Sabbath 28/7/31/120

Dear Friends,

Well everyone should be safely home from the feast by now. The third year is always a quiet affair.

While we were away the US financial system went into meltdown and there appears to be underhand or criminal activity involved.

The FBI has begun an investigation into four major US financial institutions caught up in the current financial crisis, US media says.

Investigators are reportedly examining possible fraud by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the failed bank Lehman Brothers and insurer AIG. Top managers at those firms are also being investigated, so it is reported.

The FBI investigations were prompted by the US housing market slump over the last year and the concerns over the way high-risk ďsub primeĒ mortgages were being sold. It is becoming a broad enquiry over the financial sector.

The FBI is looking at lenders who sold home loans to buyers on low or unpredictable incomes, and also the investment banks that packaged these loans and sold them on.

Last week FBI Director Robert Mueller said more than 20 large financial firms were already under investigation.

ABC News, citing unidentified sources, said the probes were assessing whether company officials systematically misled investors about the financial strength of their institutions.

The slump in the US housing market has resulted in billions of dollars of losses for these banks and turmoil in world credit markets.

It has become so serious that the Bush administration is now proposing the largest bail out in world history for these unscrupulous operators.

Secretary Paulson and Ben Bernanke of the Fed submitted a three-page ten-paragraph request to the Congress that had no details and no plan but simply asked for 700 billion to be given to the Secretary with no strings attached and no controls.

On the morning of 22 September AEST a US professor discussed the matter with Radio National and ridiculed the document and the Secretary and the Fed and the Bush administration, rightly pointing out that they simply donít know what they are doing. They havenít got a plan because they donít know what to do.

That does not mean however that the Wall Street weasels and the Main Street opportunists donít know.

There is a very dark and sinister side to this disaster and it all comes from the greed of both levels and the background conspirators and short sellers.

We are watching the engineered collapse of the US currency system and the transfer of power to the New World Order by traitors. The pension funds are being collapsed and the short sellers are being enriched at the expense of the people who entrusted them with their shares and funds. A very few are being handed control over the very many. Short selling by these funds has been likened to a Someone placing their vehicle in a car park and then handing over the keys, the car park then lends it out to vandals who bring the car back damaged and the car park owner pockets the loan fee and the owner is given a damaged vehicle when he comes to retrieve it. Short selling is argued to be a useful tool. It is actually a breach of the trust on which the shares were entrusted to the funds by the owners and should be stopped. Australia has banned all trading in short selling for 30 days and the fact is that the controls should be placed in situ permanently.

This capitalist system is fatally flawed and its own weaknesses are being exploited by the unethical banking and investment sectors. It was obvious a year ago what was to happen and we told everyone what was happening.

It is a very rough road ahead and we will have to have great faith to get through it. Our confidence is in God. What will be forced on us is a system that we are not allowed to partake of and we may have to lose everything in order to gain everything which is the First Resurrection. Do not put your trust in gold and silver but in the riches of God.

The Congress is seriously concerned as to what is happening and is making the right noises about controls etc but in reality it is a done deal. Pray that the authorities arrest the people at the highest levels.

Ask yourself how can the Secretary of the Treasury be the head of Goldman Sachs until a year ago and benefit from all the chaos he helped create. Does he not have a conflict of interest and should not he be arrested over this issue with the other people responsible.

This is not over yet by along way.

Moreover there is a change coming as well.

It has been reported that Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have applied to become commercial banks. These companies are the two largest participants in the energy market in both derivatives and physical supply. What this status change really does is allow them to access depositor-based capital as a multiplier for loan expansion. However, they become subject to greater regulation. One would then postulate that they will have to reduce the size of their oil and gas operations significantly. Inasmuch as Goldman Sachs has been very bullish, quite possibly they will be doing some repositioning and both of them could be closing out positions, so predicting oil and gas on a short term other than geopolitical and weather related events is going to be very difficult. Thus the manipulation and speculation in the market will increase not decrease.

This will continue now until the New World Order is in control and the beneficiaries are the NWO manipulators behind the scenes.

Do not forget how the Rothschilds made their money. They had French informers that got the news of Napoleonís defeat to them in London before hand. They spread the word that Napoleon had won and then brought up every major share in the ensuing panic selling on the market. Word arrived that Wellington had won and the market stabilised and left these traitors in charge of the markets and the economy. They should have been tried and shot and their entire fortunes confiscated. This same treachery is even more evident today and is being and will be used in this crisis as well.

It is deliberate. The administration are not simply idiots. They are doing what they are told by those who would destroy the economy and make slaves of us all.

We will continue to follow this drama as it unfolds.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General