Sabbath 3/12/30/120

Dear Friends,

On 1 February 2008, the ABC reported that the Australian Strategy Policy Institute issued their strategic assessment on the future of Afghanistan.

They said that international troops will still be required in Afghanistan for the next 15 years, by which time Afghanistan is likely to be geographically divided and insurgency groups will still be operating in some provinces and border areas.

It was their assessment that Australian Special Forces patrols will still be needed for at least the next five years.

They recommended what we would have thought was obvious. That was that the Federal Government aid program be focussed on infrastructure projects and consider sponsoring districts that do not rely on the opium trade. They also suggest a bigger role for the Federal Police officers to train local forces. They also recommended that Australia provide opportunities for Afghans to receive education and training in Australia.

Now, isn’t that strange about the opium? The US and its allies could defoliate half of Vietnam but they can’t spray opium crops, and opium production has gone from 400 tonnes per annum, when the Taliban virtually stamped it out, to 8,400 tonnes – and 4,400 of that is reportedly in the British sector.

The European drug rackets are dependent on this opium production and they don’t want to stamp it out, just as they don’t want to stamp it out in South America either; and they don’t want to control the borders to stop the drugs being brought into the US and Europe.

The opium trade could be reduced to 400 tonnes again by a few simple methods. That would be enough for the medical needs of Europe. Farm quotas could be allocated for each area and the crops determined and paid for under the aid programs. If a crop is grown in any other sector the commanding officer of the area and the commanders of each sector are simply court-martialled. The Commonwealth Forces in WWII subsequently did it in Asia with malaria. They simply court-martialled the commanders where malaria occurred and it was brought under control very quickly and has stayed under control ever since. We all knew that if our men got malaria we would be held responsible, and cases of malaria were very few and far between. They could stamp out the opium production in a week if they wanted to. The fact is that they simply don’t want to do that at the highest levels.

The tactics used in the Malayan Emergency would work in Afghanistan. The problem is that the NATO forces do not have the training, the stomach or the resolve for it.

The problems in Iraq are part of the same problem. The report this week shows that over 1,000,000 people have been killed in Iraq since the invasion in 2003. A large proportion of those have been in Baghdad where the most protection is. As we said in 2002/3, there was no plan for the occupation and the war was fought for all the wrong reasons and based on a lie. These actions were all foretold in the year 1997 and the times were specified in the audios of the paper The Last Thirty Years: The Final Struggle (No. 219).

It is all happening as we said it would and it will continue to unfold as we said it would. The US and the British Commonwealth, with the aid of the imbecility and tribalism of the Iraqi and other fanatical Muslims, using non-Muslim brainwashing, are committing genocide on a scale not seen since Rwanda. God is not mocked. This warfare will now continue until the whole world is brought into captivity to the New World Order. Over the next eight years the wars will escalate until literally billions are dead. Then Christ will smash this man-made world government and every one of its leaders. Christ will take captivity captive and establish the new reign from Jerusalem (see Rev. 20:1-6). The Calendar of God will be re-established and every person on the planet will keep the Sabbath and the New Moons (Isa. 66:23), and the Feasts of God will be kept by all nations. They will send their representatives to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles or the nations will get no rain in due season and will suffer the plagues of Egypt and die from pestilence (Ezek. 14:16-19).

Every person that does not keep the Calendar as it is kept in the Temple and was kept in the Temple will die. Every priest, no matter the religion or calling, that teaches against the Laws of God and keeps the wrong calendar, either the Islamic or the Hillel or any other, will die and the people that follow them will be punished – and if they do not repent they will die. Not one minister that teaches the false Hillel calendar or any variation of it will survive.

If judgment begins at the House of God and is as prophesied, what do you think the end of it will be for those who reject the truth? There is no excuse and there will be no exceptions (see the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)).

When God says (Isa. 66:23) that all flesh will come before Him to worship on the Sabbaths and New Moons, He means all flesh. The ministers that teach against the keeping of the New Moons will be removed and if they do not repent will be the first to die in the final restoration. When the Witnesses get here the Churches of God will be the first to be dealt with, as judgement and correction must begin at the House of God (The Witnesses (No. 135)).

Afghanistan may well be divided geographically in 2023, but it will not be on the terms of the New World Order or anyone on the planet now. Both Afghanistan and Iraq will repent along with the nations now in occupation. Those that are left alive by then will repent in sackcloth and ashes. They and the entire planet will know the will of God and they will do it. By the Millennium from 2028 they will all be in their inheritance and they will have heard the voice of the prophets of God and will know what is expected of them.

There will be no war from that day forward until the end of the Millennium, when Satan’s time will be restored and the world will again march against Jerusalem prior to the Jubilee of 3027. Then humanity as we know it will cease to exist and the dead will rise to the correction of the Second Resurrection (Rev. 20:7-15) (see the papers The Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143) and the Judgment of the Demons (No. 80)).

Pray for those of the Churches of God that they might see and hear and turn and repent and thus take their place in the soon-coming government of Christ.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General