Sabbath 30/6/31/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath ends the Sixth Month and the following day is the Day of Trumpets. This is the end of the period of the preparation for the Seventh Month as explained in the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 70).

This period marks the end of preparation and the development of the basis of the Law of God. The entire process at Sinai was to prepare the nation to be ready for the Feasts of the Seventh Month so that they would be ready to participate in the feasts that represented the coming of the Messiah as illustrated by the Day of Trumpets and the Reconciliation of the planet as represented by the Day of Atonement. And takes us into the Feast of Tabernacles which represents the Millennial rest of The Messiah immediately followed by the Last Great Day which is a feast in its own right and represents the Great White Throne Judgment of the Second Resurrection.

The coming of the Messiah leads directly into the First Resurrection at Jerusalem. Every person validly baptised is under judgment before this even and God weighs the heart of every person against their baptismal commitments and the way in which they kept their vows and the fact or otherwise of their repentance and the recommitment each year symbolised by the Sanctification process from the First to the Seventh of Abib and the Lord’s Supper with their foot-washing and the taking of bread and wine each year symbolising their recommitment to the faith.

Each person must be aware of the seriousness of that commitment and they must also be aware that honesty in that commitment is required of each of person.

We have seen a number of people not understand to what it is that they are committing. In some developing nations some do not understand the concept of baptism. We have seen some people get baptised in a number of organisations simply to make money out of more than one church. God is not fooled by that silly and dishonest behaviour. He knows the heart and He is not fooled by it even if the person gets away with the ruse in cheating the individuals.

We have even seen people not declare their non-baptism when the fact of the matter is known and the Marriage Supper requires a wedding garment. If you don’t have one you will be removed and it is too late to fix the matter.

They will go the Second Resurrection and there is no argument.

In these Last Days people in general do not understand the reality of the Laws of God and the Bible structure. It appears that religion is simply a game that people play and others choose to ignore and treat as a childish notion of some deluded people. The fact of the matter is that God is not mocked. There will be an attempt to do away with the servants of God so that the Church is effectively destroyed. The final Holocaust of the Church will be to eliminate the servants of God for the Millennial system. The work of these people will not succeed.

The works ahead of us and the activities of The Witnesses (see the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)) will see the final works come to a crisis. The people know what is ahead and that is why in the end they will not allow the Witnesses to be buried and they will be left to lie on the streets for three days up until the Archangel’s summons just to prove that these people are just another bunch of religious nutters that they can overcome and prove that Christ and God has no power over them. They will explain the power they face away by science and they will not repent. When Christ comes most of the religious of the world will weep and gnash their teeth because they realise that their religious ideas are false and their religious structure is a lie and will be replaced.

Most people are prepared to kill others rather than admit they are wrong. That goes for the Churches of God as well as among the ministry and particularly of Armstrongism. They will not admit that their false system of the Third Resurrection is a lie and they even now dream up more false scenarios and misrepresent more Scripture rather than admit they were wrong and their system is a gross imputation against the power and ethics of Almighty God. The paper The Fallacy of the Third Resurrection (No. 166) has been re-issued as a third edition to deal with the false statements yet again issued by these misguided and duplicitous people. The audio will be on the web.

It is important that each of us tries to be honest and genuine in our dealings with each other and all men so that we can stand before God and give an account of what we did in relation to what was required of us.

Christ says that in the Last Days it will be worse than the worst days of Sodom and Gomorrah. If we are not already there it must have been pretty horrendous. It is my view that we are already under condemnation and our people will be dealt with in the near future and we will cry out to God as nations and He will not hear us.

It is our job to sanctify the Simple and the Erroneous as part of the sequence of Sanctification of the Temple of God. It is the responsibility of all the ministry of CCG to bring all those new to the faith to the point where they can carry on their tasks.

This weekend in Africa marks the beginning of a widespread education and re-education of the Church of God in East and Central Africa. Many are new to the faith and many have to have incorrect ideas wiped from their minds. For many it is as simple as getting the calendar correct. Others it is as serious as understanding everything from the Nature of God and the Plan of God through the entire Calendar and being prepared for the next Passover.

We have given instructions that the papers for Trumpets and Atonement and the Feasts are to be translated into Kiswahili, Kirundi and Lingala from this week on until the feast starts. The coordinators are to have them copied for the brethren as study papers. We understand the stress this imposes at Kinshasa but please try and the French is there as well. This year we are all going back to basics and concentrate on the fundamental papers of the feasts and Holy Days.

Those of you who are new to the faith must diligently study so that you understand the faith and the Plan of God so that you are able to take your place in the work of God in Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God not only so that you can explain what is required of you but so that we have accomplished our tasks and the end can come.

The Statement of Beliefs is in Kikuyu and also in Dholuo and hopefully will also be on the web before the Feast.

This year is the Third Year of the Sabbath Cycle and you can keep the feasts at home so that you can send in your second tithe in order that the church may use it to ensure you can help the widows and orphans to attend the feasts in their misfortunes.

All of you should be aware of the problems in Africa due to the wars and conflicts there and what is needed to overcome the famines and the shortfalls in all matters.

Each of us must ensure that we are able to stand before Christ and give an account of what it is that we did and what was expected of us.

Do not bury your talent. Make sure that you do what is expected of you with all your might.

You all have the opportunity to show that you love one another and thereby demonstrate that you love God.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General