Sabbath 16/10/31/120

Dear Friends,

The World is now in a flap making all sorts of pronouncements about the world economy and how measures have to be taken to overcome the recession and, as some fear, the coming depression. President-elect Obama has been given what appears to be a poisoned chalice of an economy in free fall and an opportunity to come into office with a spending budget of which every Democrat dreams. The US will now approve any and every program that looks as though it might stimulate the economy and the US will sink into irretrievable debt and see its resilience destroyed.

Its bankers are still playing games with the markets and have not had basic controls enforced and the middle class is being destroyed by these economic vandals.

The fact is that all this was deliberately engineered. As Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth said to the boffins at the London School of Economics last week: “How is it that none of you noticed?” Well might she ask such an obvious question that the seriousness of the situation and its global scale demanded to be asked. The implied criticism of the question should not be lost on anyone.

George Megalogenis also smells a rat in his article published in the Australian “Number-crunchers missed turn” on December 04, 2008 with the sub heading “Something doesn’t add up.” I am afraid it adds up all too well.

Only an idiot would have done what these central banks and banking officials did to precipitate this crisis. Either they hold their meetings in opium dens and have impaired reasoning or it was a deliberate exercise. What was worse we heard the Leader of the Opposition in Australia praising what may be the greatest menace to world financial matters in the person of the Secretary of the Treasury, Paulson. It bodes ill for our future decision making processes.

The fact is that Australian household consumption shrunk to its smallest share of gross domestic product on record in the September Quarter. Similar things happened all over the world. This was forced by a stupid decision making process that saw the forced and speculative rise of oil prices as consumer induced inflation and rising costs flowing from that rise as consumer induced inflation. Consequently the Reserve Bank, in the most bizarre reasoning, pushed up interest rates to absurd levels and caused the collapse of a great many homeowners. They simply could not afford to spend any money and had exhausted their capacity to sustain normal living. The Oil companies deliberately induced the oil spike and the US executive was in a hopeless conflict of interest. Our readers will recall we warned this would happen and we warned what was going to be done to the stock markets and the pension funds long before it happened.

It is all part of a push to the New World Order. The so-called capitalists in Wall Street have achieved what the Soviet Union and the Communists never could achieve. They have brought about the argument for a New World Internationalist Socialist finance system that will enable these treacherous interests behind the scenes to take control of the New World Order (NWO) and its New World Financial Order (NWFO). This system is the system that the Bible called the Empire of the Beast that will rule the whole world for one hour. Satan is held to have given all his power to this system.

In this slowing economy the usual process is that the governments step in and balance the slowing by increasing government spending to fill the gap. This did not happen. What happened was that interest rates continued to rise further removing any flexibility in the hard-pressed lower middle class and high mortgage holders. The banking economists did not mention the coming crisis because they were all seeking to profit from what was an induced recession of monumental proportions. These people are what the power brokers call “convenient idiots.”

Some have other names for them.

As was reported: “As wallets closed in the real economy, so did total government spending, which retreated to its lowest share of GDP in almost 30 years.”

What we now know is that financial capacity in consumers was deliberately reduced. Interest rates continued to rise and the government deliberately wound back government spending at the same time as it was known that Australia was edging towards a recession. Similar things happened everywhere.

“GDP slowed by two-thirds, from a growth rate of 1.5 per cent over the December and March quarters to a miserable 0.5 per cent in the June and September quarters.”

In Australia household consumption collapsed from 1.8 per cent to zero over the same period. As Mr. Megalogidis stated:

“Now the rub. Federal spending as measured by the national accounts halved from 2 per cent to 1 per cent.

Only state and local governments kept up their end of the bargain with their spending rising from 1.8 per cent to 2.1 per cent.

A year ago, household consumption was worth 55.9 per cent of GDP. Now it's 53.7 per cent - a record low. A year ago, federal, state and local spending was worth another 17.8 per cent of GDP. Now it is 17.3 per cent - a figure last seen in 1979.”

