Sabbath Message 22/1/31/120

Dear Friends

It is important for us all to realise some alarming statistics in the US that are actually increasing progressively. Twenty-six per cent of all US females between the ages of 14 and 19 have one or more sexually transmitted diseases and that does not take into account the serious ones of Syphilis, Gonorrheae and HIV as they were not tested.

Some 48% of these girls are Black, and the White and Hispanic populations each accounts for 20% of the total. The report did not disclose the problems in the greater Hispanic community.

The statistics become even more alarming when it is viewed in percentage of population. At the 2000 census there were 281.4 million people in the US. Of these 75.1% were Whites. 15% were Hispanics at approximately 45 million. Another 12.9% were Blacks, which included 0.6% who noted another ethnic group as well.

It is thus obvious that there is a serious social problem in the US that is not being addressed in a clear and representative way. If 26% of these girls have STDs and 48% of them are Blacks then we have an outstanding imbalance in STDs among the Black population. The same argument applies for the Hispanics, but to a lesser degree. Some 35% of Hispanic females aged 14-19 have STDs. The White population “only” has 5% infected.

Assuming a more or less even distribution of 14-19 year olds among the US population there should only be 13% of the group that were Black and 15% of the group that were Hispanic. The Blacks are thus over-represented by 35% or so, and the Hispanics by over 5%. The ratios indicate that some 80% of all Black teenage girls between 14-19 have STDs. 

If correct, this figure represents a severe social inequity and a serious problem of incredible magnitude. The problems need to be properly addressed and a social program needs to be implemented to redress the inequality of social conditions that have led to this nightmare. It is about time that the US stopped dropping bombs on other people and started redressing its own social problems at home.

Another series of social problems involve these young as well. Junk food is now so pervasive that you can’t buy decent food and the kids are being indoctrinated by the media. Research now indicates that children commence TV addiction from about four months of age. Their brains are damaged. The more entertainment they watch instead of education slows their brain development down. The more violent cartoons they watch slow their language and attention spans down to attention deficit. Studies also show that if children are given blocks to play with their brain development increases and they have 60% more language capacity than those who do not involve in such activities. The answer is to play blocks with your kids and don’t let them watch TV until they are four years old. They will be smarter, more literate, more focussed, and more able to cope in the world.

The problem we face now is the media that focuses on sexuality and promotes it in advertising. Shows that expose sex and homosexuality at times that children are still able to access them are a serious matter. Research now shows that children in large numbers do not watch children’s shows. There are three and four TVs in a house and it pulls families apart instead of keeping them together. Hollywood media systems have been the cause of the downfall of the Western mindset. The problem lies in the Me mentality that is never satisfied and not focussed enough on the love of one another. The human mind is being affected from childhood in a serious way. Look also at what is happening to the Hollywood crowd itself. Many are dysfunctional or outright insane.

In the same way, Britain and Australia are banning junk food advertising in an effort to get the kids back into health and away from this US junk food craze. Such ads will be banned from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM weekdays, and from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM weekends. The children are now so fat they can’t fit into the standard child booster seats, and the other nations have had enough. Work is under way now to ban nano-food additives and GM products. Don’t buy sandwich bread with sugar additives or soy products. Clean up your diet and give your kids a better chance in life. Teach your kids not to be racist and help each other in these issues.

Racism is a trump card in US politics. When times get hard we look for a scapegoat.  The Mexicans are currently being set up as the scapegoat for US economic and social ills.  The fact of the matter is that they were invited there by the ruling elite and are encouraged to stay there for economic use.  They seem to be needed for the growth of the economy since the Whites have aborted much of their progeny.  They were needed to drive down the price of labour so that the elitists could pay the citizenry less.  Keeping people insecure and close to poverty makes them much more malleable.

If you want to do something about illegal immigration, prosecute your leadership. Do not misplace your anger on someone who is working hard to try and provide for his family.  No one wants to move from their homeland if things are going well.  NAFTA has driven them from their farms while taking the USA manufacturing base. 

