Sabbath Message 2/6/31/120

At last the United Kingdom shows some sanity and ethics.

At last the UK has shown that it is not simply a lap dog of the US Presidency and that it will no longer tolerate torture and abuse of human beings. You are what you practice. A proper functioning democracy is not a system of torture and human degradation. Once a nation starts down this road they are lost to civilised behaviour and human dignity. Much of it is through cowardice and the New World Order is using these aspects to reduce and degrade the standards of the American people and ultimately that of the world. A classic example was seen last week in a US city where a youth fell from a bridge and broke his back and foot. As he lay there conscious but unable to move, the police, who were called to the scene and should have been bright enough to deduce that the fall may have hurt him, were reported as having tasered him nineteen times because he would not comply with their orders. That is a clear indication where the US military/police state is headed.

The BBC has reported the pronouncements of the British Parliament regarding torture such as the use of water-boarding in interrogation of suspects. In effect, it is saying that the pronouncements of the President of the United States are not to be trusted and taken at face value in that their definition of what constitutes torture is no longer in accord with the accepted definitions of methods of torture, and the US is no longer to be trusted in its flights which may actually be taking people on to British territory on the way to countries or agencies that engage in torture.

According to the BBC reports: “The foreign affairs select committee said the UK and US differ on their definitions of what constitutes torture and it urged the UK to check US claims.

It recommended the government carry out an "exhaustive analysis of current US interrogation techniques."

The MPs also said the government should check claims that Britain is not used by the US for "rendition".

The committee highlighted the technique of "water-boarding" – a practice that simulates drowning. The US describes it as "a legal technique used in a specific set of circumstances" and President Bush has refused to ban it. However, the UK Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said it is torture and "the UK unreservedly condemns the use of torture."

In its report, the committee said: "Given the clear differences in definition, the UK can no longer rely on US assurances that it does not use torture, and we recommend that the government does not rely on such assurances in the future."

The MPs also challenged the government to check more actively that Britain had not been used by the Americans for so called "rendition" flights – when detainees are taken to countries where bans on torture may not apply.

The UK had repeatedly accepted assurances that it had not, but it was discovered earlier this year that two rendition planes refuelled on the British territory of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

The MPs stressed the UK had a "legal and moral obligation" to ensure no more of these flights landed on British territory. A change in approach would have implications for the extradition of prisoners to the US, particularly in terror cases, as a United Nations convention bars the return of individuals to states where they are at risk of being tortured.

The MPs also urged the Foreign Office to investigate allegations that the UK "outsourced" interrogation of six terror suspects to Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency, where they were tortured and interrogated by British intelligence officers.

Foreign Office Minister, Lord Malloch-Brown, told the committee: "We absolutely deny the charge that we have in any way outsourced torture to Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) as a way of extracting information, either for court use or for use in counter-terrorism."

Human Rights campaign group Amnesty International UK said the report justified its call for an investigation into terror techniques and rendition.

The group's head of policy, Jeremy Croft, said: "While we have always stressed the need to combat terrorism, we share the committee's concerns over the UK government and its current counter-terrorism policy."

He added: "In particular, the UK government needs to take allegations of torture at Guantanamo and other US detention centres altogether more seriously.

"This must mean pressing harder for proper trial or safe release of Binyam Mohamed, Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Belbacha - three Guantanamo prisoners who are either formerly resident in the UK or with links to the UK."

Andrew Tyrie MP, the chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on extraordinary rendition, said the government must demand answers from the US.

‘The committee's conclusions amount to saying that we can no longer rely on assurances from a US administration that purports to uphold the civil and political standards of behaviour, while in fact kidnapping people and taking them to places where they may be maltreated.’

He went on to say that:

‘Only by practising what we preach will we be able to win back the support of Muslim communities at home and abroad and build the strongest coalition around the world against terrorism.’”

The world in general does not share the values of the British Commonwealth and is fast headed down the track of condonation of torture and abuse.

