Sabbath 19/11/30/120

Dear Friends,

One can be excused for thinking that the current US presidential race is like a three-ring circus, only with less elephants and more clowns. However, to do so would be to underestimate the very serious nature of what is in effect a rigged process, very far from the principles of democracy as espoused by the American people in their constitution.

One would expect that the coverage of the election would be fair and unbiased. Whilst newspapers support various causes and there is a spin on coverage, we expect a fair and honest reporting of events.

Many of us in the world are blessed in that we live in a stable and affluent society. Many nations are trying to improve their standards of living. Some people have barely enough of the basics to survive.

In 1066, the Anglo-Saxons were invaded and enslaved by an efficient feudal society under the Normans. It ran on the premise of inequality and the divine right of kings. The serfs were slaves. In 1215 the king was made to sign the Magna Carta or Great Charter, at Runnymede. There is one of the original copies in London, the US at Congress, and another in Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. It guaranteed some basic rights such as Habeas Corpus and a right of fair trial before a jury of one’s peers. Over the next four hundred years advances were made in rights and the divine right of kings was finally limited by the Civil War between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. A new model army was created, which set the scene for the military success of the British. This war happened at the time of the establishment of the United States.

The British parliamentary system was established throughout the world as the Westminster system, named after the parliament at Westminster. The US fought its War of Independence and established their republic. In a way, that event forced Britain to make concessions to the other colonies and keep the Commonwealth functioning and free. This form of democracy became the hallmark of a free and independent people.

There have always been people within the system that see themselves as being above the masses, and who wish to enslave them and exploit them. Fortunately, these people have been unable to control or destroy the system until the rise of modern communications in the second half of the twentieth century. The failures of WWI saw a system of warfare begin to be developed by the US that will ultimately take the world to the point of destruction.

The Europeans have been consistently trying to establish their control of the world ever since the continent stumbled into WWI through ineptitude and stupidity. Hitler then tried to establish his brand of Fascism in Europe from 1933, and he was backed by US industrialists, leading to WWII. They did not care who won as long as they were OK with the winning side. IBM helped the genocide in the Holocaust with their machines, and their computers will do the same again.

In all that time, the system was being established to bring the world into what is called democracy, but in actual fact, it is a system of limited franchise where only the elite really get to control who owns and uses what.

In a way, these people are not all that bright even though they seem to have good IQs. A system of despotic government will always be opposed and brought down by a people dedicated to freedom and justice. The despots will pay the price.

The Bible is quite clear that in these Last Days Satan will give all his power to establish this system of despotism, and that it will rule the world for one hour. One prophetic hour is two weeks or one month, depending on how the prophetic day is determined. It will not rule for very long but it will virtually destroy the world in the process.

The erosion of democracy is critical to its control. The manipulation of the voting systems is part of its game plan, and we are now seeing the results everywhere. Kenya is on the verge of civil war because of electoral malpractice. Pakistan is on the verge of civil war because of misuse of the process and assassination. The Ukraine has been affected by the process, and Russia is under dictatorial control because of it. China could not care less and executes people by the thousands every year. Lebanon has postponed its presidential vote for the 12th time. The world is being prepared for a world dictatorship through deliberate instability.

Unstable people are being used and indoctrinated to achieve that end.

When a people lose faith in their administration they begin to work against it. That is now beginning to happen in the US. That is why the presidential orders have been signed into effect by Presidents Clinton and Bush, and why the Patriot Act was passed there. Similar legislation was passed in the UK and Australia. The effects were anticipated and these orders were implemented to counter the problem.