What are our responsibilities to those we held in slavery? Simply put, reparations are required by the Law of God.  Deuteronomy 15:13-15 is quite clear that a slave is not to be sent away empty handed.  God required that the Egyptians provide wealth to the Israelites when they left Egypt.  God is not mocked nor is He a respecter of persons.  The United States will be required to make reparations under a just administration.  The US administration almost got it right, if only the orders of Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman had not been over-ridden by politicians. There is a specific responsibility when we accept people into our communities and they must be dealt with justly and equitably.

After the Civil War, the Radical Republicans helped the Blacks hold many elected offices.  Then came white supremacy, the Ku Klux Klan, and things like Jim Crow and lynching. These Klan supporters are everywhere, posing as angels of light and attacking those that expose their messages of hate.

Still to this day, people defend lynching trees from being cut down, saying that the tree did not do anything wrong. They are a living symbol of fear and intimidation. They are a symbol of evil in the minds of those who support them. Christ cursed a fig tree for not bearing fruit  (Mat. 21:19).  It is correct that we curse the lynching trees for bearing ‘strange fruit’, so that hate-mongers may see what God thinks of their attitudes.  Let us consider the lyrics sung by Billie Holiday.

Southern trees bear strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.
Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.
Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

The inmates of prisons are disproportionately coloured through the system of social injustice and brainwashing that causes them to devalue each other. Black men kill black men in the main. Gangs fight drug wars on the streets. The system is becoming a tribal war conflict of racism over drugs. At this very moment some 1% of the US is in prison and the rate of incarceration is increasing. The social organisation of the US system and the unequal, poorly planned and substandard housing are contributing to this problem.

Much of the activity was and is organised through government illegal and covert operations. The Canadians, as well as the Americans, use agent provocateurs to disrupt and escalate peaceful demonstrations into violent affairs with their own officers acting as crowd rabble-rousers. The FBI used unlawful activities for years. It is well known and even has its own article on Wikipedia.
COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at investigating and disrupting dissident political organizations within the United States. The FBI used covert operations from its inception; however the formal COINTELPRO operations took place between 1956 and 1971.[1] The FBI motivation at the time was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order." Targets included groups suspected of being subversive, such as communist and socialist organizations; people suspected of building a "coalition of militant black nationalist groups" ranging from the Black Panther Party and Republic of New Africa, to "those in the non-violent civil rights movement," such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and others associated with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE), and other civil rights groups; "White Hate Groups" including the Ku Klux Klan and National States Rights Party; a broad range of organizations lumped together under the title "New Left" groups, including Students for a Democratic Society, the National Lawyers Guild, the Weathermen, almost all groups protesting the Vietnam War, and even individual student demonstrators with no group affiliation; and a special project seeking to undermine nationalist groups such as those "Seeking Independence for Puerto Rico."[2] The directives governing COINTELPRO were issued by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who ordered FBI agents to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the activities of these movements and their leaders.[3]

It still goes on through Homeland Security and the FBI and the CIA and in the security systems of the nations of the British Commonwealth as well. Anyone who draws attention to what they are doing is subject to a black op.

Also, in Australia, we are receiving reports that pure Afghan heroin is reaching the streets and the price is dropping and the purity is increasing and thus more deaths by overdose are occurring. Once again we will state the obvious. The Taliban got opium production down to 400 tonnes per annum during their rule, which was enough for medical use. They also wanted too much money for the oil pipeline from Khazakstan. They had to go. The allies managed to get opium back up to over 8400 tonnes in a few years. They might have done better if they sent in some agricultural experts to improve opium poppy yields, but even that is doubtful. More of our young people are being sent into drug-related prostitution. More are dying and more are diseased. The life expectancy of most is being reduced. When will these politicians get the message that our social structure is not working?  They don’t seem to care. It is almost as though that is their aim.

The problem is not confined to one area. The NSW Parliament concealed the sordid behaviour of one of its members, promoted him to Minister and locked the female whistleblower out of her office when she assisted police in obtaining evidence, and sacked her the day she gave evidence in court. He was found guilty on 28 charges. That might seem to any rational person to be an attempt to pervert the course of justice by the Parliament itself. Fraud is not prosecuted or in some cases not even investigated. The behaviour in the Wollongong Council was outrageous, but the local members were not held to account even though the whole council was sacked.

