Sabbath 25/9/31/120 A

Dear Friends,

Many people have asked us what we think of the current claims in the US regarding the President-elect and his birth and faith and what effect that would have on us.

As a consequence I asked our Luo ministry in Nyanza Province, Kenya to report on the matter and listen to the recording of the step-grandmother posted on the Internet and give their opinion on it.

The recording is of Sarah Obama who is not the real grandmother of Barack Obama but rather is his step-grandmother. His real grandmother died while his father was still very young.

Our Dholuo native speakers say simply that the woman in the video, Sarah Obama, is not saying that Obama Jnr. was born in Kenya. She is saying that Obama Snr. was born in Kenya and it was he that she witnessed being born. After the death of his mother she then married Obama Snr.’s father.

Our officers report that it is their understanding that President-elect Obama’s grandfather became a Muslim when he went away for WWII. However, he never practised the Muslim religion on his return to Kenya. Hence his son became known as Barack Hussein Obama. The name reflects the influence on his father, namely Barack Hussein Obama II’s grandfather. None of us has control over what our parents and grandparents name us.

Our reporting officer has read the book Obama Nation by Jerome Corsi and states that there are many things in it that are not true. It is our officer’s understanding that he was reported as being deported from Kenya.

A Mr. Okoda of Kenya lived with Barack Obama Sr. in his house for one year when they were working together in Nairobi from 1976 to February 1977.

The daily newspaper in Kenya interviewed Mr Okoda for an article published on the 5th of November 2008. Mr. Okoda says he does not know if Barack Obama Sr. ever had anything to do with Islam during the time they lived together. Okoda said that 'except [for] the name Hussein, Obama cared little for religion and denominations.'

Okoda says that on one occasion he said: 'when I die, I die thoroughly.' Okoda said this suggested to him a disbelief in an after life.

Our officers say that to their knowledge President-elect Obama’s father did not practise the Muslim faith and there is no evidence or claim that he practised the Muslim faith from anyone who knew him.

What is the biggest problem we might expect from this changing of the guard? The greatest problem we face and have ever faced is when these Trinitarian Sunday-worshippers are ever given the power to inflict their religious errors on the rest of the world. They have proven time and again they will persecute everyone that disagrees with them and who follows the laws of God and the truth as laid down in the Bible.

We have seen people lie and defame the Churches of God so as to deceive and enforce their system on all men.

We have nothing to fear from men who are openly tolerant.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General