Sabbath 16/6/31/120 B

Dear Friends,

There is a serious case that exists for the removal of Russia and Georgia from the Olympic Games and the removal of their medals and awards and any records set. There is also a serious case to be answered that China should have every medal awarded to it in which a Chinese judge sat on the panel or on any panel that awarded any medals to any nation on the grounds of straight out cheating by improper and false scoring through political bias.

Russia and Georgia were both parties to the Olympic Truce passed by resolution of the UN assembly.

The Olympic Truce, or Ekecheiria, has its origins in the ancient Olympic era (776BC-AD394). The Olympic Truce was a sacred cease fire honoured throughout the Greek world. For one month all parties throughout the Greek world, and usually competing in the games, ceased from hostilities. There was a cessation to hostilities and pauses in wars or conflicts. Feuds were stopped over the period. It was normal that robbers were obliged to cease activity to ensure the safe passage of competitors and spectators traveling to and from Olympia.

The present Olympic Truce was initiated by the International Olympic Committee in 1992 as part of its ambitious charter to promote a more peaceful world through sport, specifically its quasi religion of Olympism. The resolution was adopted by the member states of the UN General Assembly in 1993.

The Truce has been continuously affirmed and observed by the international community at each Olympiad since.

On the eve of the Beijing opening ceremony by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Olympic truce "calls for a worldwide cessation of all hostilities for the duration of the Games".

So the UN passed the resolution and everyone agreed to be bound by it and yet Georgia and Russia simply put aside the truce and engaged in warfare over the actual period of the Olympics.

They are false sworn and if the IOC had any principles and any determination to enforce its principles these two nations should have their athletes sent home with all medals removed and all records rescinded. They both agreed to the truce and the obligations imposed on them under the truce.

Russia made the following assertions:

When resolution A/RES/62/4 was before the UN General Assembly on 31 October 2007, Russia sponsored and fully supported the Beijing Olympic Truce, "on building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal."

Russia's UN ambassador Igor Rogachev told the assembly that "sport, peace and development are closely interconnected" and that "the absence of war is a precondition for sporting competition".

He nobly declared:

"The role of sport as an ambassador for peace is particularly significant when linked to the noble traditions of the Olympic truce,"... "It is necessary to inculcate in future generations a spirit of the culture of peace, non-violence and tolerance, showing that the Olympic ideal is not out of date and is still significant."

Some ten months later, precisely during the Olympic Games, Rogachev's urgings to the UN and the Olympic Truce were ignored by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Russia launched its fierce and disproportionate air, land and sea attack on Georgia.

The attack resulted in a large number of military and civilian casualties. The truce was of no consequence whatsoever and the nation had no regard and has no regard for the truce in its aggressive nationalist political ambitions.

This truce is now one of the pillars on which the Olympic Games rests.

The fact is that the IOC did nothing about the issue and even argued that there was no requirement for Georgian athletes to return home.

IOC president Jacques Rogge is also president of the IOC's Olympic Truce Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to promote and uphold the observance of the Olympic Truce. Mr. Rogge was present at the UN when Rogachev made his comments re the Beijing Olympic Truce. In the week leading up to the Games, it was reported that Rogge invoked the truce in a conflict between FIFA and some of Europe's leading football clubs. He appealed to the clubs to observe the Olympic Truce and release their contracted players to play for their countries in the Olympic football tournament.

He applied the truce in this manner yet when it became much more important he has remained silent about the conflict in Georgia and the failure of Russia and Georgia to abide by the truce.

When questioned their spokesperson Giselle Davies briefly addressed the emerging doubts as to the existence of the Olympic spirit in light of the Russian-Georgian conflict, during the daily IOC press conference on day one of Olympic competition. The attempts of the reporters to deal with these matters was avoided as was most of the behaviour of China and Russia during these Games also avoided by the IOC and its spokes-people.

Davies said "It is a very complex issue and it is not for the IOC to give a perspective on what has been happening" saying that "The Olympic Truce is an ideal (of the IOC) and how it is implemented is really through the UN."

Thus they pushed the onus back on the UN that seems loathe to shoulder any of the responsibility.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has expressed his "profound concern" over the state of affairs between Russia and Georgia yet he made no attempt to use the matter of the truce to deal with both Russia and Georgia in any substantive way that might have had a serious impact on the standing of the two nations and particularly that of Russia who is the undoubted “bully” in the situation.

So neither the IOC or the UN have any resolve to deal with Russia or Georgia in the matter despite Russia’s total disregard of the resolutions and the international position.

The UN position is a paper tiger and has no significance for these aggressive nationalist agendas. The Olympic Truce is a joke and points to the future role of the UN in handling the serious conflicts that are being engendered by these ambitious entities that effectively control Asia.

The bleeding heart politicians that wish to give away the national freedoms of the smaller countries such as Australia and others in order to create what they think will be other European Unions in the other continents is mindless dreaming and will in the end destroy us all and place us in the camps of the Globalists as slaves.

Russia has done what it desired and Georgia will be made to bear the brunt of the attacks to satisfy Russian political reconstruction on the road back to the New Soviet Union and World War III.

When faced with conflict the UN, the IOC and the Olympic Truce Foundation are unable to prevent either state from exercising military power in their own respective state interests and more importantly they are unwilling to even try to censure them for such blatant disregard for the resolutions for which they all voted.


The Olympic Truce is dead as will be the Olympic Games in the not too distant future.

One might recall that the Athenians said last Olympics that the Athens Olympics was the last Olympic Games. The tragedy was that the spirit in which the Beijing Games was played was done with conflict and breach of the UN and Olympic Truce, and the conduct of the host nation was deplorable.

The scoring of the events was open to continual abuse by Chinese officials. Misses were openly reported as being counted as hits to give the events to Chinese or their allies. The scoring mechanisms were interfered with so much so that sports commentators were enraged over the abuse. The complete disregard for honesty and proper behaviour was evident even in the incident of the little girl who was allowed to sing but who was substituted by another one “More Cute” who mimed the song to the other’s music and all at the direction of the Chinese Politburea officials.

Meanwhile outside the Faulon Gong devotees were still being arrested and sent to prisons and then to camps where their organs were harvested for use to save high officials and wealthy medico-tourists.


The New World Order is giving us all a glimpse of what is in store for us in the not too distant future.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General