Why is the US silent over the total reduction in the values that took a thousand years to build up? Why is torture now acceptable and Habeas Corpus defunct? Don’t they understand that torture delivers bad intelligence and any operative will tell you that? It degrades and demoralises the society that uses it or condones it. It then creates enemies for a very long time, as we see in the Balkans where they have killed each other for a thousand years.

Why is it OK to invade countries without plans and structure and destroy their people and leave your own at home to rot, while, at the same time, allowing the drug supply to pour over your borders while massive numbers of troops are in other lands actually helping the production of narcotic drugs to destroy the youth of your and your allies’ people? As we said previously, why could the US manage to defoliate half of Vietnam forty years ago and now they can‘t get rid of some opium poppies in Afghanistan? The answer is they don’t want to get rid of it. They want to control and sell it either to control or destroy their own people or in indifference to them. There is no other conclusion. It could be eliminated in six months under commanders that knew what they were doing with appropriate military assistance units operating under proper plans and directions.

Readers will recall that prior to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq we told you that these things would happen and when they would happen. The Sabbath Messages are still on line that show that we warned that these people would go into Iraq with no plans and no idea how to organise Iraq and they would be stuck there and claim to be in a mess. Now they want to nuke Iran. The logic is bizarre. The US borrows money from China, Singapore and the Middle East to prop up a dictator in Pakistan and invade Afghanistan and Iraq to get rid of things that did not exist. Their aim was allegedly to establish “democracy” on these people when the media in the US is a ‘dumb dog’ and their political system is a controlled joke, and their social system is disintegrating. Their media is destroying us all and we have allowed it to happen through our own Globalist politicians. The cause and effect of social problems are treated as though they are discrete and separate from how the nations think and act in their systems of entertainment, news, justice and political interaction. The banking system of the US is being deliberately destroyed using its own greed, and may well collapse before Pentecost. J.P. Morgan takes over Bear Stearns. $170 dollar shares are sold for $2. This rip off was too much for the stockholders and they put up a fight and got the price increased to $10 by Tuesday 25 March 2008. The US Fed had 800 billion dollars and 400 billion is already gone. There are far more than 400 billion left in write-offs to come and in bad debts. It is beyond the capacity of the Fed to cope. The progressive fold continues unabated. One week they announce they are OK and by the following Monday they are gone. The US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, is opposed to any bail-out. This matter needs full and open investigation. Crying help the homeowners doesn’t ring true from his recent speeches. If they wanted to help they could stop it all tomorrow by outlawing balloon interest rates. They could hold the contracts to the initial interest rates on signing. This would have stopped the crisis at its outset.

In addition to the US mortgage-related debt the big private equity deals are beginning to unravel as the Australian bank analysts (esp. ANZ) are noting. Bear Stearns could not be allowed to go broke because of the intricate interweaving of these counter-party deals over the last decade. They had to save at least one other of the major banks. In 2006 alone there were $US550 billion of Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs) issued. Amy Auster of the ANZ bank said: “When the fifth largest investment bank is in trouble, you have to become concerned about the solvency of the system and the banks in the system.” (Australian, March 18, 2008). As we know, these are the bundles of mortgages and other securities at the heart of the system. The marketing of these items are dependent on the ratings agencies, bond insurance and collateral. All three elements of this system have collapsed. It appears to have been done by fraud.  The biggest risk to the economy is that credit dries up as banks refuse to lend. They did this post-1929. Make no mistake, the Depression was caused and prolonged by the failure of banks to exercise fiscal responsibility and finance the business and domestic sectors. This was brought to an end by the Chifley Government in Australia and the New Deal in the US under the Democrats. It has been set up again so the same elitist families can benefit. It is important to note that this crisis is the creation of the Fed under Alan Greenspan. It is the greatest economic disaster the US has faced and that is not just since WWII. It is being done to reduce confidence in US sovereignty and force the North American Amalgamation using civil unrest that might follow on from the “crisis”.

