Sabbath 22/9/30/120

Dear Friends,

The BBC reported recently ( that, based on 2006 figures, the rate of new cases of HIV has doubled since 1999. That is, it has doubled per annum in new cases reported. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) says that the proportion of new cases per million inhabitants went up across the EU from 28.8 to 57.5 in 2006. A few days ago the experts reported, over Radio National of the Australian Broadcasting Commission, that the rate is now at 150%. So it has jumped again in 2007 by a further 50% or, in other words, doubled on the original figures, and the year has not ended yet.

The amount varies, and in some countries it is in epidemic proportions. The highest rate in Europe, for example, is in Estonia which has risen to 504.2 cases per million per annum. At this current rate of increase the nation of Estonia will cease to exist in 12 years or so. Portugal is at 205 per million. UK is at 148.8 per million, Latvia is 130.3 per million and Luxembourg was at 118.9 per million. These figures are all based on 2006 stats, which have reportedly gone up another 50% in 2007.

There are particularly high rates out of the EU also, with 288 per million in the Ukraine and 275 per million in Russia. More than half of all infections are through heterosexual contact, although they still say that homosexual men are at greater risk. One can only assume that they mean per capita.

Up until 2006, 90% of all HIV infections in Estonia were through drug users infecting others through needles. This has now changed, as they are infecting their partners now through sexual contact.

The UNAIDS estimates were downgraded from 40 million to 33 million on a worldwide basis for some inexplicable reason, but for people living in Europe and parts of Asia the numbers tell a different story. There were 26,220 newly diagnosed cases of HIV reported in the 25 member countries of the EU. However, there are more than a third of all HIV-infected people walking around Europe having unprotected sex because they do not even know they are infected. The EU data is only consistently reported in 20 states, and that gives a lower than average 57.5 per million inhabitants.

The fact is that they don’t know how many cases they have got. ECDC director, Zsuzsanna Jakab, says the true European figures are likely to be much higher based on the fact that approximately one third of all people living with HIV in Europe don’t know they are infected. They are less likely to take precautions and are unable to access treatment. Whilst addressing this hidden epidemic is a priority for the ECDC, they will not know unless they carry out testing.

The lowest annual rates of infection in Europe are: Bulgaria – 11.9 per million; Czech Republic – 9.1 per million; Romania – 8.3 per million; Hungary – 8 per million; Slovakia – 5 per million.

The highest proportion is Estonia by a long way, and that is not based on total figures, but per capita. UK has the highest number of cases by a long way at 8,925, followed by 5,750 in France, and 2,718 in Germany.

The ECDC spokesman, Ben Duncan, says that the one main causes of HIV explosion in Western Europe is the people migrating from areas of the world with HIV epidemics. He said that: “Another big driver has been the increase in cases among men who have sex with men. Clearly our prevention efforts are not having the desired effect – the safe sex message doesn’t seem to be having the impact we would hope.”

Surprise, surprise! People are not having safe sex and some people are deliberately infecting others.

The fact is that they have no idea how many are infected, and it could be more than double or even treble the third they think are unknowingly infected.

The fact is that heterosexuals are the main source of infection even though homosexuals are increasing the spread among themselves, along with Syphilis and Gonorrheae, which are changing their infection processes and becoming more contagious.

HPV (human papilloma virus) is increasing and causing cancer of the throat due to oral sex.

Viruses are causing cancer at increasing rates.

You don’t have to suffer at all. Don’t have premarital sex and keep one heterosexual partner.

There will be a cure found for HIV/AIDS, but it will be far too late for the majority of those infected.

It is written: When you dig a pit for someone you fall into it yourself, and you catch yourself on your own snare getting out.

The distribution of the AIDS to Africa will come back to haunt the Europeans and millions will die there, as they are in Africa and Asia.

In one Chinese province blood donors were encouraged and their blood was combined in a centrifuge and then the residue was broken up and given back to the people in order that they could donate more blood. The result was that the people caught every horrendous disease that the others had, and millions were infected with AIDS and died, or are dying.

It is difficult to believe that these bureaucrats were so imbecilic. Their disregard for human hygiene is simply breathtaking. It is almost as though they were indifferent to the survival of their own people.

I am afraid that attitude seems to be widespread now among the bureaucratic and financial elite.

The Bible tells us that a third will be killed by war, and another third by pestilence and diseases, and of the remaining third only a tenth will survive. That means some 200 million will survive until the end. The New World Order elitists are allegedly aiming for 500 million, and it seems they will have no trouble reaching their goal. The problem is that the final figure will exceed even their expectations. However, they will be among the casualties.

Please obey God and His Laws for your own protection.

Keep the quarantine laws also for the welfare of your children. The Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1), or the common cold sore, is given to children by stupid adults who do not think. It was reported this week that the young children are exposed to reinfection when debilitated. Plaque is formed in the brain from the virus and is a major cause of Alzheimer’s disease in later years. Your failure to quarantine may lead your child to a terrible old age and death.

Think about what you do and what you allow your children to do.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General