Sabbath 8/1/31/120


Dear Friends,

We hear more and more of the soon appearing New World Order. We have heard many years ago of its coming, but in fact it was here from even the time of Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar was the first king of that old world order. But that old world order grew through time to become the New World Order that we now see in action through this modern world’s systems. All the worldly systems are controlled by this New World Order and they are, as we would call them, monopolies or rather cartels. If the people of the world think that it is a good system, God’s people know better because we know that Satan is the prince of this New World Order. It was already called ‘present evil world’ in Paul’s time, which confirms the quality or the lack of it. What Satan has done from the beginning is lie and murder. If it was already an evil world in Paul’s time, can we imagine how rotten it has become by now?

One sad part is that people in general have become blind to its evil and have become its fully voluntary victims. We know that this world is called Egypt also because it is a slavery system that abuses its slaves in a modern and sophisticated way. People in general work hard to make ends meet after all the taxes are paid to the lords of this system, who have accepted a price for their intellectual prostitution.

We could go into many more details about the medical system, the food production, the banking systems, and so on but this is not the place for those details. Each one of us must do our personal studies and we should have done this already to know what is really going on around us. We must not be like the rest of the world and be ignorant of the Devil’s devices.

Most of us have the Internet to read on those things and we should do this to some extent and be aware of these devices because we must be separate from them. We all have been trapped in this world’s systems by birth but our Saviour is gradually pulling us out of them. Many of us already have had to take autonomous employment to be able to keep all the commanded Feasts and the New Moons freely and without harassment from our employer. There are, in most civilised countries, some so-called freedom laws according to the Human Charter of Freedom. That is all nice in theory but in real life, the law of the jungle is in effect. Employers are not converted to the Truth but in fact they are fully compliant to Satan’s religion, which rejects everything from God’s Laws.

Humanity is fully brainwashed to believe Satan’s lies although they can be as sincere we can be. It is becoming more and more evident that God’s Laws do not fit in Satan’s system. In fact, we know that very soon it will become impossible to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast. That mark, in its application, is the full allegiance to the Beast system. If there are some liberties left in this world, they are being quickly removed and the police forces will be asked to impose the New World Order on all of its citizens.

Our Saviour has already given us a new citizenship to the New Jerusalem. Although we are called citizens of places where we were born or where we live, we no longer have a full allegiance to this present evil world. We need to understand these concepts as spiritual applications of our calling and election. None of us has or should have such ambitions as to become politicians in this system. That job has been allocated to men who are fully obedient to Satan and his generals, and who are well paid for it in this world. We can read about many demonic devices in such books as the ‘Vatican Assassins’ or in the new work by P.D. Stuart, Barbêlôn, Lux Verbi Books (available from CCG Publishing). Both works effectively note the satanic influences in the various elements and societies of the Roman Church, such as the Jesuits, for example. These organisations have now infiltrated all useful government agencies and systems all over the world. The wars that we see today in diverse countries are their activities in lining up any non-compliant national governments for the final hour of the New World Order.

A strange tactic is being implemented as an apparently successful technique in the world’s brainwashing or, more specifically, what is called the ‘great apostasy’. As described in Revelation 12:9, Satan has indeed deceived the whole world. That would include the very elect if it was possible, but our Father Eloah will not allow this to happen, and so we are kept safe from any serious psychological damage in this brainwashing. Yet, we have been washed by the Holy Spirit, into the Truth, by the blood of Yahoshua, our Passover Lamb.

We are called to leave Egypt first spiritually but also physically by our keeping of the Feasts in remote areas. We should not keep any Feast back in Egypt. Where possible we should keep all the Feasts in peace and quiet. These are the places that our Father Eloah has set His name for that purpose.

On the other hand, there is one large city where we should go. We have heard the possibility of keeping the Feast of Booths in Jerusalem for the Reading of the Law in 2012. This is a very remote possibility for us because of the high cost of such a journey, but for our Father Eloah it is not difficult. We must understand that if it is His Plan that some or all of us are to be there for 2012, we will be there. He can accomplish His will because no worthy obstacle can prevent Him from doing anything He says.

Meanwhile, our training is continuing through tribulations and all trials to grow in faith and spiritual assurance in His promises. As Abraham was faced with the sacrifice of his only son and yet still believed in Eloah’s promise, we also are faced with difficulties and impossible situations. Although we may not see any light in the tunnel, we have a spiritual light, which is from the Holy Spirit that His promises are sure and His Plan is infallible and perfect. His Plan may not be comfortable, but it is perfect for salvation. We were told that childbirth would be painful, and we know that we are now in the final birth pangs as Yahoshua told us.

We are not totally immune from the physical and spiritual pains of these birth pangs. Yahoshua himself suffered in his execution and accepted it although he did ask for an easier alternative. But there was none and there is still none. We must suffer as he did although he was punished for our sins and all others. We must suffer for our sins and for our faith in Yahoshua.

This suffering and persecution is what we can expect now because we reject this world’s Babylonian religion and all its false teachings (see the series Mysticism, also available from CCG Publishing as a paperback). We preach the Truth and stand against this world’s system because we know it is fraud and deception all through. This is a hard saying that the world cannot accept. Only the elect are protected against its spiritual deception.

As Passover is soon upon us, we need to review and renew our commitment to the Truth, to our Calling and to our Stand against all false teachings. It is a warfare not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual princes of this world. We cannot put up a strong physical opposition because we only have a weak body but we have in us a strong Spirit, which is Eloah’s. Not by might but by My Spirit says the Lord Of Hosts.

What destiny we have in the coming years has been already determined in our Father Eloah’s Spirit from eternity. We will see great things being accomplished in the near future, most certainly from the Two Witnesses (see the paper The Witnesses (No. 135)). It is in great anticipation and hope that we await those prophecies to be accomplished and to see justice being implemented on this planet. We can barely imagine a world where there is no abuse of the poorer and weaker members but we can trust our Father Eloah to make such a dream come true. It is not only a dream; it is our Father’s Perfect Plan for us on this planet. We can trust our Father who is Creator of all things to be able to accomplish the impossible for us.

Let us prepare for the Passover in reading, studying, fasting and praying. Passover allows us to receive confirmation of our election. That is a great gift. Yesterday, the Seventh day of Abib was the Sanctification of the Simple and the Erroneous (No. 291). Continue now to the Passover in prayer and fasting for the salvation of our people.

Let us thank our Saviour, Father Eloah, through Yahoshua, His beloved Son, our soon coming Master, for His great mercy in His perfect Plan of Salvation/Creation.

Jacques Guérard,

Coordinator for Canada and the French-speaking Work.  Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.
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