Australia is now being systematically attacked by the hedge funds and has written 420 billion dollars off the value of its shares between end November 2007 and March 17, 2008. Shares are the cheapest they have been in 19 years, with price earning ratios at 12 times. The level of short selling on Australian Banks is at staggering levels. Recent reports have said that at least 10% of the issued stock of major banks, such as the ANZ and NAB, have been shorted by local and overseas hedge funds. Bendigo Bank has shed more than 40% as one of the most oversold stocks. Further staggering losses will place the pension funds at risk. In a week after the nominal fluctuations in the US the Australian Share market recovered $400 billion and lost the gains the next day. On 28 March they recovered massive levels. It is massive crap game. The people are like sheep. But these levels of fluctuation are man made. These acts are acts of war and treason and should be treated as such. God says when you dig a pit for someone you fall into it yourself and catch yourself on your own snare getting out. The only bright side is that the current prices allegedly represent a fairly secure entry point. That has yet to be seen. This crisis is manufactured in order to control the world financial systems and bring down its banks. How did they get sucked in? They were just greedy little boys that tried to profit from the poor by signing them up to loans that doubled in interest in two years. It is unethical and they know that it would trigger a collapse and a fire sale. Some of these people just did not realise the extent of it. The Globalists did understand, however. It is against God’s Law. Goldman Sachs and Lehman’s reports show less than normal profits, but nowhere near the write-off expected and so we are off on the merry-go-round again. The Visa float in the US on 19 March saw a rise in share value of 28%. What makes a share rise 28%, simply because it is listed on Wall Street? This is like a game of “Monopoly”.  Who knows who else will go? By the time it is all finished more than 2 million houses in the US will be repossessed. 1.7 million have already gone and one tenth of Cleveland is boarded up and being vandalised. If Australia does not wake up to itself and the ARB cut interest rates they will follow suit.

The Australian reports this weekend that

THE controversial share market practice of "stock lending" has spectacularly imploded, with the $1billion-plus collapse of a stockbroking firm, threatening millions of dollars worth of Australian retirees' superannuation savings.
Melbourne-based Opes Prime - a significant provider of margin loans for investors to buy shares - has been put into administration amid accusations of financial irregularities.
ANZ and investment bank Merrill Lynch, which lent $1billion to Opes, yesterday began dumping shares held by Opes on customers' behalf as they sought to recoup their loans. It is thought that customers could lose between $200 million and $300 million from the fire sale, with some shares being sold at half of current market prices.

The two banks - the ultimate owners of the shares, which are effectively collateral for the margin loans - will rank ahead of other Opes creditors. These include the super funds who loaned shares to the firm to support its "stock lending" business.

This raises the prospect of super funds and the custodian companies who hold shares on their behalf facing significant losses if they are unable to recover the shares loaned to the failed stockbroking firm.

Opes's business model involved lending money for people to take out margin loans to buy shares. Those shares were then transferred to Opes, which lent them to traders such as hedge funds to play the stock market.

Such deals do not have to be disclosed, helping traders engage in practices such as short-selling, a technique that has been used to drive shares in companies such as ABC Learning Centres and Allco Finance Group sharply lower.

To boost its $1.5 billion securities lending business, Opes borrowed shares from custodian companies.

Accounting firm Deloittes, which was called in to help the firm last week, could not confirm the amount of stock that Opes had borrowed from custodians to lend to hedge funds, but said that the custodians would now be creditors.

Deloitte said yesterday the directors of Opes had appointed John Lindholm of accounting firm Ferrier Hodgson as voluntary administrator on Thursday night "when they became aware of a number of cash and stock movement irregularities in relation to a small number of accounts", which are believed to involve big sums of money.

"The shortfalls in these accounts led the directors to believe the trading operations could not continue," Deloitte said.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is investigating possible breaches of the Corporations Act, with the Australian Securities Exchange also reviewing the share trading prompted by the firm's collapse.

ANZ and Merrill appeared determined to retrieve some of their money, regardless of the potential cost to super investors and the market value of the companies whose shares are being dumped.

