Sabbath 13/8/31/120

Dear Friends,

The current finance crisis is forcing a rationalisation and reorganisation of the banking structure. This week the British banks were effectively nationalised by a process of a massive rescue along the lines seen in the US that will see the purchase of bank preference shares by the government and their nationalisation.

The combined Western countries that effectively comprise the G7 dropped interest rates by one half of one percent in a concerted effort to stimulate the availability of credit. Australia dropped interest rates by one whole percent but the banks only passed on 0.8 of a percent to customers.

The problem is that no one can force the banks to lend to one another and we may well face the same insanity we faced in the period of the Great Depression of the 1930s when banks deliberately refused credit and made the smooth running of society impossible. Despite what is now over two trillion dollars in bailouts and much more to come, there are still runs on the share markets and deliberate destruction of the pension funds.

British and Australian people are getting very angry over the obscene money the financial organisations are paying their executives in the middle of what is a complete disaster engineered by these same scheming executives who actually deserve to be imprisoned and should be there right now awaiting trial without bail.

The British control of their executives will see salary caps on all banks and financiers and it is about time. The US has an effective socialisation in place despite their pretensions to capitalism. They played with socialist systems but did not put the effective controls in place to deal with the problem they created. They wanted to be just a little bit pregnant.

The problem we face is that there is an ethical melt down in our society and it is initiated by the hedonism of the post 1960s and the long term schemes for control of the world finances by the behind the scenes and New World Order Financiers and Secret Societies.

What we are watching is a transfer of power into Europe and the New World Order using the US military industrial complex, and against the interests of both the US and people of other nations. We are watching the Beast Power emerge full-blown and most of the society does not realise what it is and what is being done to them. The problem is that the European financial system has to be destroyed as well.

The stock market is being attacked day after day and will reduce the financial independence of self-funded retirees. This last week has seen massive attacks and reductions in the value of the world markets.

Much of the disasters have been funded by greed. A good example was the tiny nation of Iceland. Its banks “went broke” this last week and the nation decided not to bail the banks out. Sound financial sense one might say but the biggest losers were the Welsh councils. Like their Australian counterparts they were investing ratepayer’s funds in Iceland to obtain a higher rate of interest and many councils and police associations lost over sixty six million pounds on these banks. Two councils are from Wales. 300,000 UK citizens cannot access their savings. The British Government has now frozen the assets of Landsbanki in UK in reprisal. Treasury officials are now going to Iceland to sort it out. The idea that the councillors should be reprimanded and Councils prevented from speculating in foreign banks with ratepayers funds does not seem to compute with the British politician.

All of this is designed to force the banking system into larger and more controllable financial institutions. The next step is to control funds and eliminate money. By using the chip system the Beast Power is able to control human behaviour and the computers in the modern vehicles enable the control of the movement of entire populations.

Asia has followed the Wall Street crash with 11.3% drop in the Japanese exchange and Australia and the rest of Asia have all followed suit in early trading on Friday. Indonesia simply closed the Jakarta exchange on Wednesday and kept it closed all week to prevent “even more panic.” That is what perhaps should happen in all areas to protect the pension funds against the speculators. The stock exchange is a manipulated game, which works against the smaller investors and the pension funds.

The G7 are meeting in the US and the G20 nations are following that up trying to get some semblance of order in the induced chaotic mess.

All this insanity is against God’s Laws. The fact of the matter is that usury is prohibited by God’s Laws and all usury will cease by the year 2027. There will be no system based on usury in 2027. The experiment we understand as Globalisation and the New World Order will be over by then. It will be as dead as the Dodo and so will the people insisting on such as system. The US economic system is unsustainable and will fold soon and face total reorganisation. It will demand these changes as a solution to the crisis that was deliberately thrust upon it. The Middle East is developing a sound economy using its oil base and will form alternate financial and economic sources. As the African population moves north to Europe, Europe and the Middle East will move into Africa and there will be wars over water and resources and food.

The NWO is deliberately forcing the shift of world financial systems. The problem is that the Middle East is going to be forced into extensive conflict and we will see them as King of the South with Egypt move into conflict with Europe and the King of the North. They are being forced into that situation now.

September 11 2001 was the deliberate physical attack justifying military expansion in the Afghan, Central former Soviets nations and then Iraq. This September 2008 was the financial attack that will further justify the NWO to take further measures. We told you what was to happen in 1997 and we told you when it was to happen (see the paper The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219)). Listen to the audio-tape for the dates and the sequence. Look at the Sabbath Messages of 2001 and 2002 an onwards for detailed explanations of what was being done in Iraq and what would happen. Look at the messages for 2007 and 2008 for the details of this financial meltdown and where the NWO was taking us all.

