Sabbath Message 6/8/31/120 B

Dear Friends,

We are now out of the Northern Summer Slump and increasing our stats as per usual at the beginning of October.

This is the stats summary for last week and we have started off this week well and will likely increase on these stats as well.

As usual the US has the lion share of direct access but their percentage is dropping slowly as the other countries increase their access.

Access is increasing for Russia and China and after the African translations are done we will be able to make cd copies and send them to the various churches. Last year the peaks were at over 160,000 papers per week (ppw) downloaded and we are at over 150,000 ppw at present. We will not reach the new peak until April 2009. It appears, based on previous results, that the new levels could be well over 200,000 ppw.

As you all probably know the rankings of the US sites such as Quantcast use US data in the main and they have no idea of access in areas such as in China and Russia for example. Between 6 and 10% of CCG/Logon access is from China but it seems not to register on the computers as it is mostly FTP or audio access. Russia often has over 14,000 papers per week measured as downloaded. This week was less but Italy also had over 23,000 download hits this week.

We had 160 countries access the site. Hispanic access in the US is increasing and is almost twice the average. African American access is also very large.

Please pray that we are able to work with increased access and reach.

Pray also for the Arabic and that our people in Morocco are able to increase the reach of the world to Islam in Arabic.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General



Total Hits297,352
Average Hits per Day42,478
Average Hits per Visitor9.91
Cached Requests33,556
Failed Requests42,050
Page Views
Total Page Views156,301
Average Page Views per Day22,328
Average Page Views per Visitor5.21
Total Visitors29,994
Average Visitors per Day4,284
Total Unique IPs18,390
Total Bandwidth0 B
Average Bandwidth per Day0 B
Average Bandwidth per Hit0 B
Average Bandwidth per Visitor0 B