New Moon Message 1/8/31/120

Dear Friends,

Fraser Nelson in London's Spectator in July was reported as saying: "At a recent dinner party in the British embassy in Kabul, one of the guests referred to 'the Afghan-Pakistan war'. The rest of the table fell silent. The dreadful reality dare not be mentioned not even in private in Kabul. The war is widening and no one wants to accept the fact. Iran’s recent message to the UN is dealing with the reality and using it for propaganda.

The war now involves Pakistan, which is a country with an unstable government and nuclear weapons.

The conflict is based on Pakistani colonialist aggression and few want to admit it. The NATO force will extend into the Taliban infested tribal regions and conflict seems inevitable on a large scale.

The Taliban and their al-Qa'ida guests were originally imposed on Afghanistan from without as a projection of Pakistani state power. Only Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates recognised the Taliban as the legal government in Kabul.

Pakistan ruling cliques want to run Afghanistan as a dependent proxy state, and this colonial mindset is especially entrenched among senior army officers and in the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI).

The Clinton administration sent cruise missiles into Afghanistan in reprisal for the attacks on US embassies in East Africa, the missiles missed Osama bin Laden but did manage to kill two officers of the ISI. Why were these men in an al-Qa'ida camp in the first place? No one asked the tough questions.

What is true though is that the Taliban stamped out the heroin trade in Afghanistan (down to 400 tonnes). The NATO allies invaded and had the illegal drug trade up and running better than ever. It was deliberate and is now being used by the Taliban against the NATO forces, as one would expect.

No one in their right mind believes that the NATO and allied forces could not strop the heroin trade if they really wanted to. It is a drug trade run at the highest levels of the government and intelligence security systems.

The US administrations kept certifying to Congress that Pakistan was not exploiting US aid, and the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan, to build itself a nuclear weapons capacity. It turned a blind eye to a serious manufactured problem.

After September 11, 2001, we allowed ourselves to learn that at least two of Pakistan's top nuclear scientists, Mirza Yusuf Baig and Chaudhry Abdul Majid, had been taken in for questioning about their close links to the Taliban. The US was actually supporting the Taliban and the nuclear expansion there.

The US and UK turned a blind eye to the fact that Pakistan's chief nuclear operative, A.Q. Khan, had opened a private enterprise nuclear market selling to regimes in Libya and North Korea. The Pakistani Airforce planes often made the deliveries.

As has been pointed out more than once Pakistan is not a real country but an aggregation of tribes under the 1930s acronym of Choudry Rahmat Ali who was a Muslim propagandist for partition. Its first leader was a Shi’ia Naqshbandiya mystic named Mohammed Ali Jenna. The partition under the British was meant to have covered the states of the acronym namely Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir and Indus Sud with “stan” added meaning “land of”; and in Urdu the resulting acronym means “Land of the pure”. The Baluch are another minority tribal group who has fought a low level secessionist struggle more or less since incorporation. Bangladesh managed to free itself of the genocidal Pakistani repression from the west.

The name itself expressed the intended and future expansion of the tribal states as a Muslim entity covering also Afghanistan and Kashmir. Most of the Punjab is in India and contains a large Sikh population that was formed because of the incessant Muslim-Hindu warfare in the first place. The wars will continue until the expanded Islamic state is a reality, or the cliques are eliminated and a rational state is in place.

The Pakistani see themselves as being run by the Punjabi military caste and for that reason they hated and ultimately killed the Sind leader Benazir Bhutto, simply because she came from Sind. For that reason they are unable to rise above tribalism in all areas.

The war is thus to the east and to the west to take over both Afghanistan and Kashmir and it is only a matter of time before the conflict goes nuclear. Pakistan’s ally is China. India is allied with the US. Russia will find the conflict in the Central Steppes and change sides after the holocaust there.

The US and NATO allowed a potential and probable thermo-nuclear dispute to develop while they looked on. The dangerous link with Pakistan was reviewed after the 11 September debacle and links with India were developed which will add to the other strains of the potential; nuclear conflict.

While the Pakistani ISI continue to fan the flames of conflict in Afghanistan with their bombs and sabotage we are looking at state sponsored terrorism from Pakistan and its Muslim allies where the terrorist links are developing under ISI protection and support. Quetta and the Tribal areas are the centre of the growth of the new and protected al-Qa'ida. Osama bin Laden is long dead but the NWO uses his doubles to put out continuing messages. The photos are clearly not those of Bin Laden and some are years younger than he. We are being sucked into a world war to justify the NWO expansion and control in the Last Days.

No matter who becomes president in November they will be faced with combating this whole scale Islamic development while hamstrung by NWO attacks on the financial sector which is on a level with terrorism elsewhere. In fact one might postulate that the two are linked and run by the same evil minds.

America has bought a war in the area of the Muslim militant expansionists and the drugs keep flowing to fill the coffers of the intelligence and corrupt political systems of the West.

That war will escalate as the prophets have announced and it will not cease until Messiah takes control.

There will be no end to it until Messiah takes captivity captive and all people obey God’s Laws and keep His Sabbaths, New Moons and Holy Days. Scripture cannot be broken.

We will continue with the papers dealing with the Advent of the Messiah and the papers on the Golden Jubilee and the Millennium (No. 300).

Wade Cox

Coordinator General.