We are in the end of days and nothing will remain of this world’s systems. The NWO is being allowed to do what it is because it suits God’s plan to allow it to happen.

Satan has the aim of destroying the human population. His agents use the environmental movement and all its self-loathing to that end. God only allows what He wants in accordance with His plan.

All of these so-called servants of the Fallen Host will be dead by 2025. Human society will be reduced by over 95% by 2025. It will escalate from now onwards and there is nothing that can be done to stop it except repentance but they will not repent.

God is working through the weakest nations and establishing a nucleus of the Millennial system. He has always had a nucleus of people that have not bowed the knee to Baal. God is now giving the nucleus of the people of the last days to Christ. The power structure of the world is changing and the nature of the Churches of God with it.

The paper Gideon’s Force and the Last Days (No. 022) showed what was happening but most of the ministry of the Churches of God did not want to believe it. They did not really understand the Measuring of the Temple (No. 137).

They have been fighting like dogs over the scraps of the Churches of God and they try to persuade the US members that they still have the WCG empire in their grasp when the reality is that they are losing most if it in droves. The reality is that they have almost none of it left in Africa and the scoundrels they do have simply milk them and are used to justify their existence in the US where much of the funds still exist. That will be removed soon also and the sheep will be judged on how well they perform and how well they look after each other. Scripture cannot be broken and the ministry do not seem to understand that it applies to them also.

We have to get through this disaster and it has been planned for six thousand years. None of the prophecies can be broken. All of the words of the Bible will be played through. Mankind can be saved out of it whenever they wish. All the world has to do is to repent and follow the Laws of God. They do not repent because they will not repent. They would rather kill God’s messengers than obey God (see the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)).

The reason they are left to lie in the streets for three days is to ensure that they are not taken away and to show that they are the true servants of God and the Scripture can not be broken. The horror of the three and a half years under their prophecy will be over and they will have managed to kill them. If they do not rise then Satan’s minions will believe that they have won and then their system will be reconstructed. The problem is that they will not be able to do that and the Witnesses will rise and the enormity and horror of it all will be obvious to them.

Christ will come and the world will reject him and they will march against Christ under the last remnants of the Beast Power and then the Kings of the East. Most people professing Christianity will march against Christ because the religion they espouse is not Christianity but a form of late period Gnosticism. That suits Satan and his creatures of the NWO. That is why they use the symbol of the tower of Babel in the EU. They will now finish what they intended to do 4000 years ago. If they had been allowed to do that then the entire planet would have been destroyed already and the system would not exist. What we are observing now is a deliberate exercise to establish the Beast Power of the Last Days. No one will be able to make war against it and it will crush the planet and the economic system it creates will control all men so that no one who does not have their mark will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the Beast. The problem is that those who take the mark will not enter the kingdom of God. There is the final test.

We explained how God was going to deal with the system in the Last Days and that God would work progressively north until the entire system was reached. Everyone in the US laughed because they think they have a monopoly on the prophecies of God and the work of God. However, that is not what God says will happen (see the paper The Warning of the Last Days (No. 044)). Every prophecy issued from the USA in the last 200 years has failed. Not one person has ever uttered the word of God from the US as a prophecy and especially not Herbert W Armstrong. That was not their job (see the paper False Prophecy (No. 269)).

These words are Scripture and Scripture cannot be broken. The entire financial systems of the world are being reorganised and they will be centralised under the Beast Power and then they will be broken along with the Beast Power itself and the power of Satan. The false religious system of the so-called Christian structure will be forced back under the skirts of the Great Whore and then it will be destroyed. The Whore and the symbol of the Babylonian system will be destroyed with it. Babylon and its entire system will fall and the Bible does not mean the structure in Iraq.

There will not be one Sunday worshipping minister still alive and publicly teaching their heresies in 2027. They will try to rebel but they will be crushed and die.

This financial crisis is but the continuation of the NWO grab for world power and they are using the stupidity of the financial system to assist them in that endeavour.

One can simply marvel at the fact that they are able to get away with their agenda through the stupidity of their political puppets, and not just in the US. There is just one time cycle left until the Millennial system begins. Satan will be imprisoned between now and then and most of the world will be destroyed. If you are alive in 2027 you have been through the wars of the end and the coming of the Messiah and the restoration.

One thing is certain. That is that you will not be part of the NWO and the coming financial system being forced upon us. Satan has given his power to the Beast but it will end with him.

Pray that we are able to consolidate the Churches of God in faith and to endure to the end. Pray that the Churches of God are awakened and work to establish the kingdom. Do not be surprised at what is used to that end. God uses weakness to overcome strength. That is why God is consolidating African national churches now. He will remove the liars from them as a liar will not inherit the kingdom of God

Wade Cox

Coordinator General