The recent events in the US in the New Hampshire primary are indicative of a broader problem. It is to the credit of Democrat Congressman Kucinich and the Republican Albert Howard that they have asked for a recount. Howard is reported as saying his official tally was 44 votes, but at one stage in the night his count was at 170. What happened to the rest? The same can be said for Republican Ron Paul, who had zero votes from two electoral areas. Yet, when some families objected that they were from Sutton, and they voted there, it was admitted there was a mistake and there were 31 votes from that area. He was polling at about 16% of the vote. The Democrat Barack Obama was polling 13% ahead of his nearest rival Hilary Clinton. In the areas where a ballot count was undertaken he maintained that poll lead and yet Clinton won with a margin of 3% due to the increased votes in the electronic voting areas. One expert, Professor Feltman, was reported as saying it was likely to be simply a distribution matter rather than fraud. Who knows; and who trusts these people any more? Florida with Bush and Gore was another fiasco. The “Grannie warriors for Ron Paul” also demanded a recount, and raised over $55,000 sent to Paypal to be handed over by a deadline set by the administrator of the count. The deadline was reportedly unlawful and no full payment had to be made in advance, merely a deposit and promise of payment as the lawyers for the democrat challenger also stated. Paypal froze the money so it could not be handed over by the deadline. These actions were two acts aimed at staying a genuine recount of votes in New Hampshire. It shows the extent of the influence of the elitist power groups behind the scenes and the corruption of the US system.

Slowly, Americans are waking up to the sham process, but it may be too late. As the candidates moved on, it became more and more obvious who the establishment does NOT want as president, and that is Ron Paul. They appear to have the bases covered in both the Democrat and Republican camps with their behind-the-scenes lackeys, all except for Paul. In South Carolina, Paul had a significant following and reportedly raised 35% of the poll, far in excess of his nearest Republican rival. He was still refused coverage and interview and debating time, as he had a right to expect. What was an even greater farce was that the SC authorities now admit that they ran a test on the electronic machines in Horry County, South Carolina, as they did in all counties, as the machines would not work unless they did. They placed their own figures in the machines and then left the figures there and began the polls without resetting the machines. They may have made errors in a number of counties. We simply don’t know. It was obvious in Horry County and they had to admit it.

Election Systems & Software voting machines used in South Carolina were decertified by the California Secretary of State last year, after the company refused to provide information necessary to review the voting systems, as required by state law.

"Some voters cast paper ballots today in 15-20 precincts because voting machines were not ready to accept votes," the Commission stated. "This issue was due to a human error in preparing the machines for the primary.”

The use of unreliable and easily hackable voting machines belonging to Diebold and ES&S and other vendors has covered the primaries with an air of fraud and mistrust and will, if used in the Presidential election, give the US and other nations no trust or confidence in the result, as they will have none in the nominated candidates. One could be excused for seeing the machine count fiasco in Florida in the 2004 election as a straw man to enable the introduction of riggable/hackable machines for this election on a large scale.

The primary is clearly invalidated in that county in SC and requires a ballot recount. The machines themselves were decertified last year in California because of the problems. Paul may well have won South Carolina. We don’t know what happened elsewhere. It may have been just a bit cleverer.

Then came Nevada. Edwards got union support, but Obama has the Hispanic-dominated hospitality unions sewn up, and that was a key placement, but the Nevada Democrat electoral machine declared Clinton ahead. Paul came in well for the Republicans in second place, defeating McCain and also coming in way ahead of Thompson, Giuliani and Huckabee. He has come in ahead of Giuliani and Thompson in every poll to date, but once again he had to be ignored and sidelined. Not only did the New York Times, allegedly a reputable newspaper, fail to show the correct results, they also left Paul out of the entire electoral table of candidates and their results, even though he was second and out-performed Senator Edwards by over 3 to 1 in percentage points. His name was not even mentioned as we can see below.

They were obviously, like Fox and the other media, told to ignore him and remove him from the debates. The media in the US is a public disgrace and needs to be reformed. It has to be broken up and media moguls like Murdoch have to be controlled and disciplined, and their oligarchies dismantled. The TV coverage has to be regulated and made more open and honest in their reporting. The ABC in Australia was little better in their coverage and seemed, in this case, to be simply accepting what they were told by the US outlets. The people can only get the truth in the US through the Internet. That, however, is unregulated, and unstable idiots attack people at will there due to unjust US laws. Paul has had a break with the withdrawal of Thompson and the NEW York Times and others are actually now forced to show him in the election tables.