The banks have taken control of Opes's $1.5 billion securities lending book and began selling stock at wholesale prices. These included a parcel of 10.79 million shares in Hedley Group sold at half price less than two hours before the pubs business was placed in a trading halt at 11.27am yesterday. It is not known if the two matters are related.

Other stocks that were dumped at a discount include retailer Just Group, which was sold at $1-a-share less than its market value.

Opes is understood to have about 800 private clients who stand to lose a collective total of between $200 million and $300 million. "We expect a substantial surplus to be returned to the broking house", Ferrier Hodgson said.

The problems at Opes began to emerge last week. After consultations with ANZ, Deloitte was brought in as forensic accountants. On Thursday night, Ferrier Hodgson was appointed to administer four companies in the group: Opes Prime Group, Opes Prime Stockbroking, Leveraged Capital and also Hawkswood Investments.

"This week, we found the holes within the group were significantly larger and the directors came to the view yesterday it was unlikely a restructure was going to occur," Deloitte partner Chris Campbell said. He told The Weekend Australian that part of Opes's business was stock lending and that it borrowed stock from custodians and institutions, as well as lent out stock from its own retail client base.

The model sits outside the ASX's Securities Exchange Guarantee Corp, which has about $100million in funding to protect clients against brokers that are unable to settle shares. That is because this ASX fund does not apply to margin lending.

ASIC was advised of the situation on Thursday evening by the ASX and has formed a special unit to investigate.

Two weeks ago, Opes revealed it was planning a back-door stock market listing that would value the company at $100 million.

The principal shareholders of Opes are Mr Emini, Julian Smith and Anthony Blumberg. Opes Prime Stockbroking's website promotes securities lending - loaning your shares for use by another party for a payment - as an "alternative to short selling, with similar benefits but fewer restrictions".

Barely five week ago, Opes sent a note to clients assuring them it was not the next market victim after the failure of Tricom, which had a similar business model. "As a result of the Tricom fiasco, Opes Prime has been wrongly labelled by market commentators as being in similar strife, but this is purely because we offer a similar offering under a similar legal structure," Opes business development manager Michael Sirianni wrote.

The practice of share lending, which critics claim has contributed to the volatility in the stock market this year, is the subject of reviews by financial regulators.,25197,23448323-601,00.html

Who knows how many more firms are to go to the wall as a result of this sort of dealing?

The capacity of US banks to finance has also relied on its international utility and as that declined the US actually created an investment climate in the Anglo-Celtic community by fraud and syphoned off billions of dollars from Britain, Australia and also from France and Germany, using these worthless artificially elevated CDOs. The US dollar is rapidly declining, and the European currency is becoming the dominant trade currency of the world and will replace the US dollar very soon. China may well have to cut itself free of the US dollar and tie to the euro in the near future. That is what the Bible says will happen, and Satan has given his power to enable that to happen.

The US has lived above its means as has Britain, Australia and New Zealand. They borrowed to finance their unconstitutional military adventures overseas and have been supported in this by Britain and Australia and to some extent Canada, although Canada has already been taken over by the US via the stock market system. Domestic consumption, fuelled by fraudulent funds creation, has, in fact, also fuelled the Asian economic growth. Manufacturing has been deliberately destroyed by the NWO Globalists in the US and the British Commonwealth.

Real incomes have not grown, but the cost of debt servicing is being deliberately inflated. The declines in real incomes and debt servicing are forcing foreclosures and the destabilisation of the banking system in the US and its trading partners. The financial institutions are becoming technically insolvent. The Federal Reserve is printing money to stop the bank collapses and the bankrupting of both industry and consumers. The US is in recession and cannot buy the massive numbers of houses left vacant.

Housing costs are the highest in the world in Australia at four times what it was in 1986, but wages are only around 100% or so above that figure. The building industry is over priced. The young and the poor cannot afford homes. This is the me generation.

This is now being exacerbated by increasing costs in fuel and heating and in a resistance to investment with consequent lack of credit capacity to industry. The funds were invested to make dishonest profit out of the poor.

