Sabbath Message 20/12/31/120 B

Dear Friends,

Last Sabbath I issued a rebuke to the Churches of God for the sin of numbering Israel.

We have also noted subsequently that members of the churches are engaging in deceptive conduct to create the illusion of much more Internet traffic than they actually get.

We noted that a significant decrease of Internet access was occurring over the last year with the major offshoots. To combat that movement it seems they appear to have set up a pool of computers to create the illusion of increased access. In the case of LCG their stats display that approximately 200 people or 5% of their people are classed as addicts and they download over 55% of the traffic recorded to In spite of that addict access they are still dropping. They have only 10% of their audience as new people.

UCG members have created something similar but their access is much larger than LCG and so the pool only registers as 4% of access and regulars are significantly higher access.

Both systems indicate a reliance on external presentation due to the scattered and irregular access. 

The demographics indicate that the Churches of God have an increasingly ageing population and are not reaching the other races or the young.

We are trying to rectify that aspect as we have many nations to reach before the end.

The preoccupation with numbers has been the problem with the Churches of God. WCG had the means and the funds and they did not do the job. The error is being repeated.

Instead of taking that message to heart, one of the individuals engaging in the activity issued a farrago of fiction regarding the assertions that the Early Church was Binitarian in its theology.

We had dealt with the history and the progressive change in paper The Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127) as well as many other papers.

To ensure there is no misunderstanding and to correct these errors that have entered the Churches of God we have issued a Part II to the paper.

It should be obvious from that addition what the Trinitarians are up to. The Binitarians are either misled or part of the problem.  The Churches of God have never been Binitarian until the 20th century.

Please read the paper Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B).

Wade Cox

Coordinator General