Dear Friends,

In divers public interviews and comments from men of high places and authorities – presidents, prime ministers – we now hear, openly, mention of the need of a New World Order. They claim that only such a One World Government can solve the terrible problems the planet is now facing and expected in the years to come. These types of comments were apparently scarce in public in the past. Those men who had supposedly been elected by the people to protect them and their children are the very ones who are involved in the plans of a New World Order under auspicious pretexts.

They are either fooled by their master Satan to believe that they can save the world or else they wilfully believe that they can do anything they can to obtain power and riches to the detriment of the rest of humanity. In either case, using all the power and authority that they received from the one who is the god (elohim and prince and ruler) of this world on earth, Satan himself, they have planned, through several secret world organizations, major adverse world events to afflict all humanity. These men have succeeded in achieving a situation where even the victims will agree to the setting up of this New World Order. In fact, in reality, the victims – the whole humanity, save the elect – will welcome this New World Order as a type of saviour.

Unfortunately, few know about this New World Order and its real intentions. In fact, the immensity of the plot is beyond the capacity of ‘normal’ human beings to imagine, let alone to believe. Although there have been several warnings from several groups, religious and others, it was not, nor is it today, a situation that can be avoided. Satan has received his authority from God Almighty Himself. God will work all things for His purpose. This New World Order will take place as the Beast System.

Although Satan is ruler, he still needs and uses powerful men that are his generals, and some help from willing subjects in his kingdom. When the people are starving, they could agree to almost anything for some food. Few people can believe the fact that this adverse chaotic world situation has been planned from a long time. Yet, it can only take place in God’s time, according to His perfect plan, which closely follows His Feast Days according to His calendar. The perfect example is seen in Messiah’s killing as the Lamb of God. The evil men of his time, prompted by Satan, hated him for the truth he spoke from the Father. They committed a terrible crime by killing an innocent man. But that was the exact sacrifice that was planned from the foundation of the world for the redemption of all the creation. Further, it happened only at the right time of the Passover Sacrifice. All the world major events will also occur and are allowed under the same perfect Plan of God.

The planned world recession will make many more victims as it unfolds and causes job losses in the civilized countries and plain starvation in developing countries. A news system reported in America that a middle class couple left letters behind describing their suicide pact in which they killed their three children. Only the mother survived and is now facing murder charges of her three children and aiding her husband’s death. They had been stricken for years with financial problems and their situation was just getting worse. There was some public debate over such a tragedy and how it could and should have been avoided. It is obvious to those who know God’s laws, that such situations would have been avoided under a just rule. Besides the couple’s own errors, the financial abuse of the governments and banks are to blame for such situations. The people are under the systems that God had predicted when they rejected Him as Ruler in 1Samuel 8:9-18. God’s rule is a just system with a tax of 10% on net profit or increase plus the Terumah levy. Today, taking into consideration all visible and invisible government taxes and the bank’s interest that is charged at the individual and the national levels, we could be attaining, in some cases, an equivalent of 70% overall tax. Under those conditions, who can survive or prosper? Only those who are receiving the taxes and the interest can greatly prosper, namely the financial elite.

Under those conditions, the peoples are losing their inheritance and their lands to the hands of those men who have made a pact with the devil. Our Messiah rightly refused Satan’s offer to gain all the world power and riches if he worshiped him (Mat. 4:9). Believe it or not, many men in this world have accepted Satan’s offer and have gained much power and riches. These men indeed enjoy great power and wealth for their participation in the Beast System, which is now taking over the whole world. This rule is not obvious and apparent to all yet because the “man of lawlessness” is not yet revealed openly although he may already be known as a politician somewhere in the world.

There is nothing that can be done or even should be done to stop this rule from proceeding to its last hour. Indeed these men have received the power to do as they have planned. Those who have eyes can see how far advanced they are in putting in place this One World Government. They used to hide their objective in the past but no more. They openly announce this New World Order as a global solution to the very problems they have created or caused for that very purpose.

People still refuse to believe it, even when it is in their face. They have been blinded to the Truth of the Good News and they have been betrayed by the very politicians that were ‘elected to serve the people’. Democracy in these last days has become a disguised dictatorship where the victims are skilfully conned into agreeing and helping their taskmasters to increase their abuse. Nevertheless, it is a hard dictatorship where the middle class is clearly losing what they thought they possessed. Can we say we possess something if we owe it to the bankers?

These traitors of the people are now gloating over their conquest at hand and great spoils. They have used much cunning to develop all these intrigues that allowed them to fool the people. They cannot believe or imagine that they have been fooled themselves by the father of lies. They believe that this world conquest will be a lasting One World Government where they will be kings and rulers in peace, wealth and comfort. Further, they may have been fooled into believing that advanced genetic research, cloning or the sort, would allow them to live eternally. This immense lie will be short-lived. Little do they know that some of the very people that they have killed or caused to die in starvation or otherwise, will soon be back to life in the first resurrection to come to judge them and apply God’s judgment and penalty for treason and rebellion: death by the sword.

As always, we turn to God for His protection in these last days. As elect, we will be facing the wrath of Satan and the persecution of the Beast System. We refuse the mark of the Beast because we already have the mark of God, which is the Holy Spirit, as the deposit of eternal life and His love and His law in our hearts. They can kill the body but only for a short time. As our Messiah was killed and rose to eternal life, we too can face death in anticipation of eternal life. Our sleep, if we are destined for it, is timeless, as we have no consciousness in it. In fact, in the moment that we leave consciousness to enter into sleep (death), we wake up in the resurrection as if it had been only an instant.

Regardless, we are all watching and praying as we see these last events take place as long-awaited prophecy. We are waiting for the Two Witnesses to appear and start the countdown to the Eternal Kingdom of God on earth. In all things, good and bad, we thank our Father in heaven because His plan is perfect and good. We have our part in it as He has elected it to be. Let us be at our Father’s business in His work with all our might.

Let us pray Father Eloah that He forgives us, heals us and leads us in His ways and that He sends the Witnesses very soon.

Jacques Guérard
Coordinator in the French Work and in Canada