The first major fraud of these cartels was with the Rothchilds at the battle of Waterloo. He got word that Wellington had won but put it about ahead of the official announcements that Napoleon had won. The run on the stock market shares was bought up by the family and when the official announcement was made Rothchild made a fortune. He should have been shot.

Much of the current problems are a legacy of decades of conspiracy of the oil cartels and their control of the automobile manufacturing sector, and subsequently the banking sector. The original model Ford had a dual switch that ran on both gasoline (petrol) and farm alcohol. Rockefeller funded the hysterical idiots in the Temperance movement to obtain a ban on farm alcohol production and introduce total prohibition to ensure Standard Oil’s monopoly. He then purchased shares in alternative companies. When the first of the anti-trust laws broke up Standard Oil and prohibition was repealed, as any sane country would see it had to be, Rockefeller made another fortune. The Rockefellers and others of the US elitists have deliberately gutted the US over decades, aided by the stupidity of its own self-righteous bigots. The US cannot export their motor vehicles because they have deliberately built gas-guzzling monsters that are unviable at world parity oil pricing. Soon, the multi-national companies will develop factories in India and China even for the US motor vehicles, and all those jobs will be gone from the West. They have gutted Britain already under Blair and his predecessors. The US and British motor vehicle and other industry should be world leaders and they are not because of these greedy treasonous little men. These same men backed the feminist movement so that they could get women into the workforce and destroy the family unit. What happens now is that women are on a treadmill of low wages and aspirations. To make money others put off the family, including using abortion. The ones that don’t do this end up with a family that is reduced in potential and intellect due to financial pressure, poor diet and education.

The individuals of the system do not seem to understand what is happening to them. They are being dealt with and their collapse will see slave labour and unemployment on a massive scale. Their misuse of their brethren will see God deal with them now on a very significant scale. They are unwilling to give up their weaponry to enforce this New World Order because the Globalists in the US see the collapse of the US system as necessary to bring in the New World Order, using its own military power. The candidates for office, in the main, work at the behest of the Globalists or they don’t get any coverage, as we have seen in the recent campaigns. It is a national scandal that the current financial crisis is not even being addressed by the main candidates for President, and the current administration is not disclosing the seriousness of the problem. Australia is reeling from its misplaced trust in the US banks and hedge funds and the Australian Reserve Bank’s misuse of monetary policy that is forcing the collapse of the outer suburban housing market and the bankrupting of thousands. Unemployment will be forced upwards by the illogical idiocy of the misapplication of monetary policy based on false premises and simplistic assumptions. The people perish for lack of vision.

Any one who challenges or disagrees is a terrorist or fellow-traveller. Corruption is rampant, and the financial systems have no social responsibility. There are no ethics, and justice is being trampled to the ground.

What the religious right of the Pentecostalists have done is wake up to their social responsibilities. They put the Republicans in last time, but in Australia, in November 2007, they moved to the Labor Party and changed the government by swings in key seats. The erratic rapturist nonsense is being replaced by a conscious redirection of social policy. The Labor left will find things are changing. The paper The Millennium and the Rapture (No. 95) shows the errors of the theology, and what appears to be happening is that the view is being abandoned by many of the Pentecostalists and other groups. There is a religious and social awakening occurring and it will change the views of the Republicans in the US, and also the power base and views of the Globalists, like the Clintons. That is why Obama resonates with so many people. Remember that in these Last Days a religious system will be set up so that if it were possible it would deceive even the very elect.

What this Beast system does is affecting everyone everywhere through its all-pervasive media, and Hollywood is the key. Some years ago, when Australia threatened to limit and censor Hollywood access to Australia it was in turn threatened by Washington with trade sanctions and that Australia would be placed behind China in trade preferences. The incredible thing is that Australia swallowed it instead of stamping that rotten influence out. Now the violence of cartoons and the breakdown of children’s thinking emanate also from Japan and elsewhere. What is happening is that a system is being set up all over the world, in many countries, to achieve those ends.