Why does the rest of the world care what happens in the US? Because this is the most dangerous military beast the world has seen and it is out of rational control. It is being run by the military-industrial complex and its own intelligence systems, according to an agenda that is clandestine and not in accord with the mainstream values of its own and its allied societies. The Congress is complicit and thus impotent.

It should be noted that our people decided to suspend violence centuries ago and abide by the decision of the majority as an option to war. The descendants of those people are in the US and the British Commonwealth and they expect that system to be made to work, and if it is not they will fight to reclaim it. These elitist Fascists in the US and Europe realise that simple fact and are legislating to control the backlash. Their idiocy will result in civil war and finally their elimination as a social group and the cessation of their lines of family. The media oligopoly needs to be broken up and limited by law. The power of its control and brainwashing is obvious, especially in the US, where it is most effective.

The US could have achieved world leadership in the energy crisis and produced hybrid vehicles that ran on electricity and fuel at 150 miles per gallon and satisfied its entire oil needs from Canada alone. Canada already supplies more of the existing (wasted) oil products to the US than any other nation on Earth. The oil cartels have destroyed US capacity for wealth and made it the greatest debtor nation on Earth. They bought up alternative energy patents and suppressed them since at least 1927. The US could be a debt-free nation now if it acted responsibly under the previous administrations. The current US administration could not hold office in another Commonwealth democracy because of its conflicts of interest.

We have followed this campaign as a matter of interest because of its importance to prophecy in the latter days. The deliberate exclusion of Ron Paul from the media coverage has been a scandal. They are deliberately trying to pretend he does not exist. Why? Because he will recall all US troops home and destroy their imperialist power, balance the budget, and enforce the Constitution. How awful for them.

His real blind spot is the medico bias he displays towards an effective national health scheme. The absence of a proper cost-effective national health scheme makes it impossible for the US to compete with nations that have such a scheme. They were told that by the vehicle industry years ago. As a former medico, he reflects the self-interested bias of that profession which has hamstrung US industry for years. That appears to be the only weakness in his arguments.

It does not matter if the NH vote and the SC vote were only out by a few votes. What matters is that justice must not only be done but also it must be seen to be done and the US has a responsibility to ensure a paper trail is maintained to maintain credibility. You can’t tout democracy abroad and treat it as a joke at home.

We hope it is all above board and there is not a problem. However, from the media releases regarding the conduct of some candidates, the admission of the electoral commissions in some states, and the instances of apparent felonies being committed in relation to finance, the political system is becoming a farce there.

Reports are reaching us of meetings of Paul supporters with hand-made placards on street corners in California, and of overhead signs on freeways also for Paul, and no sign of any support for any other candidate, either Democrat or Republican. This man appears to be gathering grass roots support, in spite of the blanket of silence.

Last week, the UN warned of the impending world recession as a result of the US economic crisis and recession. Australian banks are raising rates now allegedly as a result of their loans to the US firms and increasing costs. Our people are being squeezed on false pretences in all countries. They have no control over the price of oil and the drought, yet these increases are being treated as inflationary by the central banks and the little people are being squeezed and bankrupted. The message last week dealt with the nonsense of the so-called “sub prime crisis” and how the figures do not add up.

These “Ecorats” or “Neocon” Fascist elite belonging to these secret societies are sowing the wind and they will reap the whirlwind. They will control the world for a very short time but they will be destroyed with this system when their master is confined to the pit, in the very near future. They have a week-of-years. After that, they will be destroyed and the nations of the world will be brought down to face Christ at Megiddo. By 2027, the real New World Order will be in place under Christ. That is the true 1000-year rule from Jerusalem. The system that goes before it is the false system of Antichrist and if it were possible it would deceive even the very elect.

Power must be exercised responsibly in accordance with God’s Laws. We fight against wickedness in high places.

The world’s most powerful nation has responsibilities that go with that power.

We will continue to inform you of what is happening as it happens and where it is headed in the years ahead before it happens.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General