New Moon 01/03/31/120



Dear Friends,



There was a woman who lived on the East Bank of the Jordan at Tall el Hammam in Central Jordan. She was comfortable and secure and got on well with her neighbours even though they were different religiously. The residents were supposed to look after one another but they did not do that and often assaulted and forced sexuality on others. Her husband and family, however, tried to keep the Commandments of God as confidently as they could. The authorities were made aware of the problems there and they sent the Speaker of the House to inspect the place with two of his closest associates. When they inspected the city they reported the seriousness of the situation immediately to the Head of Government. The woman’s father-in-law was a highly respected man in the area and made representations regarding the judgment of the cities. However, due to the problems there, the decision was made to evacuate the woman’s family and to destroy the city. Many people did not like the decision but they simply had to accept the fact.


The woman and her family were very seriously affected. Her sons-in-law were part of the rebel organisation and they insisted on being part of the Martyr’s brigade and embrace the beliefs of the religion that ignored the Faith, as it had been given to Abraham and then to Moses. The majority there followed the corrupted traditions that had come down to them from the pagans at Babylon and Syria. The woman left the city with her husband and family and went to a smaller nearby village as they had been ordered. They could not move into the West Bank area, as it was not available to them to do that. She thought of all the benefits and the social system she had. They had everything they needed in her area but her husband insisted that they should give more in social security and education benefits to others, as the true Faith required. He was called a socialist by the conservatives there. They certainly did not like his leanings to the teachings of the Israelites. The rebels became angrier and they had to leave in a hurry. The woman got out but she was reluctant to see the destruction of the town and halted her flight to watch the air strike on the village. The air attack destroyed the town and the surrounding towns in what appeared to be a nuclear explosion. She was not protected and was killed by the force of the explosion and was burned to death standing upright. The area had become so evil and ignorant of the Laws of God that they were destroyed because they could not be redeemed. The woman’s husband’s name was Lowt bin Haran-‘Abraham. Her father-in-law was ‘Abraham bin Terach, her husband’s foster father. The Speaker of the House was Yahovah Ha Memra. He will perform this action again soon.


Soon the false religion of the world will rise up and take over the entire world. Initially, the forces of the South will enter the Kingdom of the North and the “city on seven hills”, which committed fornication with the kings of the Earth, will be destroyed as foretold by the prophet Daniel and through the Revelation of God to Jesus Christ. The system will move to Jerusalem and the Antichrist and the False Prophet will set up there. 


Recently, a woman wrote to us asking if it was really necessary to destroy such a lovely city. She understood that it was the centre of the religion that corrupted Christianity. She understood that the king of the South represented a victory of Islam and their invasion of Southern Europe. Why, when in the Last Days Christ said that it would be worse than the worst days of Sodom and Gomorrah, would Christ spare these apostates when he did not spare Sodom or Gomorrah for their iniquity? The answer is that he will not spare them and he will destroy all of it.


As it was in the days of Abraham so shall it be now. If there can be found ten righteous men there then God shall spare them, but the city is marked for destruction and it shall be destroyed, and at the end the forces of the Northern powers shall come into Jerusalem and take Egypt – but the Jordanians will be accommodated in the occupation, being left to their own devices but he will occupy Egypt and place Libya and Ethiopia at his borders in submission (Dan. 11:40-45).


This Northern kingdom occupies Jerusalem and the joint religious system will be set up there and these Trinitarian Christians will establish a religion such that if it were possible it would deceive the very elect. It will be a unified system and the whole world will adopt it. Its headquarters will be at Jerusalem. When this is done it is written that news will come out of the East and out of the North, which is from the central Russian Steppes and on into the East. This will cause the last great war between East and West. The King of the Northern system will occupy and set his headquarters from Jerusalem between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and north to the Gulf. He will defeat the Central Asian system. The text is clear that when he sets the Headquarters of his system up at Zion, and goes into the Steppes and defeats the northern and eastern force, he will come to his end with none to help him.


The Christ will return to Jerusalem and destroy the forces of the King of the North along with the False Prophet and the Antichrist and that false system of religion. Even the ones who say they are Jews but lie, with their false Hillel system, will be taken in by this system.


The action is underway now. The North-South conflict is started at Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the revolutionary or fifth column aspects are not yet ready. The universities in Britain and the US and Australia and elsewhere in the West are being taken in by the Arab oil powers and by Wahabi revolutionary forces using Saudi Arabian money. The Saudis are being courted for their money. Even Oxford has fallen like the religious whore that she is. While Rome reigned she was Trinitarian. Our people were burnt at Oxford in 1191 as Pauliani or Publiani. Her scholars, as well as those of Cambridge, isolated Trinitarians and made them supreme. They killed the true Bible students. Cambridge itself was founded by students fleeing Oxford due to the violence between the students and the town. The Unitarianism of the Bible was condemned. Sir Isaac Newton only escaped because he did not teach in Religious Studies but in Science. It did not save Whiston and the others.


Griffith University in Brisbane has taken a significant sum of Wahabi money and the scholars are aware that they will become a puppet of Wahabi revolutionary propaganda.  British Intelligence is alarmed at the sheer volume of these revolutionary cells in British universities assisted by Arab money.


How did they manage it? The answer was simple. The Globalists on both sides of the houses of Parliament of the entire British Commonwealth decreased the university budgets so much, for so long, that they had to recruit funds from anywhere, and the oil money did the trick. The US accepted Wahabist Saudi money and some, like those in Georgia, became the worst of the “it’s all our fault” apologists in the teaching of Religious Studies in Islam. Twenty years ago it was difficult to get anywhere unless you were a Trinitarian yes-man. The study of the Religious Development of Islam was seriously treated by the few such as Anthony Johns at ANU and Smith in the US.


Now they are behaving like whores falling over themselves for Islamic radical funds. These universities will be ensnared by their own “need,” greed and avarice and become tools of the radicals. Britain is almost there, assisted by the Jesuits also.


Islamic radicalism is an insane political movement that runs counter to the teaching of the Koran. The world will pay for this Globalist-inspired transfer of funds in to the Middle East. It is designed to destroy our people and we have not got the brains to see it. The US and Canada do not need to import one gallon of oil given the reserves in Alaska. Australia needs only enough Middle East crude to enable tar maintenance until it can replace its road system.


The revolution will seek to destroy the West. Paris will burn from its own radicals and so will many British cities and some in the US and Australia and New Zealand.


The world is being deliberately destroyed by the Globalists or Satanists, at the behest of the Fallen Host.


Over this year, we will release the explanation of the prophecies and the wars of the end. Be alert and trust in God.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General