It was assumed that the incoming Labor Party government did not know what it was doing. The assertion is that neither did the Reserve Bank know what it was doing and was raising interest rates when the figures showed the economy had peaked. The fact is that the incoming government had inherited from the outgoing conservative government an overheated economy with fiscal and monetary policies in open conflict.

The conservatives allegedly had been “pump-priming” to try to save their political skins so it is argued.

The argument might be advanced that they considered they would lose the election and handed the opposition a poisoned chalice. That explanation is far too simple. It seems beyond doubt that the broader operatives were “convenient idiots” used by the system. However, the decision making process at all levels had a degree of greed and deviousness that dug a pit for the entire country and spread worldwide. It spelled the end of the existing financial systems of the nation states.

Some of the strange comments being made are coming out of places like Germany where the comments are being levelled at UK’s Gordon Brown in terms that are less than complimentary when they themselves are doing the same and expending more.

The days ahead are designed to ensure the system is reorganised and the Empire of the Beast takes complete control for these last days.

China and India were thought to be growing so fast that their economies were immune. Projections simply dropped growth to 8% in the case of China and so Australia could avoid the coming depression it was argued. The Chinese Communists were aware that any collapse in their economy could spell the end of their control over China and they are taking it very seriously. China has slowed faster than everyone thought and is now below 8% growth and dropping fast as the US and Europe collapse. Consequently the demand for resources is collapsing with it and domestic consumption must be increased to maintain growth.

The lags in fiscal policy take twice as long to take effect as do those of monetary policy. Thus cutting interest rates acts a lot faster than increasing government spending. The problem we face is that the actions of the central banks were being taken at exactly the wrong times. Interest rates were rising when they should have reduced. They now have to be slashed to get things going. The entire rates of the rise have now been taken back to where they were and will have to go lower. The US has done that but the banks will not pass the cuts on and they will have to be forced by legislation to do so.

The fact is that interest is a crime under biblical law. It will end in the millennial system.

It is not that these financial systems don’t know what they are doing. They all act in self-interest. They don’t care what the effect is on the “lower” classes. They have no real concept of equity and of a commonwealth of people. They simply wish to be rid of the basic populace and that is why we find these bright ideas such as genetically modified food actually act to sterilise the nations and the populace in general. If we do not ban genetically modified food it may eliminate the entire human population. That is the aim of the demons and their adherents as we are told in Scripture.

In the coming year we will see a great distress of the financial systems to bring about more controls. We will see those controls translated into more loss of human freedom.

Those who seemingly have less now will be able to survive better than those who are controllled in urban environments. All the African churches have to do is learn how to produce their own food more efficiently and develop their communal sense of responsibility.

Over the last forty years the Churches of God have moved from their rural base into an urban environment. They have disintegrated into smaller and smaller schisms with distorted doctrines. It is the responsibility of the Churches of God to publish the correct doctrines so that we are able to support the Witnesses when they arrive in Jerusalem. There will be many conversions and baptisms at that time and much aggression towards those doing what they say.

Soon the days of argument and deception will be over. The Churches of God will be forced to face their errors in doctrine and they will be forced to keep the Temple Calendar as will Judah. Many of the Churches of God will denounce the Witnesses as they will not accord with the errors introduced by the latter day churches under Armstrong and Ellen G. White and the Adventists and the Mormons and the Jehovah Witnesses and so on. It is not just the Trinitarians, Hindus and Jihadist Muslims that will face the decisions of the Witnesses. The nexus of the Law of God will be restored. It will rain on the just at the disposal and direction of the Witnesses. Our bread and water will be sure but we will have to obey. They will determine what is required not the bickering schisms of the latter day wreckage (see the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)).

The Sardis system will face its own errors and so will the Laodicean. Dead or Lukewarm what difference is it in the end? Only repentance confers salvation.

Pray for each other and try to develop our messages in the languages so that we can reach the entire world in these last days so that the end can come.

We have not far to go now to make the message available to all nations. As it grows God will draw people to it. We are at some 10 million papers a year in approximately 50 languages now. We have no idea how many listen to the sermons worldwide. Pray for God to open the eyes of the world and bring them to repentance.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General