Sabbath Message 22/11/31/120B

Dear Friends,

In the week ending 10 January 2009 the Vatican published, in L’Osservatore Romano, the news of an important report, first published in German, concerning the use of the contraceptive pill. The report was greeted by silence and one case of media derision by letter in the Sydney Morning Herald. On 10 January it was mentioned in a balanced report in the Australian by Angela Shanahan.

The original report in German was given fairly wide publicity. It points out that the estrogen in the contraceptive pill is entering the food chain at all levels and it is now beyond doubt that the sex of the male of all species is being affected.

The International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations understandably reported on this matter because it suits their agenda regarding the pill and contraception. They point out that an alarming rise in male infertility in developed nations is possibly caused by the quantities of synthetic female hormones, particularly estrogen, in the food chain and water. They claim, and correctly so, that these quantities are directly attributable to increased use of the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy.

The fact that such findings supports the Roman Catholic Church’s position on the contraceptive pill does not make their publication of it or their references to it either ignorant, or stupid, or unscientific and certainly not misogynist as was claimed regarding their referencing the report. The fact is that the alarming rise in human infertility in developed countries and in the food chain and among animals is not to be denounced hysterically as a Vatican misogynist plot.

It is a very real danger to the human race and every bit as alarming and more so than the Global Warming charade ever could be.

Angela Shanahan draws attention to the fact that in 1998 women's groups and environmentalists formed an alliance in Japan against the legalisation of the contraceptive pill. She says: “Apparently some Japanese women and environmentalists, including the Women's Network for Ecology, were worried enough about the effect of introducing synthetic hormones in a country that relies on very intensive agriculture and aquaculture to campaign against its legalisation. That is aside from widespread suspicion among Japanese women that there is a definite link between the use of the pill and breast cancer in their Western sisters.”

She draws attention to the fact that the “evidence that synthetic hormones can have grotesque environmental effects has actually been around for a long time and it is mounting. As long ago as the 1980s, studies were done in the US which showed the effects of estrogen pollution on wildlife, famously alligators in Florida with deformed genitals. But more recently, in February 2008, the University of Cardiff published a study that claimed a link between sexual deformities in birds around sewerage outlets of large British cities and the increased amount of estrogen finding its way into rivers and estuaries.”

She also drew attention to the obvious conclusion to be drawn to recycling the sewage waters. She said: “Recently during research for a story on the viability of using recycled water in Canberra, I came across several papers that pointed to the problem of estrogen in recycled water. Indeed, according to Canberra Hospital professor Peter Collignon, an opponent of recycling sewage water into the potable supply, estrogen can be more of a problem in recycled water than microbes because it cannot be filtered out and we simply do not know how well it breaks down. Just as the Romans drinking from lead cups unwittingly caused infertility in themselves, perhaps we are seeing after 30 years of contraceptive pill use the long-term effects of introducing artificial estrogen into our wider environment. So you see this is not just a preoccupation of the misogynistic old Vatican.”

The problem is that the gay and lesbian elements, and particularly within the female liberation movement, do not especially care if males become impotent. In fact the writer has seen them attempt to deliberately sterilise males in hospitals. Such thinking is perverted and has no understanding of the long-term implications for the survival of the human race and indeed the very animal creation. The pill is the sacred cow of the sexual revolution that enabled men to turn women into sex objects. The women embraced it and turned themselves into objects of sexual abuse. They claim a right to choose that God does not extend to them.

The very doctors that prescribe the pill to all and sundry are as big a danger as the women who demand it to allow them to be sexually active at younger and younger ages. The average time they are on the pill is about ten years or more. As Angela Shanahan says: “That is 10 years of suppressing one's normal hormonal cycle and replacing it with artificial hormones with all the physical and psychological ramifications, including the decline of libido.” Australian women have one of the highest rates of contraceptive pill usage in the world and the US and Britain are not far behind them.

While the pill remains on the market, the use of recycled sewage will see every populace that uses it become infertile and whole racial groups will be wiped out. The Vatican should wake up to itself and abandon this silly policy against contraception and promote condom usage, and circumcision in accordance with God’s law, in all its congregations. The Vatican policy is actually supportive of the demonic objective of the eradication of the human species. It is directed primarily at the English speaking peoples. The Vatican’s objection to the pill has a very scientific basis. The condom does not have such a basis.

Women in all nations should band together with their men and follow the Japanese example and ban the contraceptive pill before it is too late.

Australia has the highest rate of breast cancer in the world and still doctors go on prescribing the pill to all and sundry, and especially to girls that have just reached puberty. It is not much different elsewhere in the UK and USA. The only way you will stop the problems is to ban the pill. We cannot trust doctors to act in the public interest.

We now know that long-term pill usage is implicated in the rises in infertility, breast cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases of all types. Yet in spite of this alarming situation Australia has one of the highest abortion rates in the entire world. Australia, England and North America murder more of their own children than any other group of people. God is not mocked. We are not to pass our children through the fire to Molech or to any other god under any name, and that includes the god of this world in self-indulgence through the fires of a hospital incinerator. It is the same sin, and sin is transgression of the law of God (1Jn. 3:4).

The proper education of our youth to refrain from sexuality until marriage and the right place of children in a family dedicated to the service of God is critical.

Why are the men and women of the world not questioning their behaviour and the abundant evidence of the dangers this situation presents?

The introduction of the pill over thirty years ago has had horrendous and far-reaching consequences for the whole world. The effects, on the male of all species, serve merely to highlight the dreadful consequences on the moral and social fabric of societies and the physical and psychological damage to all. Women will watch their men go infertile and the children they do manage to have, boys and girls, destroyed mentally and physically before they will abandon this dreadful catastrophe. It is a threat not only to the human species but also to the entire world. We must agitate to have it banned completely and monitored efficiently.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General