New Moon 1/10/31/120

Dear Friends,

From Democracy to Dictatorship in Africa

When countries in Africa got their independence at the end of the Colonial era, many Africans thought that Democracy had come and that their dream had come true. What is happening in Africa today is the opposite of what their dreams were. African political leaders have changed the continent to a blood shedding continent. In Kenya, for example, people are healing from the wounds recently experienced under a system created by our own political leaders. Ethnicity is a major disease that by and large has been created by African political leaders and this is not to end soon.

In fact, if President-elect Barack Obama were to contest his presidency in Kenya, he could not have been elected president.

It is good that Kenyans are now united, irrespective of their tribe, to celebrate his victory, but if he were to contest the presidency in Kenya the first questions that people would ask are: “Which tribe does he come from? How much money does he have? Who was his father? Was his father a minister or member of parliament?” Obama would fail the first test even before going to the nomination.

The cost of living has recently gone up by more than 200% in Kenya, and the only people to feel this pain are the common people. How would you feel when you could not afford even two simple meals per day while some one drives three cars a day, one for himself, one for his wife and another one to drive his children to school? How would you feel? By and large African politicians enjoy the comfort of security, a good house and a huge salary while the people who gave them the job keep on dying of hunger. The contrasts are incongruous to many people. One day, a friend of mine asked me this question: “I have been faithful to Christianity, I have been faithful to God, but why do I keep on suffering while those who care little about God keep on having a comfortable life?” This was a very challenging question. My advice to him was that we should wait for the kingdom of God, then that will be the best time for us to enjoy the gifts of God under Christ. Now it is their time but our time will come.

In the Congo things are getting out of control. Democracy has changed to dictatorship. In his book “Not Yet Uhuru,” Jaramogi Oginga explains how greedy African leaders grabbed freedom from the common people to make it a tool for dictatorship. In Africa today, freedom continues to be an elusive goal. Freedom is in the hands of those elected allegedly to represent the people. One cannot even live in one’s own house freely.

Zimbabwe is a joke even to other African leaders. It is our job to pray for our leaders and help them. It is written: “Thou shall not revile the elohim or curse the ruler of thy people” (Ex. 22:28). The mainstream churches are not helping and their teachings are unbiblical. Many withhold the truth in unrighteousness.

Let us all pray for freedom, peace and true democracy in Africa. Our prayer is that one day we will live to say that we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ, once and for all.

We face a great task to educate Africa to the Laws of God and to peace and tolerance towards mankind. Join us and help us in this great task. Many are joining us on a daily basis all over Africa. We need help.

Walter Odhiambo Okello (ed. Wade Cox)

Coordinator CCG East Africa