Sabbath 5/11/30/120

Dear Friends,

The purpose of this message is to detail CCG policy in regards to medicine and medical care.

CCG tries to present the known facts as they become available on problems in medicine and medical treatment, so as to give a balanced view on the benefits and problems in current medicine.

At no time is any officer of CCG permitted to provide advice on medical treatment or seek to prevent someone from obtaining proper medical attention.

CCG members have a responsibility to themselves and those in their care to get proper qualified medical advice from a qualified practitioner, as soon as practicable.

CCG provides anointing and anointed cloths to assist in the healing process by faith. Many of our people are healed by faith. However, each of us should make use of modern technology to determine what it is that ails us, and make balanced decisions as to what steps we will take towards our healing.

Remember that the Apostle Luke wrote the third synoptic Gospel; and he was a physician.

Each of the members has a responsibility to obtain sound advice, and where an important decision is to be made a second opinion should be sought. In a multitude of counsel there is much wisdom. Sometimes there may be another way with sound advice. Sometimes, some medicines have side effects that will affect people differently. For example, a known side effect of the stomach antacid sold as Zantac, or Ranitidine (or whatever) is that it induces vertigo. The symptoms can be mistaken for Meniere’s disease if tinnitus and hearing loss are present. The solution is to switch to another antacid or change your diet. So too can cortisone induce diabetes in some people, and this should be considered before taking the drug. It is a life-changing decision. There are no free lunches with anything, and there are side effects to just about everything. It is a decision that has to be made with all information to hand.

The legacy of the sickness equals sin argument of the Churches of God has cost a lot of people their lives, and even more people their well being, over time. The sicknesses of the planet are the result of six thousand years of sin and the destruction of the planet, and it is our responsibility to look after one another and help the sick and heal the afflicted.

When a person gives advice on any matter they are legally liable for that advice. No CCG officer is to attempt to influence a person so as to refuse or not seek proper medical advice on any matter that is obvious, or that is brought to his attention. They are to be directed to seek proper medical advice.

In the same way, parents and guardians are to seek proper advice and attention for their children or those in their care. In some nations and states it is a criminal offence not to seek proper attention for someone in their care, and if the person dies, prosecution ensues.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General