Sabbath Message 20/8/31/120 B

Dear Friends,

As a follow up to the Stats message we gave you last week where I provided the stats in relation to the yearly emergence from the Northern Summer dip in access, we post this week’s stats.

You will note that we have increased over 23,000 page views or some 14% in one week. We had thought that we may be well over 200,000 page views a week by April. At this rate we may be well over that level in a month or so. That means 200,000 sermons or Children’s Bible studies would be downloaded and read or heard each week. At the height of the WCG influence only 100,000 people ever heard a sermon each week and usually it was much less. We are reaching virtually double what WCG reached at its peak every week.

What is important is that each year we have become stronger and the levels at Passover seem to be at some double the previous years peak and the depression goes down to the levels of the peak of the year before that. The last two years were slower but we seem to be emerging this year faster and are back to the fast rate of climb.

What is happening with our access is that the Asian stats and the Arabic stats are not properly measured by the US quantifiers. Chinese stats are not measured in the US and what are in reality thousands of page views per week are only measured as a few hundred. The same goes for the Russian access and Indian and other access. Also they do not measure non-tagged pages such as audios and ftp access, which is the majority of CCG access. Thus our measurement at Quantcast is only a quarter or less of our actual access as we see below. However even there we have gone down below the top one hundred thousand places for alone to about 85,000th position. is in the top 200,000 and not in the top 100,000 because the ratings are based on US access and is the more global multi-language site, although CCG does have overseas access also to a considerable extent. The fact of the matter is that has more access than but it is ranked lower because of the US system of measuring the US access for rank.

The thing we simply cannot measure is the way in which things happen in Africa where papers are downloaded and printed and handed around from person to person. The same thing happens in China, Indonesia and India also.

We will be registered throughout the West African Union from Nigeria and Benin within the next few weeks and in Burundi. The coordinators there are making good progress. We also now have the basis of a church in Morocco.

Please pray for the health and welfare of the brethren working there.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General



Total Hits316,191
Average Hits per Day45,170
Average Hits per Visitor9.94
Cached Requests31,834
Failed Requests46,446
Page Views
Total Page Views173,165
Average Page Views per Day24,737
Average Page Views per Visitor5.45
Total Visitors31,800
Average Visitors per Day4,542
Total Unique IPs19,665
Total Bandwidth0 B
Average Bandwidth per Day0 B
Average Bandwidth per Hit0 B
Average Bandwidth per Visitor0 B