it, they get a temperature and their health goes downhill and there is nothing that you could do.' "----Kihura Nkuba (Nov 2002)

Another example clearly shows the mentality behind those pharmaceutical companies. In 2006, the Bayer Corporation was reported as being caught with HIV contaminated vaccines in the USA. Because the matter became known to some lawyers, the company decided to still make a profit and send it abroad to Japan, France, Spain and elsewhere where people, especially haemophiliacs, were contaminated with HIV. Authorities in those countries have been prosecuted and jailed for that evident misdeed. The story is reported by Mike Adams on the Natural news website and in several sources such as youtube. The FDA apparently asked to keep the story quiet and no prosecution in the USA has been taken against these people. This appears as an outrageous cover-up by the government of the USA.

In fact, it is reported that the Bayer Corporation is the same company that was involved in the atrocities in the German Concentration camps. We can read some information concerning their history on Dr. Rath’s website. In the Nuremberg trials, officials from that company received prison sentences for their atrocious experiments on the camp prisoners. Apparently, after serving their sentences, these men returned to work for the same company that has survived intact after being involved in those war atrocities. Fritz Ter Meer, sentenced to twelve years in jail for his crimes in Auschwitz, was back as chairman of the board of Germany’s largest pharmaceutical multinational, Bayer. He was in that position in 1963! What kind of demonic mentality is then running this company?

Furthermore, operation paperclip reported in Wikipedia, is a covert operation that facilitated the immigration and transfer of WW2 German scientists into US government laboratories for secret research programs with the approval of the heads of the US government.

There is growing opposition to the AIDS vaccines which apparently are not truly a cure for AIDS as is claimed by their producers (See Dr. Rath’s plea for action). Dr Rath calls these AIDS vaccination programs a genocide.

John Rappoport did an interview with an unidentified (for personal security reasons) former worker in the field who explained how he worked in developing vaccines until a friend’s baby died from a vaccine. He informally investigated then and realized that today’s vaccines in the US are dangerous. In fact, he states that the DFA approves vaccines that have never been properly tested. This laxity is largely due to the lobby system in the USA.

There is definitely a tremendous effort on the part of the pharmaceutical establishment to implement vaccine inoculations worldwide. African countries, although among the poorest, are receiving those vaccines in great numbers. African countries are increasing their national debt to proceed with the vaccine push or they are receiving donations. Bill Gates, the Microsoft billionaire has joined the rank of the AIDS movement to send millions of dollars for that purpose. Is there any connection to the fact that he has invested a lot of money in the pharmaceutical cartel? Some say there is definitely a motivation.

We have inserted here part of the report in the Wall Street Journal that Bill Gates had invested in the Pharmaceutical companies.

Gates Charity Buys Stakes In Drug Makers
By David Bank and Rebecca Buckman

The Wall Street Journal
Page B1
(Copyright (c) 2002, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

THE BILL AND MELINDA Gates Foundation has purchased shares in nine big
Pharmaceutical companies valued at nearly $205 million -- an investment
likely to attract attention more for its symbolism than its size.
The foundation, the nation's largest with an endowment of $24.2 billion from
Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates and his wife, already is a major force
in international health issues, contributing $555 million in 2000 alone to
global health programs. The organization has emerged as a prominent voice in
the debate over how to supply cheaper drugs for AIDS and other diseases to
poor countries. At times, it has assumed the role of a broker between poor
nations and drug companies.

Now, as an investor in Merck & Co., Pfizer Inc., Johnson & Johnson and
others, the Gates foundation has a financial interest in common with makers
of AIDS drugs, diagnostic tools, vaccines and other drugs. The stock
purchases are a new type of investment for the foundation: In the past it
held primarily bonds and other nonequity investments.

Regardless of the apparent hysteria surrounding the AIDS epidemic, some scientists claim that there is not a definite and scientific connection between HIV and AIDS. That is not the commonly accepted view.

Vaccines have apparently saved lives in the past. That is a claim that is used to force vaccination on every human being today. The problem is that modern vaccines have gone beyond the original health objectives. We have to take the view that the World Health Organization may very well have fallen to the influence of the World Masters which, as we know, in the Last Days has Satan’s power given to that system. Many scientific and health authorities are sending a danger warning about this fabricated urgency of a worldwide vaccination program.

An intensive study has been done about the origins of the AIDS problem in Africa, and its movement overseas, by Edward Hooper in his work: The River; A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS, Back Bay Books 1999.

That work explains much of the problem in the development of early vaccines. The Polio vaccine developed by Salk using a killed virus was first used in the US in 1955. The viruses later developed by Sabin and Koprowski used live viruses that were attenuated by passage through the organs of other animals such as rodents and monkeys. Sabin made public accusations over three months, and on day four at the First International Conference on Live Polio Virus Vaccines, that Koprowski had used a batch of vaccines contaminated by Simian virus and fed it to hundreds of thousands of vaccinees along the Congo River (ibid., pp. 26-27). It is certain that the HIV/AIDS virus had killed a British Seaman on the East Africa run by 1956 in Britain.

By 1959 world medical opinion had turned to the Sabin type of virus as the more effective long-term control. However, it was also realised later the serious problems with cultures developed in organs such as monkey kidney tissue culture (ibid.).

There seems little doubt that the virus had very quick operation until at least 1979. That three-year time frame was observed especially in the Liberation War in Uganda and the effects of the disease in Central and East Africa. Death ensued in about three years. Uganda and Tanzania became epicentres for the virus by 1979, which was known euphemistically as “Slim.” There the three-year death sequence was the case even among the white doctors operating in Uganda.

One of the interesting observations we would make is that the contaminated batches were not used on the white population in Kenya or elsewhere and there are no known deaths at that time among the white student population. The white student population in Australia was given both viruses – Salk by 1955 and the Sabin oral vaccine continually from ca. 1957. There were no contaminations in those vaccines.

We have seen assertions being made by those raising an alarm. The following are noteworthy:

  1. Along the cited objectives and means proposed by Kissinger, in his NSSM 200, a program for world depopulation has been set in motion by the USA through secret CIA covert operations in which CIA director George Bush Senior participated before he became US president.

  2. The AIDS virus program has been developed in the USA and 15,000 gallons of AIDS was allegedly sent in 1977 to Africa to be inoculated into Africans. This was posed as beneficial vaccines and other medication against contagious diseases.

  3. Millions, billions of dollars are being spent in Africa for vaccines that don’t work, for a disease that they created to kill these people in the first place. In fact, the vaccines are killing the infected people rather than curing anything.

  4. The dark forces of the planet, through the rich and mighty men, are reducing the world population, starting in Africa where they can plunder the resources for themselves.

In view of these genocide plans of the enemy in Africa and elsewhere, we appear powerless to stop any of it. We are told that the prayers of His Church rise to His Throne as sweet incense. We do pray for His intervention to stop all this genocide. We trust in our One True God, Eloah, that He will soon intervene to stop this genocide and those who are committing it. It will be done unto them as they did and have planned to do to others. That is the judgment that will be turned against them. The time is coming soon now when we will see God’s intervention in power and in justice.

Jacques Guérard
Coordinator in the French-Speaking Work and in Canada