Sabbath 24/12/30/120

In January 2008, the Sanhedrin of Israel wrote to President George W. Bush addressing him as the “Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal”. Effectively they were calling him ‘Gog of the land of Magog’ and head of the Meshech and Tubal alliance of the Last Days.

Readers will be aware that we have spent much time on the issue of identifying the nations and the importance of the correct identification.

Below is the open letter I wrote to the officers of the Sanhedrin including the Nasi and the relevant officers responsible for the identification of the Sons of Noah and the secretariat.

First letter to the Sanhedrin:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Sirs

In your recent letter to George W Bush you refer to him as Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal.

Would you tell us on what grounds and evidence do you assert the United States are the tribes of Meshech and Tubal.

I am responsible in CCG for the identification of the nations genetically and historically and have written much on these aspects.

We are about to deal with the tribes of Meshech and Tubal and the sons of Japheth generally. I find no support for your assertion.

We have already issued the papers on the Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) and the history and identification of the sons of Ham and the Sons of Shem.

We have also examined the genetic origins of the various elements of the Jewish people.

In fact 52% of all Ashkenazi Levites are themselves sons of Tubal and R1a Khazars. 25% of all European Jews are also E3b Canaanites (the categories will change soon due to scientific adjustments).

Only some 30% of all Jews are actually even Semites and as few as 15% may actually be Israelites, let alone Jews.

I can understand that President Bush being head of Nato fulfils a role as head of the military arm of the European nations descended from Tubal. Yiddish itself is a Sorbian Language with German lexicography and reflexology.

Meshech are the nations of the Russian system as we understand it. On what grounds do you seek to overturn this common understanding?

Wade Cox
The Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265)
Sons of Ham: Part I (No. 45A)
Sons of Ham: Part II Cush (No. 45B)
Sons of Ham: Part III Mizraim (No. 45C)
Sons of Ham: Part IV Phut (No. 45D)
Sons of Ham: Part V Canaan (No. 45E)
Sons of Japheth Part III: Magog (No. 46C)
Sons of Japheth: Part I (No. 46A)
Sons of Shem: Part I (No. 212A)
Sons of Shem: Part VII Charts for P212A-212F (No. 212G)
Descendants of Abraham Part II: Lot, Moab, Ammon and Esau (No. 212B)
Descendants of Abraham Part III: Ishmael (No. 212C)
Descendants of Abraham Part IV: Sons of Keturah (No. 212D)
Descendants of Abraham Part V: Judah (No. 212E)
Descendants of Abraham Part VI: Israel (No. 212F)
Descendants of Abraham Part VIII: Thirteen Famines of Rebellion (No. 212H)
War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294)

I received a reply from the Webmaster of the site as follows.

Subject: Re: Letter to Bush

Here are two videos where Rabbi Chaim Richman speaks about his reference to Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal. (Rabbi Richman speaks about 20 mins into the broadcast)

Hope this helps

I listened to the radio broadcasts. The arguments touch on the common understanding, but the Sanhedrin have passed this off as being applicable because President Bush wants to assume the roles of Gog in the Last Days, and therefore it is applicable to him. However, that is not what Scripture says. It may well be that a common union will emerge after the sequence of terrible hostilities ensues, as prophesied, but that will be after the Scriptures are fulfilled in their primary sequence.

I then replied to the Sanhedrin as follows:

Dear Sirs,

I have listened to the radio broadcasts. They are unconvincing.

The Eternal gave us his directions through the prophets.

We have spent a large amount of time constructing the genetics and history of the world's nations precisely because Scripture cannot be broken. It is vital that we understand the sequence of the activities among the nations involved.

The sequence of the wars of the end, as outlined by the prophets, is specific.

It is true that there are people of Mesech and Tubal within the United States but so also are there Magogites and Gomerites and Tirasians and Javanites and also Assyrians and Hebrews and Edomites and Sons of Keturah and Hamites of all groups. Also there are more professing Jews living in the US and the British Commonwealth than anywhere else on earth including Israel. There are more Hg I Hebrews in the US and British Commonwealth and Western Europe than anywhere else on Earth. Your people tried to deny that Hg I was even Semitic when we advanced the hypothesis. The scientists have now proven the Hebrew IJ supergroup from S2 and S22.

If what you did was of God, then it would have been handed to Bush by a servant of God that spoke by the Law and the Testimony. It was not and Bush did not receive it.

The Gog of the Land of Magog who is the chief Prince of Mesech and Tubal has yet to deal with you.

This is indeed the land of Russia and the former Soviet Republics who will indeed come down upon you.

Before they come down upon you, the European system will impose its will upon you and occupy you.

Over half of the city of Jerusalem will go into captivity according to Scripture. Yahovah of Hosts will indeed consolidate Israel as we have said in the paper War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294). However, you have more to go through to bring you to repentance.

It is written that Yahovah of Hosts will send Elijah the prophet to you and he will restore all things.

The Lord God spoke through the prophet Isaiah and told you of the Messiah and how those things were to happen. Zechariah 2:1-13 shows how you are to be restored and Yahovah will be sent by Yahovah of Hosts and he will be a wall of fire to you and many nations will be joined to the Lord of Hosts in that day.

However, before you are able to build the Temple and re-establish the Temple system you must first restore the Temple Calendar and keep the New Moons according to the conjunctions as stated to you by the records of Philo and the Bible itself. You are to keep the Sabbaths and New Moons and the Feasts and the Holy Days, and the Wave Sheaf, free of Babylonian heresy. Why are you still in the 58th century if it is not because you follow the Babylonian intercalations and their calendar. The Bible tells us we are in the 120th jubilee, which ends in 2027 there being fifty years to a jubilee.

This year you intercalate when none is necessary and push the feasts back a month and into the eighth month. You do this because of the Babylonian system you adopted under Hillel II in 358. You were still playing around with it under Rambam in the twelfth century. Your own rabbis say that it is incorrect but you will wait for Messiah to fix it. God is not the author of confusion.

It is not Bush that is being dealt with now but you. 2008 will see him with enough troubles of his own. What follows him may well cause you much greater concern.

You mentioned the plagues of Egypt in the radio broadcast. At the end of the horror that you are about to endure, the Temple calendar will be restored and you will keep the feasts according to the laws of God or you will suffer the plagues of Egypt and die of famine as foretold by Zechariah 14:16-19. You will keep the Sabbaths and New Moons as foretold by Isaiah 66 and you will not trade.

Scripture cannot be broken. May the Lord help you to see and hear and understand.

Wade Cox

The other papers dealing with Meshech and Tubal and Tiras and the other sons of Japheth are being released over the next few weeks. These are Sons of Japheth Part II: Gomer (No. 46B), Sons of Japheth Part III: Magog (No. 46C), Sons of Japheth Part IV: Madai (No. 46D), Sons of Japheth Part V: Javan (No. 46E), Sons of Japheth Part VI: Tubal (No. 46F), Sons of Japheth Part VII: Meshech (No. 46G), Sons of Japheth Part VIII: Tiras (No. 46H).

It is obviously timely that these issues were resolved.

Please pray that these people have their eyes opened and are brought to repentance, and can see and hear and understand.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General