It was reported prior to Passover that schoolchildren in New Zealand, aged between five and seven, were engaging in bullying and sexual abuse of each other. One young girl was reportedly forcing a boy to strip, and she had been abusing him for some twelve months. They get this influence from the media around them.

Drug use is increasing and the behaviour of the teens is becoming more erratic, as is the judgment and behaviour of the adult system. It seems our heroes and heroines are all on drugs and their thinking is corrupted.

The problems that cause the social inequities are not properly addressed. The building of substandard apartment blocks and forcing people to live in grossly confined conditions is causing a massive increase in crime, and the punitive mindset of the establishment cannot see the problem. Some more enlightened administrators are trying to treat the cause and not the symptoms, but not many are doing so. We are slipping back to the nightmare of the early industrial-revolution world of Charles Dickens. The mandatory education of the whole populace for its greater welfare is no longer seen as a necessary social benefit and responsibility. As the people are reduced in education and awareness, they are enslaved by stealth. Racism and vote fraud are also used as a tool of division and oppression. However, as we noted, there is change coming.

The US prison system is being turned over to private corporations and it is becoming a growth industry in the US.
The Bible is clear that the prison system is based on minimum periods of detention for trial and then a system of recompense or restitution and rehabilitation, and also using Cities of Refuge. Minor offences are dealt with by corporal punishment by rod to a maximum of 40 lashes or strokes. Punishment above that is to be inflicted on the perpetrator of the excessive lashes or strokes. The dignity of the individual is important to their place in the system.

Prior to Passover, the President of the US vetoed a bill of the Congress that outlawed torture and unconstitutional detention. The US administrative system is being turned into a Human Rights tragedy that is snowballing out of control.  Only Vermont has had the courage to call it for what it is. The Human Rights group in the US is at least objecting publicly. The other nations are becoming increasingly concerned for the US disregard for Human Rights and the rule of law. Why are these people not on trial? The people seem indifferent to such behaviour.

The US Constitution has been ripped up by the previous four regimes. Hillary Clinton is reported as ordering the Waco massacre. Now they want another shot at it all. Murder is now a daily event in most countries and it is becoming more and more bizarre. Bush wants to go into Iran and it is probable that view may be supported, no matter who is elected in the US (except for Ron Paul, who is treated as though he is not there). Sort Iraq out first if you are serious, or just go home.

There is something seriously wrong with the world’s thinking. It is worse than the worst days of Sodom and Gomorrah. These people were destroyed not just for their aberrant sexuality but because they did not care for the welfare of each other. The nations of the world do not seem to care that there is a plan in train to turn the world into a global empire controlled by a ruling elite and destroy its people. It is happening before our very eyes and it will escalate. The power it needs is being given to it by Satan. One can recall the video address by these New World Order people when Walter Cronkite was recognised by them. He said he was happy to be sitting at the right hand of Satan implementing the system. They all cheered and clapped in approval. Hillary Clinton then congratulated him as First Lady of the US. She seemed to see no conflict of interest in that act. They will all get their wish. There will be world government, but it will not be under them for longer than their allotted hour. The damage they will do is simply incredible. It will be taken over by Christ to limit their damage.

The Religious Right of the US simply does not understand that the system of the Beast is being brought into play with their support. The very people they praise are the sworn enemies of Christ. However, the concepts of social obligation are having an impact on some areas. They are supported by the European system at present, and will be dealt with together. The nightmare will continue now until the Witnesses arrive (see the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)) and the Return of the Messiah (see the paper Advent of the Messiah: Part I (No. 210A)). This year we will issue the sequence of events that will occur up until the Messiah, and the activities that will be undertaken by the Messiah on his return. The world will be ruled with a rod of iron for a thousand years (see Rev. 20:1-15). None of the Sunday-worshipping Gnostics are going to Heaven or Hell, or anywhere else for that matter. They will either conform or die (Isa. 66:23ff.; Zech. 14:16-21).

These are now troublesome times and there will be many problems ahead for God’s people and the rest of the world. We must all work together to bring the truth to the planet and show them the way the system is to go.

Please all work together to publish the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and then the end can come.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General  Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.
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