Sabbath Message 27/3/31/120 B

Dear Friends,

We have received prayer requests from South Africa about a serious matter. You would all have heard about the behaviour of the Zimbabwean administration under Mr. Robert Mugabe. We all know that millions have fled Zimbabwe due to starvation and terrorism. These people took refuge in South Africa having nowhere else to turn.

The Prime Minister of South Africa Mr. Thabo Mbeki failed to resolve the issue and did not call for UN intervention in Zimbabwe. He returned to South Africa and the Zimbabweans had no hope of restoration in Zimbabwe and no protection in South Africa. Over the last few weeks, gangs of politically motivated thugs have attacked the Zimbabweans, killed a great many people and raped and terrorised and maimed hundreds and thousands more.

We are receiving reports that the media accounts are all sanitized and do not reflect the true situation. We are receiving reports that army and police units are themselves participating on the violence and are taking part in the rapes and atrocities.

Order there is breaking down. Power supplies are cut and the recent power cuts in areas of Johannesberg have lasted for eight days. These racist motivated hoodlums are stating openly that when they have cleared out the refugees they will start killing the whites.

The problem is that order is breaking down and there is no one with the political will to stop them. This is tribalism in its most basic and violent form.

We would like you all to pray for intervention. What is needed is the intervention of Almighty God to deal with these people. We have seen the impotence of the UN forces in Burma and the sheer bloody-mindedness of the regime there that simply seized the emergency relief supplies and sold them on the black market. UN intervention was opposed by Russia and China and Vietnam on the UN Security Council.

This week it was revealed through the BBC by Save the Children that the UN forces sent in to protect the people in various parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia were taking part in atrocities and sexual abuse against women and young children, both girls and boys.

God is not mocked. For every day China withheld help from Burma it was rocked by earthquakes and disaster. These tragedies will continue against the nations from now until Christ comes.

It is our task to pray for the innocent and the weak and the young and the old.

Pray for the protection of the people in Africa. Pray for the intervention of God and the Heavenly Host in these atrocities. Pray to bring these nations to repentance and to protect us all against these activities.

This is exactly what Christ has foretold. These wars are just getting more and more widespread and violent and mindless. Remember also that Islamic countries are not mindless bigots who would kill non-Muslims just for the sake of it. Abu Bakar Bashir is considered as bizarre and aberrant in Indonesia as the Christian bigoted fools being denounced and disowned by the political candidates are in the US. Pray for the safety of the Iraqis and the Afghans and all those who are ravaged by war and oppression.

Pray for peace and tolerance and sanity and the coming of the Messiah. Come soon Lord Jesus.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General