Africa, the Arabs and Human Rights

The Arab world is moving in the opposite direction at a rapid rate. There was recent agreement on the Sudan by the meeting of Arab foreign ministers for the handling of the recent moves to arraign the President of the Sudan on charges before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

ICC chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, has asked the court for a warrant for Mr Bashir on suspicion of masterminding crimes against humanity in the troubled Darfur region.

Mr Moreno-Ocampo accused Mr Bashir of running a campaign of genocide that killed 35,000 people outright, at least another 100,000 through a "slow death" and forced 2.5 million to flee their homes in Darfur.

The Arab Foreign Minsters met in Cairo after the ICC's chief prosecutor said he would seek to indict Sudan's president on charges of war crimes and genocide in Darfur.

The Ministers closing ranks against the move to bring these alleged war criminals to justice said the ICC move had set a “dangerous precedent.”

Amr Moussa, Secretary-General of the Arab League, said he would travel to Sudan on Sunday to discuss their plan. However, he declined to reveal its details at the end of Saturday's emergency meeting. Mr Moussa said that “Arabs had to work closely with the African Union and the UN to protect the fragile peace process in Sudan.”

Darfur is an international disgrace and whoever is responsible needs to be brought to justice. The problem is that the AU and the Arab League and Russia and China have scant regard for democracy and human rights. The New World Order will be built on a different framework to that of Magna Carta and the respect for Human Rights. While you do business with these people and let them get away with it, they will continue as they are, unchanged.

In a direct attempt to muzzle the ICC, a joint resolution issued at the end of the meeting by foreign ministers of the 22-nation Arab League said the ICC move was not acceptable and undermined Sudan's sovereignty. The resolution said:

"The council decides solidarity with the Republic of Sudan in confronting schemes that undermine its sovereignty, unity and stability and their non-acceptance of the unbalanced, not objective position of the prosecutor general of the International Criminal Court."

Algeria was a key mover in the attempts to block the move for justice. Algeria called on other Arab nations to press the UN Security Council to stop the ICC from issuing the arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Algerian Foreign Minister, Mourad Medelci, told the meeting:

"What the prosecutor of the court has done is a dangerous precedent," "We have [to take] ... a strong stance in solidarity with our brothers in Sudan and move effectively with regional and international organisations and the... states in the Security Council to immediately reconsider this demand by the prosecutor."

Heavens! If Sudan gets called to account we all might be in trouble. Then we couldn’t help the US Presidents torture people to try them in trumped up trials.

Sudan’s move was to ask China and Russia, as well as the Arab League and the African Union, to help it pursue a UN Security Council resolution suspending a warrant for Mr Bashir for 12 months.

Sudan’s Response

Speaking after Saturday's meeting, Sudan's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Al Sammani al-Wasila, told the AP news agency: "’We reject all the charges old and new.’ But he added that ‘the position expressed by our brothers is fair and balanced’”.

Campaign on 9/11

Meanwhile, the US is gearing up for its campaign to investigate the real causes of the 9/11 disaster on the World Trade Center and attempts are being made to find the true cause. Many experts, numbering in the hundreds if not thousands, are gathering to force the enquiries to examine the prospect that it was a planned demolition.

Other links appear to point to a direct link to the Clinton Administration.

The New World Order appears to stop at nothing to achieve its agenda.

There are a number of works on the mystery surrounding 9/11. One is Mark H. Gaffney's forthcoming book, THE 911 MYSTERY PLANE AND THE VANISHING OF AMERICA, to be released in September 2008.

The summary shows these links and asks valid questions.

From what we now see, history may well judge the current administrations of America as the most devious and most treacherous in the history of the English-speaking people.

Remember that the way to the other side of the problem is faith in God and adherence to the Bible Ethics and faith in the soon coming intervention of Christ.

There is not long to go now. They will achieve world domination but only for a short time. Then we will rule for a thousand years under the Messiah according to God’s Laws and in accordance with His true calendar.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General