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Dear Friends



We hear the constant message from people claiming to be Christians that they want to follow Christ and the Apostles and do the things they did.


Many claim that they have the Bible as their guide yet there are as many divisions making the same claim as there are pebbles on a beach.


To assist in the search for the truth here is a simple checklist for what Christ and the Apostles did and believed.



Questions regarding Christ:    


1. Did Christ keep the law of God?        

Yes (Mat. 5:17,19; 22:40; Jn. 14:15,21; 15:10; 18:20)

2. Did Christ keep the Sabbath?

Yes (Mk. 1:21; 6:2; Lk 4:16,31)

3. Did Christ keep the New Moons and Holy Days?

Yes (Num. 10:10; 28:14; 1Chr. 23:31; 2Chr. 8:3;

Isa.  66:23)

4. Did Christ keep the Temple Calendar?


5. Did Christ keep the sanctification or cleansing of the Temple? 

Yes (Mk. 11:11-16; Lk. 19:45; Jn. 2:14-15)


6. Did Christ speak with and was he tempted by the angel Satan?

Yes (Mat.  4:5)

7. Did Christ claim to be the Son of God?         

Yes  (Mat. 27:43)

8. Did Christ declare the acceptable year of the Lord or Jubilee?

Yes  (Lk. 4:19)


9. Did Christ say that Scripture cannot be broken?           

Yes (Jn. 10:35)


10. Was Christ killed by death on a stake or stauros?


11. Did he spend three full days and thee full nights in the tomb?

Yes (Mat. 12:40; Mk 9:31)


12. Was that part of the Sign of Jonah?

Yes (Mat. 12:40)

13. Was Christ crucified on a Wednesday?        


14. Was Christ resurrected three days and three nights later on Sabbath evening?


15. When did 14 Abib fall on a Wednesday at the time of Christ?

30 CE

16. Does the God of David have a God himself?

Yes (Ps. 45:6-7)

17 Was Christ made an elohim and High priest? 

Yes (Heb. 1:8-9)

18. Is there more than one Yahovah or Elohim?

Yes (Gen. 18:1- 19:1)



The Church with Christ


Are the 144,000 and the Great Multitude in the First Resurrection?

Yes (cf. Rev. 7:1-17)


Are these the Churches of God?


How were their robes made white in the blood of the lamb?         

By baptism for repentance



Questions of Fact


Did Christ ever worship on a Sunday?   

Only if a Bible Holy Day fell on a Sunday

Did Christ ever say he was a true God? 


Does the Bible ever say there was more than one true God?

No (see Jn. 17:3)


Were there two co-eternal and co-equal God’s ever mentioned in the Bible?


Has any human ever seen God?

No (Jn 1:18; 1Jn 4:12)

Can any human ever see God?  

No (1Tim. 6:16)

Did the first century Church pray to Christ?        

No (Mat. 6:6)

Are there more than two resurrections of the dead?

No (Rev. 1-15).

Does Rev. 20:13 refer to a Third Resurrection?


Were there any postponements ever used in the Bible or Temple Calendar?



Did Christ and the Apostles ever keep Christmas or Easter?

No (cf. Jer. 10:1-9)


Does the Bible permit Christmas or Easter?


What is Easter?

Easter is Anglo-Saxon for the goddess Ishtar



Questions of History


When was Sunday first recorded as a day of worship?

ca. 111 in Rome with the Sabbath

When was Easter first introduced to the Christian Church?           

ca. 154 CE under Anicetus in Rome


When did the Church split over the Easter issue?

ca. 192 CE under Victor in Rome


When was Christ made a co-equal and co-eternal part of God?

In the third century Modalism, which was an invention of one God in three parts.

What was Christ understood to be in the first and second century Church?

The Great Angel that gave the Law to Moses (cf. Justin Martyr).

Did the Early Church pray to the saints?

No. They were known as dead and themselves awaiting the resurrection.

When did the Jewish (Hillel) calendar come into being?

In 344 CE two rabbis introduced the Babylonian system and in 358 CE rabbi Hillel made it the official Jewish calendar. It was amended until the 12th century CE.

Does the Hillel calendar have anything to do with the Temple Calendar?

Other than the use of similar names for things it bears no resemblance to the Temple calendar, which was based on the conjunction nearest the Northern Vernal Equinox. It almost never keeps the Holy Days on the right days or even the right months in the majority of years.

If you follow the Jewish calendar are you keeping God’s Laws?

No, as the days He says to keep holy are not kept holy. Other days are substituted by man-made rules.

Is the Samaritan calendar the same as the Temple calendar?

No. Whilst it uses the conjunction system it commences with the New Moon after the Equinox and thus a great deal of the time has the Feast in the Eighth month for which God punished Israel under Jeroboam and later.

When did the Churches of God begin to keep the wrong calendar?

In the twentieth century under Herbert Armstrong ca. 1942.

When did Binitarianism come into effect?

In the Catholic Church from the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE.

When did Trinitarianism come into being?

It was invented by the Cappadocians and adopted by the Council of Constantinople in 381 CE.

What was the original doctrine of the Church?

The Church, the Bible and rational Theism are Unitarian. All other elements are not true Christianity.

When did Ditheism come into the Church?

It was invented by the Radio Church of God to appeal to some of its Trinitarian converts, while other elements remained biblically Unitarian. These Ditheist elements are now in offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God such as UCG, LCG, PCG and many others.



This list is a start for the Brethren.


Those of you in the various Churches of God that have beliefs contrary to these tenets are wrong and need to repent.


Please add to these for the Children’s quizzes and Bible Studies.



Wade Cox

Coordinator General